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Our Beach Fantasy Comes True

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Throughout February we talked and chatted.  We enjoyed every moment together.  More phone time,  more cyber,  and,  most importantly real dates together.  Each time we met the heat intensified.  Each time we learned and understood more about each other.   We proved out how exciting our fantasy in the woods could be even though,  at first,  you had rejected the idea.  Well I had a fantasy about the beach   ...    


One evening you checked into a little motel near New Smyrna quite alone.  That evening we had a steamy phone call with you describing the room and that you were laying naked on the bed thinking of me with your toy deep inside you.  Each moment was detailed as both of us breathed harder and harder.  Your hands and toy took you to the edge of oblivion over and over.  I could hear and feel how close you were then listened as you slowed and we just talked about how nice it would be just to lay in each others arms.  Of course you had control and were also telling me how close I could get then slowing me down.  My hand rubbed intensely.  the faster you went the faster I went.  Breathlessly you said  ''now''  the east coast of Florida shook as if a rocket had broken the sound barrier.  Spent we each went to sleep,  alone,  but with giddy thoughts in our minds.
Early the next morning I tapped on the motel room door.  When the door opened the room was dark save for a single candle.  Stepping in the door closed behind me as your arms surrounded me from the rear.  Slowly your hands explored me as they stripped my clothing from my body.  Quickly naked,  like you,  you ground your mound against my rear your hands caressing my cock and balls.  Wet fingers stroked me.  Then,  apparently,  you added soft cream to your hand as you stroked me.  Leading me to the bed you lay down;  opened your legs;  and,  in some kind of yoga move put them high and wide.   There was nothing near your love canal to impede as you took me and guided me deep inside.
Oh honey,  you were so wet,  so tight,  the heat astounding.  Your face and beautiful sensual eyes mirrored your breathing as it grew fast while I grew within you.  In and out,  harder,  deeper,  faster,  I was not sure if you were coaching or pleading the affect though was the same and,  again,  the seacoast awakened as,  in unison,  we came together.  
Laying within you we nuzzled and cuddled then entwined ourselves tightly together.  I kissed your neck and cheeks as we held each other.   We held hands as we laid in the silence.  Could have been minutes or hours we did not care just realizing the special moments we were sharing.
We showered together and headed for breakfast.   The meal was almost like the first breakfast with a new bride but we had known exactly how to pleasure and love each other this morning.  
Back in the room we dressed for a beach day.  
The beach was just as I had told you,  uncrowded on weekdays yet everyone on it was naked.   We had a blanket,  towels and your toys in a beach bag from your car.   Quickly you got comfortable walking with me.  There were people alone,  couples,  single obviously looking for someone,  and us.  As you glanced around you realized this was not where the perfect,  young,  hard bodies met making it much easier to convince you that YOU were the prettiest,  best preserved,  most sensual,  most sexy lady strolling the beach.
As your  comfort level increased we walked in a more suggestive manner having fun with each other and teasing those watching us.
Almost as a rendezvous spot we found  the perfect spot to spread our big towel.  We laid down and cuddled close our naked bodies touching.  The lay of the sand protected us yet we could see people passing on the beach,  the waves,  and the beautiful blue sky.  As picturesque and beautiful the surroundings they paled as I looked deeply into your sensual eyes and kissed you.  
For the longest time we laid holding each other,  kissing, and letting our hands roam each other.  The feeling was magical.  Our fingertips touched every portion of each other,  no place on either of our bodies were left untouched.
My lips kissed your inner thighs as you moaned and opened your legs wider to me.  I kissed,  nibbled,  and blew hot breath on your inner thighs and against your wet,  dripping pussy.  You were so ready for more.  Taking your toy I inserted it deep into you and handed you the control.  Then my fingers and tongue worked in unison licking the soft inner folds where the toy went in.  It was magical what my mouth did to accentuate the toy.  Your pelvis bucked as your nectar rolled from your body.  Each orgasm was stronger and more special.  
We left the toy inside you as we went back to simple cuddling altho now both of us were on our sides your breasts pressed to my chest.  I could feel the toy in you as your mound pressed against me.  I think we dozed off this way.  The sun was low in the western sky when we kind of jolted awake.
Kissing you we held each other tightly as you pulled the toy out and eased me in.   Your pussy was so wet from our love making in the hotel then all the playing of the afternoon.  Again you went into yoga mode your legs so wide and high there was nothing to obstruct or stop me from slamming deep into you.  Moans and other guttural sounds escaped as I slammed in and out of you.  Your pelvis rose to meet me taking each incoming stroke deeper and deeper.  I felt your vagina stretching then convulsing as you milked me,  drained me.  Again,  the space coast awakened as we came in almost perfect unison.  



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