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....Other Things Girls Discuss When No Guys Around...PART TWO

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..the other sexy fun times with two guys in same day....please read earlier story to get background


A few years ago Jon and I used to live together, that didn't work out but we have remained good friends and when we are both single we still meet up and enjoy each other's social and sexual company.

Towards the end of this summer (2017) we had gone with another couple, Zoe and Tony, on an overnight trip to the coast and spent the night on the beach in their tent. We were all ok with seeing each other naked and also having sexual fun when the other couple were around (and invariably doing the same) but we had never done anything with each other's partners.

On the second day we went to a nearby campsite to use their showers and chose a family sized cubicle with its own shower at the end. We had drunk quite a bit of coffee and maybe a beer or two and after we had all got washed the guys needed to pee and had a joke contest to see who could pee the furthest towards the shower drains. They were fooling around and argued about who had won.

Zoe asked them who would shoot their cum the furthest and again they both claimed they would win if it ever happened, Zoe and I huddled together and then told them we should find out. The boys were happy to give it a go, they were quickly stroking themselves hard and stood facing the shower end with Zoe and me just in front but at the side.

I thought the boys had half guessed everything that Zoe and I chatted about but Tony still seemed surprised when I moved to his side and held his dick and Zoe took hold of Jon's. They looked at each other and smiled then Tony turned towards me and said "nice" and I laughed and said "yep". His dick was pretty similar in size to Jon's, maybe just a little thinner and the skin felt softer but perhaps that was because of the time in the shower.

At first from where I was standing I had to reach across, whilst this was okay for a fun wank I wanted us to win and moved more behind him to give me a better position. Tony also seemed to prefer this, we both gently swayed together as I stroked his dick then he moved his hand behind him and onto my tummy and shuffled back against me. Rather than go up to my boobs his hand moved down onto my pubes and his fingertips sort of combed through them, Zoe has no hair down there so I guess this was a new sensation for him. I hadn't really expected this but it felt good, I opened my legs a little, he brushed my clit and then slid two fingers inside me and I followed the rhythm he set as we masturbated each other.

It wasn't long before I sensed Tony was ready to cum, he grunted and pushed into my hand as a string of cum spurted forward onto the 3rd row of tiles right in front us and a few more bits fell by our feet. Almost immediately he turned round and briefly hugged me tightly with his still hard dick pressing against my pubes and tummy which felt so good.

Jon said he was about to cum and I watched as it landed on the same tile, he laughed and said that actually his had travelled a bit further as he and Zoe had turned slightly towards Tony and me but Tony said he was disqualified for not aiming straight ahead. They both laughed and claimed to have won but Zoe and I agreed that it had to be a draw yet again

We spent most of afternoon back at the beach and settled down in a sand dune which gave some privacy and an area we could think of as our own. We were all totally relaxed and there was a lot of open flirting and teasing between the 2 guys and Zoe and me. I had enjoyed having fun with Tony in the shower but didn't want to take it any further so when Jon brought some beers round for us I made a point of giving him a hug as a thank you and letting my hand slowly brush against his dick a couple of times.

His response was to kiss my cheek and say that a really good way to say thanks would be to keep my hand there and I just smiled.  Zoe looked at me and nodded then stood up and looked round, there was nobody moving about anywhere near us. When she lay down again we moved slightly so that the boys were in the middle, they lay directly on the sand and had their towels in between them so they could quickly cover up if people wandered past.

Tony had taken his shorts right off and played with his dick as he shuffled across, Jon lifted his bum off the sand, pulled his shorts down to his ankles and was also quickly hard. As they lay side by side it was plain to see that while their dicks were a similar size one difference was that when hard Jon's pointed upwards against his tummy and Tony's pointed pretty much straight forward from his body.

As I took hold of his dick Jon asked if I would take off my bikini top so he could cum on my boobs, I really like this but said nope as it was the wrong time and place with the risk of children walking past, he agreed but said "maybe later?" and I just smiled.

He snuggled up against me and wriggled his hand inside my pants so just the tip of one finger was brushing my clit. I was laying on my side so it wasn't easy to open my legs much without losing balance but when I could tell he was about to cum I managed to shift enough and he had two fingers deep inside me as his cum spilled out onto his tummy. Well most of it went on his but when I moved back a little there were also one or two splashes on mine. 

I looked across at Zoe, Tony was tightly holding one of her hands while her other  brought him off, he closed his eyes as cum spurted upwards then fell back mainly on him but also on Zoe's arm and a little on Jon's tummy who, other than swearing in fun, didn't seem to mind and I wondered to myself if this was the first time another guys cum had landed on him. 

It didn't take long for us to clean up and enjoy the rest of our mini break and I will probably tell you about that some other time.



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