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On the Road Again

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This was my best masturbation experience ever!!!! I only wish that all you men out there could have a similar experience.


I recently started a new job driving a big rig. I never knew how much I would enjoy the job or how many things I would see along the way. This past weekend I was working as usual, when I came up on a little truck carrying a motorcycle in the back. I started to slowly pass the little truck and was busy checking out the motorcycle when I happened to catch a glance at the people in the cab. The woman in the front seat of the truck was rubbing her hand across the crotch of the guy who was driving. My dick immediately got hard at the sight.

I always try to realise a great opportunity when I see it, and in this case the chance for a little fun of my own was clear. I backed off a little bit and let the truck pull ahead of me again while I re-lived the memory of that woman's hand running along the lump in the drivers crotch. A few minutes later I pulled up and slowly passed them, this time I looked over and got an even better surprise! The woman had one of her feet up on the dashboard and the driver had his hand up her shorts so he could finger her pussy as she continued to rub his crotch. By this time I was as hard as a rock and I started to stroke my own dick through the fabric of my jeans as I watched what was going on in the little truck next to me. I passed the truck completely but continued to watch them from the mirror on my truck, all the while stroking my own dick and wishing it were her.

We drove on like that for a few miles. Then much to my disappointment the couple in the little truck appeared to stop their little private show. I slowed down for some traffic up ahead of me and the little truck passed. I couldn't help but want another peek at the horny couple, and I saw that they were not stopping, but that he was pulling his pants down so she could gain full access to his dick. I was just thinking of doing that myself, I thought, so I unzipped my fly and pulled my pants down a bit, freeing my own cock from my jeans so I could give myself a little more attention.

So there I was, driving down the highway, getting little peeks of this great couple, my dick hanging out of my pants and me stroking it like crazy. The feel of my hand pumping up and down my rock hard cock felt great, but God, did I wish I had a woman like that with me in my cab! I could just imagine the feel of her fingers around my cock. It was enough to make me want to cum right then and there.

I did my best to calm down a bit. I find that it's much more fun to get to the point of almost shooting my load and then slowing it down a bit. After I had got my dick under control again, I decided that I just had to have another look. I slowly passed them again, while continuing to stroke my dick at the same time, nice and smooth and slow. Things just kept getting better. Now she was no longer sitting up in the passenger seat, but was kneeling on it leaning over and giving him a hand job. I could see her hand moving up and down in his lap. Her ass was up in the air and sticking out of her little red shorts just a bit. God it was so hot! I couldn't help myself and I started jacking off like crazy, pumping hard while I watched this woman pull on the driver's dick. She seemed so into it, more so than any woman I have ever seen. I licked my hand to make it moist and continued watching them while pumping my dick with my moist hand imagining it was her. I knew I was going to cum any second and that I wouldn't be able to hold it back this time.

I passed the truck and continued to jack off, rubbing my dick and my testicles while fantasizing about all that I had seen in the little white truck. I finally started to cum. It was the best orgasm I had ever had. I jizzed all over the steering wheel of my truck and all over my lap. I continued to drive and stroke myself long after I had shot my load. Just enjoying the slippery wet feel of cum on my cock. I started to wonder if the girl in the white truck was the kind who enjoyed licking a man's dick after he had cum. This thought sent me into another spasm and a little more cum began to run down the head and shaft of my cock.

A little while later I saw the little white truck speed past me again and pull off to the side of the road. This time I didn't get a look in the cab, but I like to think that they finally pulled off to the side of the road to make love, after teasing each other for miles as they cruised down Highway 65.

I do see some amazing things from the cab of my big-rig. But that has to have been the best I have seen yet! It was by far my best masturbation experience ever.



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