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On Daddy's Knee

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Being such an active and horny girl growing up, being caught was pretty much an inevitability. A when, not if. 


It didn't help that I would sometimes deliberately masturbate with the chance of getting caught, such as with the door open or in the living room after school when I knew I had maybe half an hour before my sister or one of my parents got home. I would play and edge, and then when I heard the door downstairs open I would go for it not knowing they would be going into the kitchen first or coming straight upstairs, so I would time my orgasm at the last possible moment I thought I could get away with. Any they were amazing! That vulnerable, exposed feeling and the risk of being caught would just set me off like nothing else.

I was never caught outright, though I had more than a few close calls and odd looks!

It's not like they didn't know I masturbated. My mum has busted me a whole bunch of times with my hands down my jammies or humping a pillow in my room. She always had the worst timing and a habit of not knocking. Looking back now I'm pretty sure she knew exactly what I was up to in my room before she walked in; she just got a thrill out of busting and embarrassing me!

My dad was much better with knocking, being the only man in a house full of girls, but he knew what me and my sister would get up to when no one was looking. One time I was sitting on dad's leg as we were doing something on the computer. I was doing an assignment for school and he was teaching me how to format and make it look pretty and formal, since I wasn't in primary (middle) school anymore. 

I wasn't horny at the time, but sitting straddling Dad's leg was rather quite "pleasant" in an unintended way. I wasn’t really paying it much attention or doing anything about it. After a while, however, I could feel my lips starting to tingle and my clit perk up under my tights. Only mildly awkward... So glad I wasn't a boy or it would be totally obvious!

I tried to put it out of my mind and concentrate on the First Fleet, but every small movement of his leg and shift in my body as we leant from keyboard to book and back were sending strong signals form my pussy and clit straight to my brain and right back down again. 

Despite my best efforts my focus vanished and my brain scattered and I was struggling just to maintain a straight face and level voice as I kept up the conversation with Dad as we worked on tweaking paragraphs and margins and moving pictures around. The angle of his leg meant I was sliding forward slightly, pulling the soft seam of my tights harder against my clit.

Several maddening minutes later and I could begin to feel that initial tickle of an orgasm deep inside me and I knew I was in trouble!

I froze, concentrating on holding as still as I could, trying to keep my breathing level and focussing on holding back that rising tide of pleasure. In my state, I tightened my thighs around my dad’s leg to try and hold myself still on his leg, but that completely backfired as I felt the building pressure between my legs intensify sharply and I gasped involuntarily and held my breath and hold back the impending orgasm, but my orgasm began to gather momentum and build up, and I wasn't even moving, just my weight on my vag. I began to panic and in that state I thought if I simply got up it would be totally obvious to my dad what was going on, so I held still and tried to hold it back (which just made it worse!) but it continued to build and but after a minute or two the inevitable happened and I just came, with a gasp and a squeak and a shuddering grunt and three or four jerky lurches.

It was one of those orgasms that felt like it would burst out of my stomach. Trying to hold it back only allowed it build up to a whole other level.

I sat there motionless, trying to ignore the last of the little spasms and twitches as the pleasure ebbed away, super conscious that I had just had an orgasm on my dad’s knee! I could only sit there staring at the screen, pretending nothing had happened and it was a very awkward silence for some time before either of us could speak again.

Did he not notice? Oh, he knew… he never said anything (nor to this day) but he can't not have.

I didn't want to get off him and leave because that would have just confirmed my guilt, so I just sat there straddling his leg, still getting little twitches and shudders on the inside, prolonging and drawing it out. I was convinced if I got up there would be a damp spot so I just sat there pretending I cared who Captain Cook was.

In the end, I had to get up because I could feel another orgasm starting to build up again! So I stood up quickly, mumbling something about needing to pee and went and hid in my room for the rest of the evening until Mum came up and got me for dinner. 



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