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On a Road Trip

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So we would quiet down.


When my brother Chris and I (Will) were 13 and 12, we got caught masturbating before bed in our room. We were both lying on our beds jerking when our mom came in and caught us. She simply turned around and left, and the next day, was pretty cool about it, told us about how all boys do it, and so on.

Fast forward 2 years. We were on a small road trip which was about 12 hours in driving time total, returning from our grandparents' house. We were maybe 6 hours into the trip. It was early evening, and dim outside. Me and Chris were kicking up a ruckus in the back seat as usual, arguing with each other. Finally my Mom snapped, she told us to shut up, be quiet, stop fighting. Chris started to say it was all my fault, and I retorted immediately. She screamed 'quiet!' Then lowered her voice and said 'What will it take to get some peace on this trip?' She paused, then said, 'Look, you two can masturbate if you want, if that will help you to be quiet. Thats what you boys like to do, right?'

My brother and I just looked at each other for a second. I know my penis was hard at the time (as it often was). Then he shrugged and unzipped his pants, pulled his boxers up a little and his pecker sprang out through the slit, already stiff. It was light in color all the way to the tip, a little less than 6 inches, and circumcised.

I opened my jeans and let my own penis stand up. It looks very similar to my brother's and is also cut. But my penis head was a bright red.

'Your crown's red,' he noted.

'Yeah,' I agreed, 'It hasn't let off any steam since we left home.'

'Really?' he seemed surprised. 'I jacked off in the bathroom every day we were there.'

The thought of him, probably kneeling in front of the toilet, letting out his usual grunt as his first shot rocketed forth from his pecker, made my penis twitch. I grabbed it and started to slide the skin back and forth. He put his hand over his own dickhead and started tweaking it.

I stopped. 'Mom, is there any lotion?'

'Sure, baby,' she replied, and handed back her purse. We looked in it and took the small bottle of hand lotion out, put some on our hands, and went back to work.

The next 10 minutes or so were filled with nothing but slow, wet sliding noises and little gasps now and then. Mom told us to take our time and make it last, and to use tissues from her purse to keep wiping up the precum, and to catch the loads. I handed my brother some tissues and had some ready in my other hand for when the moment came. I was so excited and unbelievable hard from doing it in such an unusual location, and from having a three day load saved up.

Sometimes when I'm really excited, my penis will fire extremely strong warning shots before I actually orgasm. I can't even feel them squirt usually, and while they are white, they tend to be thinner and more watery than my full load. I was getting close to orgasm when suddenly one such shot sprayed out and hit the back of the passenger seat with a splattering sound.

Mom said, 'What was that?? Did you use the tissue??'

I said 'Sorry, sometimes a little shoots out.'

Mom started to say 'William!!' when Chris cut in, 'Don't worry, he didn't shoot his whole load yet, he just has little sprays now and then.' The thought came into my mind that I had never Chris use the term 'shoot a load' before then.

Mom just said 'Well hurry up and finish before you spray any more.'

With that I increased my stroking speed, held the tissues out in front, and under my penis head, which by now was a very deep red and engorged ridiculously, and the shaft was pink except red where my hand was pressing. I felt the waves approaching. I gasped, and with a low voice uttered, 'Yeah.' I slid my hand forward to grip the sides of the head with my fingers pressing under the tip. Then felt the first shock go up my chest. The wonderful feeling of the first big rope being forced out of the engorged head is one of my favorite parts of an orgasm. Where the first rope hit the tissue at an angle, it threatened to pool over the far edge, but mercifully stayed put. I don't remember the rest of the ejaculation that well.

Afterwards I milked my cockhead and shaft and enjoyed the glow, still holding the tissue. My groin hurt slightly, as if the strength of the orgasm had strained it.

Chris had been watching the whole thing. Now he turned his attention to his own pecker which was just slightly red and slid his hand up and down really fast until he gave a short, throaty grunt. His load was much smaller and only spilled out of his tip. I could see he was still having a satisfying orgasm by his body's shaking.

The car was full of the smell of semen and we were just sitting back breathing heavily.

Mom told us to ball up the tissues and wait, that she was going to stop at the next rest area because she needed to stop for a minute and use the restroom, and we could throw them away there.

When we got there, we threw them out in a can outisde, she ran straight for the women's room and we needed to piss anyways so we went to the bathroom. Of course now that I'm older I know she was probably really turned on, and probably went and masturbated herself to a terrific orgasm.

When we got back in the car, Chris and I went straight to sleep, and didn't wake up till we got home.



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