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Offish Neighbor

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Hello from Germany


Let me say I'm an regular masturbator since I was 13 years old. Now I'm married and still enjoy masturbating with and without my wife. This story happened 18 years ago when I was a student. I lived at a large apartment house with single room apartments. Next to my door a really good looking girl moved in. 185 cm (6'1'), slim, long brunette hair, brown eyes and long long legs.

Let me say something about my person. I'm 180 cm (5'10'), sportive body, with long dark blond hair (at this time), blue eyes and a cool motorbike.

After Christmas holiday I tried to meet my new neighbor to chat and find out what kind of person lives next to me. She was always ignoring me when we met at elevator or at stairs, even at campus. I had tried everything to catch their attention, but nothing worked so I decided to leave it as it is.

My neighbor comes into her apartment Monday's after campus hours and leaves Friday's in the late afternoon. After six months she started to stay over the weekends. Summer was starting, temperatures rose and my neighbor's skirts became shorter and shorter, it was even more harder to be ignored. One evening after I came back from a bike ride I took a shower and started to do my homework, when I heard a woman moan. I smiled and kept on going with my homework. After a short while the moaning became louder and after 10 minutes it was quiet as usual.

That happened a few times the following days. I was turned on and started to masturbate to the sound, but I was unable to find out which apartment the moaning came from. One evening I was at my balcony sitting there and enjoying the last sunlight and I heard the moaning again. It was from the apartment next to mine. The window was not fully closed, so I could clearly identify, that's from this beautiful girl. I was pretty surprised and started to imagine how this beautiful girl would be drilled by a lucky guy. I carefully leaned over the edge of my balcony to get a glimpse of them. What I saw was only two legs with feet slightly apart. I was rock hard and started to pleasure myself and came hard within two minutes.

A few days later my door bell rang and when I opened my neighbor was standing in front of my door.

She apologized and ask if I would be so polite and check her electric device. I said sure. I asked for the electric device and she gave me a battery charger. I told her I have to check and I will bring it within a few minutes. The charger was broken and I knocked her door to tell and lend her mine. She opened the door and I started to talk to her. She asked me in and offered me a drink. We sat at her little couch and we talked. After 30 minutes of bla bla she told me her boyfriend cheated on her so they split up and now she can focus on studying. I immediately started to think-no boyfriend, loud moaning, batteries... I took all my courage and answered, that I had something in mind like that. She looked a bit confused and I said I heard you moaning. She got red in her face within a second and looked with an open mouth. I said, I liked it and it helped me to get a hard on and pleasuring myself is more fun. You know a few evenings before I was at my balcony and I could see and hear you thru the slightly open window. I had a fantastic orgasm. She still had her mouth open but started to get back her regular color in the face. She stuttered something like how embarrassing that is. I told her that I enjoyed it and I look forward to listen to her tonight. Ok, I said, where is the problem? Everybody does it.

I brought the topic back to the charger and asked if I can have the batteries to see if it works. She was so shocked she opened her nightstand and took out a vibe, opened it and gave me the batteries. I was rock hard in no time, and my boner was arching in my pants. She came back to sit on the couch and sheepishly asked, do you like what you have seen? I replied yes, you look fantastic. ok,ok, I have only seen some feet's and parts of the legs, but...

I then said that I enjoyed the common masturbation sessions even she hasn't known it. When you look at my pants you can see I'm rock hard. She started to laugh and said her ex-boyfriend always told her that she needs to do some workout to get into a better shape. Legs were too fat, breasts too soft, and the butt too round. Now I laughed and told her that she is a 10. Perfect body, perfect face, perfect breasts, as far as I can see them thru the shirt. She smiled and thanked but in her voice and eyes I could see her disbelief.

I told her ok, lets judge that. Would you please get out of your shirt and jeans please? I can't judge that in clothes. She replied NO. I said, look, I have seen you masturbating and your wearing underwear, what's the problem. After a few minutes of discussion she took off the jeans and shirt.


We talked about her body and I told her I'm absolutely fascinated and she said, lets pull off your shirt to see what shape you are. I took of my shirt and my pants. She could see the tent in my boxers and started to grin. I told her, isn't that the best judge. I pulled down my boxers and slipped them off. There he was, my best friend. 7.5 inches long, thick, cut, pulsing glans. Straight pointing at her. That was the second time she stood there with open mouth unable to say something for a few seconds. Without a word she opened her bra and took off her undies.

Now I sat there with open mouth. I put my hand around my boner and started slightly up and down. I told her to turn around to see the backside and she did so. Just beautiful curves. She turned back looked at my prick and said well, I gave you a show, now its your turn to give me a show.

To be honest, I was afraid to come within seconds so I asked for some lube and she walked into the bath room, came back and squeezed some oil on the tip. After a few seconds she sat down next to me at this little couch and tried to open her legs. But the couch was very tiny so she lifted one leg and put it over mine. We looked into each others eyes and I felt there wouldn't be much time until I will come. I loosened my grip around my boner and started to gently touch her boobs. By far not too soft, nipples that invites to suck at. I let my hand move around her body, breasts and finally her pussy. Warm, smooth and wet. We looked into our eyes and I said it seems that both of us needs to release.

She didn't answer, instead she closed her eyes and guided my hand into her pussy and with her other hand she grabbed my boner and started to pump up and down. I told her how good that feels and that I need to have some tissues in a few seconds. She said she can't stand up now, because she will come soon and started to moan. Here I was, sitting with this beautiful girl and fingering her with my index finger and massaging her clit with my thumb. It was like a day dream. I told her to slow down and just caressing the tip of my penis to stay longer and to be focused on her. She came within a minute later with loud moans and shivering legs. After she had kept back breath she looked over and asked what kind of show this is. I want to see you come. So she stood up turned her front to me and started to fiddle around at her pussy. I wanked my boner and came hard and the sperm flew up to my chin.

She took some tissues and cleaned me up and set herself back on the couch. I was really horny so my penis wasn't really softening and I told her, sorry but she is incredibly hot, I need another release.

She got off from the couch, parted my legs kneeled down and her long hair pleasured my legs. She took my now nearly hard boner between her fingers and gave me the best handjob ever.

We are married for 17 years now, have 4 kids and she is still that very attractive woman that lived next to me.

Last month my wife and I were cuddling at the couch and she told me with a smile - I'm missing one of my toys. It will be necessary to have this parent daughter talk.

Sh... thats not my profession-let me out, please!

Happy chilling!!!



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