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Never Seen Her Panties Like That

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Finally she went for it when I was close by


Back in '93 we undertook a family holiday from the UK to a holiday in Florida. My wife then was thirty six, small in stature with nice well formed large breasts. Our sex life was good however I was always conscious that my cock being on the small side I had left her somewhat wanting. She never complained and whilst I had discussed masturbation with her on numerous occasions she had denied ever pleasuring herself and she had certainly never touched herself in front of me, mores the pity. Back to the holiday and first off we did all the usual things Disney, beach, food, beer and trips to the mall. It was on one of the trips to the mall that my wife made some purchases that took my panty masturbation to a whole new level. Now she had gone into Victoria's Secret [Not in the UK at that time] and bought three pairs of soft sensual underwear. Each one the same however a different colour, white, red & gold, all full figure with an amazing soft silky feel and a very narrow cotton gusset. When we arrived back at the hotel she left her various purchases on the bed and headed off to to do something with the kids. First opportunity I had I was in the bedroom and opened the bag containing the underwear. WOW she had never ever bought anything like these in our married life. It took all my self control not to whip out my cock and wank into a pair there and then. Over the next few days I noticed which I hadn't before that my wife was flirting with the black male waiters at meal times. This went on to the point she would even get a hug from them when we finished our meal and head away back to the room. Now we have been on resort over a week and no sex, as you know on holiday with three young children around opportunities are few and far between. So as you can imagine both of us are starting to get really frustrated, well I assume she was however we never really discussed it. I decided I need to see if I could provoke a situation where she would masturbate. I knew it wouldn't be in front of me however I might just tip her over the edge where she would deal with her sexual urges in private. Following morning she is up showered and I notice she has put on a pair of her new panties, gold and we are off to breakfast where again the flirting is just so noticeable. I decided to up the anti and pour fuel on the fire when back in room. My first salvo was hey the waiters seem to have a thing for you by the way. Don't be ridiculous she said, know I mean it I retorted. I decided to up the anti further and blurted out nervously I can imagine them having a wank thinking about seen you naked and feasting there eyes on your big tits. Keep going I thought and followed this up with, and I can only imagine how hard and big there cocks would be, certainly would put mine to shame. She was not best pleased and retorted with and that's enough of that type of talk and walked out the room. After that the day panned out much as any other doing holiday things and having fun. We arrived back at the hotel everyone fed and watered, kids playing there games and me feet up in the lounge are watching the TV. Next my wife stuck her head round the door and stated she was going to take a bath. Hold on she had just had a shower not that long ago, I think I have cracked it. Lust was now coursing through my body and left it a few minutes before heading into the bedroom which had the en-suite off. Some five or so minuets had passed and I hadn't heard the bath water running, what was going on the other side of that door. I quietly crept over to the closed door and pressed my ear to where it closed and could here the gentle moaning of my wife pleasuring herself. This went on to various levels of intensity and whilst I wanted to pull out my cock and join in, the consequences of me being caught would be far reaching. OH to get a glimpse of her could I quietly open the door and have a peek, what happens if I get caught OH the dilemma. No I need to try and see her. So I very deliberately and slowly pulled down the handle and opened the door little more than a few millimetres, it was enough. She was facing the mirror back to the door right hand rubbing her pussy through her gold silky panties. No bra and massaging her tits with her left hand, and noticed from the reflection in the mirror just how hard her nipples were. I decided I had to retreat as being caught would be a world of pain. Door now closed a listened intently as my wife's breathing intensified her moaning became more intense till finally she let out an audible gasp and finished with a long satisfying sigh. Shortly after I heard the bath water run and I returned to the lounge. Night passed quite quickly and soon we were all off to bed. I woke about 2.00am as I needed a pee and headed to the en-suite, done the business and started to head back out. It was then I noticed her gold panties poking out from her other discarded clothes. I stopped in my tracks turned with a now hardening cock and moved to retrieve them. What a mess they were soaked with my wife's juice and smelling like a woman in heat. How far will I go I had the gusset at my nose, my cock was now dripping pre-cum. Do I or do I not will the chance ever present itself again I decided what the heck go for it and sucked the cum from her gusset whilst shooting my jism into the sink. Now I need that. I then carefully reset her clothes and headed back to bed and snuggled in to here back. Where quietly she whispered I hope you found my panties when you were in there wanking.



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