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Natural Relief and Pleasure

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Yes, older ones still have self pleasure - mine starts with Solo Touch ...


Hi, I've never written before. I found this site awhile ago-and I become very aroused as you all do, too. At my age with medicines my libido is very much down. Oh, to be young again and be able to cum in minutes. I'm not bothered with ED (yet) but I have trouble ejaculating. Thus this story-I hope you will enjoy. For those my age they will have tremendous appreciation for the sharing; for those who are too young, good grief-enjoy the day. Cum as often and as much as you can. I grew up Catholic with masturbation was a mortal sin and had to be confessed-in my day I could have been an angel except for getting loaded-and 'impurity'.

OK so I have some trouble now. I am married to a beautiful and wonder Filipina-whom I adore. She is so loving and accommodating-I don't deserve her. She would do anything (within reason to make love-and she is not inhibited.

So, usually during the evening or on Saturday, yes kids there will come a time when once a week climax is welcome. I have to arouse my libido, so guess what-wallah-Solo Touch, or Pal Talk or a review of the latest Penthouse is just what the doctor ordered.

I spend a few minutes or often longer, esp. if its Solo Touch, reading and absorbing the wonderful stories or real life situations. I especially enjoy the openness of the women who are a little older. Its hard to get off with the contributions of the 13 year olds. (Ah, with some encourage I could write about my first 'arousings', ha.

Anyway-thanks to the ladies who share with such passion-- hummm!

After becoming so aroused the blood has filled my face-and elsewhere. I then politely indicate to my lovely woman-who usually catches the gleam in my eye-often nothing is spoken. She smiles and is filled with pride her spouse is so interesting. she knows it will be pleasurable for both of us.

My hardness is real and ready. She has become wet in anticipation. We kiss and embrace, firmly but slowly, letting the tension build. We are free with our hands and touches, going over all our bodies. I love to see her naked and apparently she doesn't seem to mind my older and sagging body either. We delight in adoring each other. By now we've moved from the kitchen or computer room or wherever to the bedroom. Each takes a brief bathroom break-all Asian women are very clean-most use a 'tabu' to wash themselves (a small pail used while in the bath tub. My wife says it turns her on to prepare for our love making.

She can't wait to return to our bed. I lie there-again adoring her beautiful petite little body. Seeing her arouses me so much-often precum begins to ooze. By the time she is lying beside me she is also very wet-god I love that-to know she is aroused by me and our union. We kiss and touch, and begin to fondle more with a little aggression. It takes our breath away.

Unlike am American woman she takes great pride in seeing me naked-just knowing she is wanted and can give pleasure as well. We are moving our hands over each others bodies now-spreads her legs gently so I can 'feel' all of her. She places her hand firmly on my penis and moves it slowing up and down-we masturbate each gently. We love each other so much.

Then when the time is right for both of us we exchange positions to side by side '69'. Both of us move slowly at first, enjoying the tension, the juices, the feelings. This can go on for awhile until usually she has her first climax, usually one of at least two and often three (lucky girl). When she comes she writhes with pleasure-and her juices fill her womb and vulva-I love it-I love giving her pleasure-I feel so honored.

When you mix love with expression-the means can be as much or man the end. I love this women-I know she loves me. I am SOO proud to be apart of her multiple climaxes-and she is overwhelmed with pride when I cum-again, sometimes with pure mutual masturbation-We are thankful for each other.... I hope this 'from the heart' sharing is appreciated and although not very sexy-can also help another couple come to appreciate their partner as much as appreciate each other.

She'll be home from work in a few minutes-the gleam in my eye will be noticed right away ... thanks Solo Touch!



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