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My Wife's Helping Hand

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Wife finds me touching myself and helps out.


Last Saturday I had gone to bed while my wife stayed up for a while longer. As I laid there my hands wandered between my legs, gently rubbing my privates. My legs were spread as I laid there with closed eyes enjoying the light touch of my hands on my dick and balls. I was not really stroking but just running my fingertips around, very slowly and gently.

I had been doing this for about a half hour before my wife came into the room. I had not noticed her entrance as the door had been ajar so it made no sound as she entered the room. I don't know how long she may have been there watching my touch myself. It had to be obvious as to what I was doing as I was only under a sheet and really made no attempt at concealment as I have often openly masturbated in her presence in the past.

My first indication of her being in the room was when she put her hand on my cock through the bed sheet. She started to feel and gently stroke me through the sheet with one of her hands guiding mine and the other rubbing the tip of my now very hard penis. When I opened my eyes I saw that she had nothing on except her panties, which she soon removed and put on my face covering my eyes.

I laid there with the smell of her sex in the panties on my face as she folded back the sheet and stroked me with one hand while the other applied lube to my dick and butt. I felt a finger slide into me as she continued to stroke and suck on me. This went on for some time and for the longest time I thought I would explode but then she would slow down or change what she was doing and the impending orgasm would subside leaving me very close to the edge.

I could hear the nightstand drawer open as she reached in to get some toys. She started using her magic wand on my balls and then moved it up and down my dick while at the same time sucking on my nipples. The sensations were just amazing as she would bring me right to the brink of coming and then back off again.

Again she went into the play drawer. My next sensation was that of my glass butt plug going into my ass. Slowly the plug was moved around giving my ass a good massage as my dick was stroked. Touching the glass plug with her magic wand sent waves of sensations through my whole body which left me almost quivering. I just laid there with her panties on my face with my eyes closed as she gave me a workout that was almost excruciating in it's goodness.

Again I could hear her taking something from the play drawer. I soon found out that she had now taken my magic wand (with the male cup attachment) and was placing it on my dick. As I laid there I was being worked on with two vibrators and a butt plug in my ass and the scent of her sexy panties on my face. The explosion came when she touched one vibrator to the plug while the other was on my dick. I came with squirt after squirt after squirt, leaving my whole body shaking.

The sperm oozed out from the cup of the masturbater and flowed down my balls and ass crack forming a small puddle on the bed sheet. Dipping her fingers in it she brought them up to my nose where I could smell both her panties and my own cum. She slid her fingers into my mouth as she used her other hand to get some for herself, tasting it and rubbing it on her nipples.

The whole episode was so hot and so incredible. There seemed to be cum and the smell of sex was overpowering. Then she laid down on the bed and said " your turn".

I think it may have been one of the best orgasms I have ever had. Just thinking back on it makes me want to masturbate all over again. too bad she is not home to help.



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