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My Wife's Doctor

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This story is in a span of about ten years.


Years ago when my wife was alive she had a female doctor. The town we lived in did not have that many options. My doctor retired and rather than hunt around for a doctor to give me a physical exam that year I just used my wife's. I think at that time I was going in once every couple years for a check up. I had met her husband years prior before he died and went out socially with them a few times.

My wife discussed her sex life with her and I had learned after her husband died that she was no longer interested in men and took up a new hobby, she called it masturbation. I always did like her sense of humor and many a time we joked around while she was examining me. The second time I will relate now.

The first time I was forty nine and it was quite uneventful. The second time came with a twist. At the end of the exam, and I see now why she scheduled it last because I was left alone with my erection.

The doctor asked me how my sex life was now that I was fifty. I told her fine and expected the old DRE checking my prostate. She said she wouldn't need to check that anymore since I was about that age where she would expect it to enlarge. 'It's natural for the prostate to enlarge as you get older, you can expect it to the closer you get to sixty.' She said.

She did however ask me to drop my shorts as she put on gloves. She said she was going to induce an erection in me.

I was quickly taken aback at this statement, never in my history of seeing a doctor was I asked to show them an erection.

She explained that many men my age were reluctant to admitting they had problems achieving an erection, even to their doctors. for this reason she liked to see for herself. She had some lubricant on one finger and was rubbing it around my glans.

I stated that last time I was here that she didn't ask me then. She said, 'You weren't fifty yet then.'

I was a bit surprised that I was able to achieve such a firm erection in her presence. She gave it a squeeze and said I was very healthy and what my wife had said about me was true. I didn't know exactly what to think of that but took it as a compliment.

She then went on to examine my foreskin doing the usual.

About this time I asked her what if a guy had trouble admitting he couldn't ejaculate.

She laughed her hearty laugh and said she'd take my word on that one.

With that the examination was over and she said, as she said every time since, 'Take all the time you need dressing.'

I always took that to mean masturbate if you want to.

Skip ahead to now. My wife died two years ago and it had probably been that long since I had a need to see a doctor. I happened upon her at the grocery store one day. She stated that I was over due for my exam and to call her office so she could see me.

I wasn't in all that much of a hurry to do that as I just didn't care about life that much anymore. That being my problem, depression.

I did go in and see her. This time as soon as she entered the room I was sporting full wood. I think in anticipation. She did notice but never mentioned it until the end. She again examined my foreskin, and I'm sure she took longer doing so than in any days prior. She commented that she was surprised to see my penis so firm for so long.

She asked how many ejaculations I was having in a week and I just told her, 'Not enough'. She went on to say that my foreskin was a little dry and I should apply lotion after showering.

She then got up and went to a drawer and picked a small tube of some lotion out of it and told me to go ahead and put some on now. I asked if she could do that for me. She gave me a half smile and said that would probably border on the inappropriate. But she did add, 'Take as long as you need in doing so.'

I took that as direct orders that she wanted me to masturbate for her. I did. I first put the lotion on the outer side of my extended foreskin, then peeled it back again and applied it to the glans.

She said, while watching, 'Go ahead and rub it in well.' I did so, I started stroking my cock, right there in front of her. I don't recall being so aroused as that in a long time. She pulled up her wheeled stool, sat directly in front of me and held a paper towel in her hands. 'That's it, you'll feel much better. Go ahead it's alright'.

I shot a few dribbles of cum on her paper.

'Just as I thought, the amount of your ejaculate is below normal. You need to do that more often. Once a day should be enough.' I looked at her like a small boy looking at his mother for a cookie. 'Of course you could do it more often than that if you want to. Go ahead, your heart is healthy for it. She laughed, deep and loud.

So now I'm on doctor's orders to jack off. That's how I came across this site.

In a month I'm supposed to go back for a prostate massage. I looked up that on the net, that sounds interesting. If it's as good as some say, I may have more to tell. Either way I'm looking forward to it.

I've heard it's okay to date your doctor if so much time elapses after seeing them.



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