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My Uncle the Perv

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My panties are mine!


This is not all that sexy so if that's what your looking for stop reading. It is the story of my frustrations with my pervert uncle.

My uncle started living with us last fall while he goes to school. We live in a city where apartments are expensive and my mom just took a job that nicked her pay substantially. I used to get a clothing allowance and could buy my own clothes. That was cut, and I had to take a job for spending money. My Uncle pays rent, or my papa does, for his dad who lives up north. In any case he is living in my sister's room, and she moved in with me. My private time had evaporated. I have become very creative to find Jill time, mostly at school after classes.

I'm on yearbook staff and have use of the computers after school, access to the internet is filtered but interestingly Solo Touch is not filtered out. I'm careful to erase my history and clear the temp files. You got to love a school that teaches you how stuff works will enough to beat the system. The lab has large windows that look into two classrooms the computer lab is between. The rooms are often empty but even when there is someone in them they can only see me chest up, unless they are standing or are close to the window. I turn the screen so it faces the empty class and jill away. Other kids wonder why I wear skirts so much. (hehe) My parents are happy that I'm learning something (photo editing) and am being supervised (not) if it weren't for this, I'd have to go to the girls club like my sis, (ultimate bore).

My uncle is six years older than me. My house chores have me emptying bins and doing sheets and towels. I discovered early on he is a compulsive wanker. He must jerk off 10 times a day based on what I have to handle out of his room. At first it was a turn on, that a young guy was wanking in our house. That changed a few weeks ago.

My uncle has the only unfiltered computer in the house he also has the only scanner. I needed to scan some stuff for a school report and he let me use his computer. I noted as he entered his password, all I got was the first two letters and could count the characters, but that was enough, I guessed it first time. I could have access any time, when no one was home except me (like never). Then it dawned on me that I could come home the odd day and say I stayed at school, and as long as I took care not to be seen by neighbors, no one would know. About every third day I would come home, sneak up the back, and get on his computer. My first few days were all about cruising sites that were otherwise blocked. I came more in those days, than I had in a long time.

I even ordered a vibrator. I order clothes all the time, so packages for me are not unusual. When I was spending allowance money, Mom wanted to see what I got, but sense I took a job on weekends, she has backed off that. As long as I don't 'dress like a slut' as she calls it, I can get whatever I want. As soon as it was evident she was no longer checking what I bought, I started buying sexy undies and tights. The vibe was a risk, but definitely worth it! It's tiny and quiet. I use it a lot after school, but that's another story.

This story is about my uncle after a few days of self exploration, I started to look into what my uncle had been into. He thinks his computer is secure so he doesn't bother hiding anything. His favorites had a folder called porn; it had mostly cougar, MILF and voyeur sites. These were three terms that I did not even know before that day. These sites did nothing for me. In his document files he had a bunch of videos most were stupid jack ass type stuff, he had taken of friends. There was another file called 'fuel'. It was password protected, I tried the same password access password, and that was it. (you gotta wonder) What I found was sick hidden camera stuff of him and his girl friend in her apartment. If that was not enough there was stuff of me and my mom looking up our skirts, under the table and stuff like that. Some had us in our nighties. I don't wear undies under my night gown. This was not porn, but it was sick, and other file marked in that file marked 'raw'. There were shots of me and my mom and sis coming out of the bath with nothing but a towel. This was not porn, and we knew he had seen us this way, but had no idea he was recording, and from angles that could have been very revealing.

I wanted to tell my mom but then she would know I'd been snooping on his computer. What I did do is warn her and my sis to get dressed before coming into the hall, because I had seen my uncle being weird lurking outside the bathroom. My mom must have sensed something because, she agreed that would be a good idea.

After us girls started being more discrete I noticed something new. My hamper had been gone through. I know from posts on Solo Touch that guys get into sniffing panties. The thought that he likely was sniffing mine had me horrified. Number one I had panties my mom would not approve of, and my after school activities usually had them soaked in my juice. I immediately went to his room and started searching, what I found under his pillow was really sick. He had my undies, and my moms, and my little sis's. My mom's has a huge shot of jiz right in the crotch, and he had obviously sucked on mine. I did not know what to do, I felt violated. If I left them there, I would just be enabling him, but if I took them, then he, and anyone I told, would know I was snooping in his room. I left them there and vowed to burn them if they ever returned to my hamper.

I started hiding my and my sister's undies, I offered to wash my moms undies so he would not have access to them. When I went to wash them, I found he had used them. I was disgusted. I decided I needed to tell my mom. I went to her and showed her she turned three shades of red and apologized, she must have thought it was dad's from her, though I knew better. I tried to suggest that I thought it was my uncle, but my mom would hear none of it. She was beginning to suggest I was being too hard on my uncle. At this point I was pissed.

I thought and thought, of how I could get my uncle back. Finally it came to me, we have a cat. (another one of my chores) I feed the cat canned food. Some of the cans have gelled fat in the can. It is nearly clear and if I do say so myself, smells a bit like skanky panties when I haven't taken a shower in a couple of days, I took a clean pair of my panties and smeared the crotch with this stuff. Then I took a cat turd and wiped a skid mark. I left them on the top of my hamper, when I knew my uncle would be home for the morning. I skipped my after school stuff, and came home to find them missing. They turned up a few days later buried in my hamper. Whether he had been jerking off in them, or sniffing, or sucking. I knew I got the last laugh, I put on my rubber cat litter gloves, rinsed them out and prepared them with cat food grease and cat crap for him to 'enjoy' again.

So girls if you have been violated like me, and you have a cat...

Ps. I also put itching powder on his sheets and regularly shut down his anti virus software.

I almost hope my uncle reads this. The computer thing was a little over the top, though he lost a lot of work. Not my intent. Though if he hadn't been going to virus prone sites...

Mom says my uncle will be moving out in a few weeks, and won't be back in the fall. YEA! I get my room back to myself, and I can't wait!



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