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My Secret Desire

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My dad had a girlfriend. (Mom died when I was six) As I grew up, I began to feel unpleasant towards her and I don't know why. By the time I hit puberty and my early teens, I was a total bitch to her and eventually, she left... but...


I used to listen to my dad and Claire fucking. Oh, they tried to keep quiet, I know, but even so, Claire would cry out when she came and sometimes especially if I crept up to their door, I would hear them talking dirty to each other. Trust me, at around 13 or 14, that was horny as all get out. I would listen and hear him say 'Your panties are soooo wet baby. They smell great.' She would say things about his dick. Sometimes they would be real kinky too.

I would listen outside the door and jill off.

But to get to the point. Eventually, Claire left, but not before telling me what a bitch I was. (As if I didn't know.) Oddly, the day she left, things between my dad and I suddenly relaxed. There had been a tension for a long time, but now, like turning off a tap, it had gone. We were so cool around each other. We would watch TV together and even watch films that were a bit racy in parts. It was two years of total ease. I was into a regular pattern of jilling. Always at night, or first thing in the morning, always in bed and always fantasizing about things happening to me or being done to me against my will. (I have THE biggest rape fetish.)

So, four days ago, early one morning, I was lying on the top of my bed with my panties around my thighs which restricts my movements nicely and makes me feel tied up. My fingers were on my swollen clit and I was imagining a big black guy about to 'rape my sorry ass'. I was pinching my nipples and being very rough with myself and also, I was (I thought) whispering out loud. 'No.. Please... someone will hear... get OFF me you bastard.' Suddenly the door bursts open and there is dad in his PJs with his gun in his hand. I guess I had been louder than I thought! There was no disguising what I had been doing. Dad stood there frozen in the moment and my hand was still between my legs. As he stood there, his cock just, well, fell out of his PJs and hardened right before my eyes.

And he had that gun. FUCK that was horny! Like I was being raped at gun point. He didnt move, but I did. I started jilling again (I was actually WAY too close to stop anyway) This time, I spoke out loud. 'Please. Don't shoot me. You can do anything you like to me.' (Dad's cock was full on hard by now) 'Please,, oh PLEASE don't hurt me. You can fuck me. I won't tell, You can fuck me up the ass too.' Dad seemed to know what I needed and joined in the conversation. 'You're gonna do what I say, bitch' (He uncocked the gun here but it sounded like he could have been cocking it ready to fire.) I said 'Ohhh, I'm there.' and I came really strongly. Dad smiled and left. (Of course he wanked himself off.. I hope)

But it lead to something that afternoon when he was at work. I went into his bedroom and found the gun in his bedside table. I emptied it and lay on his bed. I pushed the barrel inside myself and fucked myself with it. It was THE most erotic thing I ever did.

I suppose I better say, girls if you try this MAKE SURE IT IS UNLOADED FIRST! (But let me tell ya, if you DO, it is the most amazingly powerful feeling!.



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