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My Mom and I

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I have read so many contributions about moms and sons, dads and daughters, brothers and sisters, cousins, etc here. I've been reluctant to tell my story because of the taboo of incest, but here goes.


My mom had me when she was only 17 years old. I grew up with a complete family unit until I was about fourteen when my parents divorced. My mom is really cool and being only seventeen years older than me we almost have a brother-sister relationship rather than mom and son relationship. She was always joking and cutting up when I grew up, and she never really held back on her words, quite often throwing around quite spicy language.

By the time I was 18 she was only 35 I was discovering what a beauty she was. She dated guys now and then but never remarried until she was 42. So when I was in my late teens she would tell me dirty jokes and cut up with me like a friend instead of a son. She was pretty open about sexual things and one day she just came out and asked me if I masturbated often like most 18-year-olds. I blushed I'm sure, then I told her sure I did. Since she asked me I asked her if she did. She looked at me and smiled really big and said 'Of course I do!'

This discussion turned into when and how often. The discussion itself was turning me on and it was starting to show. She smiled at me and told me not to be embarrassed, that in fact, it was nothing to be ashamed of and she said as far as she was concerned I could do it anytime anywhere in the house, even on the couch while we were watching TV if I got the urge. I really couldn't believe my ears. I questioned her up and down about that comment and she insisted it wouldn't bother her at all.

I was shaking I was so nervous. I was already so hard from this conversation, my pants were sticking straight out. She said 'go ahead...you need it right now it looks like!' I sat down on the couch and pulled off my pants and undershorts and my dick plopped straight up into the air. 'Oh, my...' my mom said. For an 18-year-old I was pretty fully developed and I had (and still do have) a really nice sized dick. I held it in my hand and locked eyes with my mom, then I started slowly jacking off.

She said 'it feels good doesn't it,' more as a statement than a question. I told her it really felt good. As she watched I got a little bolder and bent it up and out giving her a good view of my length and thickness. I remember her saying I would make some young lady really happy some day. She intently watched me until I couldn't hold back and I came all over my stomach. She jumped up and got me some tissues and came over and wiped me clean. Again, she said, 'you can do that anytime you want to and there is no need to hide in your room and do it.'

The next day I again asked her when she masturbated and she said usually in the mornings before getting out of bed or in the evenings before going to sleep. I told her that she should feel free to do it anywhere and anytime in the house too if she wanted to. 'You'd like that wouldn't you?' 'I really would' I said. I hadn't seen my mom naked since I was about seven years old and I was really dying with curiosity to see her naked and masturbating herself.

That evening we sat on the couch and watched some TV. I couldn't keep the thought of seeing my mom naked out of my mind. It was making me hard thinking about it. Nervously, I said, 'Mom...can I jack off again?' She said to please feel free. Really nervously, I said 'Mom, would you do it with me?' She gave me a really big smile and said 'It's about damn time you asked me!' Oh boy. I was a nervous wreck. My mom stood and took off every stitch of clothing. My dick went bonkers when I saw her black hairy pussy and her 34 or 35 maybe C cups breasts and nipples that were more brownish than pink with large tips like the ends of a baby bottle. I was speechless and staring at her body.

She laid back against the armrest and spread her legs apart and I couldn't do anything else but look right at her pussy. She licked her fingers and started rubbing her clit and lips, and sliding a finger or two in and out of her pussy now and then for moisture. She started talking and told me what she was doing and how women had orgasms manipulating their clits, etc.

I started beating my meat as I watched her and she watched me. I even remember saying, 'Mom, your pussy is beautiful.' She then started talking kind of dirty to me ..' oh you like my pussy, huh, you like all this hair or do you think I should shave?' 'Your dick is really nice too' she said. In minutes I was coming all over myself again and then I watched as my mom rubbed herself into a huge orgasm complete with squirming and tensing all over her body and big gasps and moans. It was wonderful.

That broke the ice, and for about three more years that I lived at home my mom and I openly masturbated in front of each other with one just observing, or we masturbated together watching each other. These were the hottest days of my life. In a sick way, I even thought I fell in love with my mother. I even wanted to do more than masturbate with her but she said that we may never forgive ourselves for that later in life. What we had been doing was simply natural self gratification that everyone does, and we were simply sharing the naturalness of it openly together.

About seven years later or so she started dating someone and fell in love and they married. Of course, I still see my mom often, but neither one of us has ever mentioned those pleasureable days again. The best days of my life.



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