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My Mom

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I love your site


This happened to me about a year ago. I,m married w/ 2 lovely daughters. Last summer I went to my parents house and decided to sleep there. When night falls and thought that my parents were sleeping, I watched tv. While watching, I noticed a DVD on the side of the tv rack, I get it and I found out it is a xxx video. I turned the player on and put the DVD on it. My cock started to grow, so I decided to jack off. Being busy watching and jacking, I didn't notice that my mother went out of her room to pee. I only realized her when she said what are you doing, I thought you were sleeping? I didnt hide my dick, instead I continued to jack off. I said to her I found that cd beside the tv rack. My mom sat on the sofa and watched also the video and said that video was owned by her friend who lent it to her. She looked at me and asked me if I enjoy what I was doing, I said yes. I also said to her that I love masturbation. I think my mom was horny that time because of the scene. She said to me that my dick was similar to my father. I then said, like father like son. I get up and stood in front of her giving her a full view of my erect penis. She stare at my cock and said that the veins in my cock are much more than my father, and the way I circumcised was also different to his. I told her to touch it so that she may know the difference between my dad and me. Without a word she grab my cock and said, wow your cock is hard as rock. Your fathers cock never hard like yours! I then told her that her palm was soft, and ask her to jack my dick, she gave me a few stroke and let my cock go off her hand, and continued watching the video. I felt very frustrated at that time. But being very horny, I continued jacking off in front of my mom and asked her if she masturbates, she replied no, I didn't try it, she said. I didn't mind what she said, all I want now is to convince her to jack me. I looked at the video and found out that a girl with a very thick bush was being licked by a girl also. I asked my mom if her bush was like that. She said not like that but its also thick. I said I like a bushy pussy. She not respond. Buy that time I think my mom was not interested with my dick but interested in the video. I returned back to the sofa and continued to jackoff. I feel that my eruption will come now, so I said to my mom, mom here I come! She watched me as my fluid spurt. She gasped and said what the fuck, your dick was very hot and big, and the fluid was many, not like your father. She stood up and get a cloth and gave it to me, to clean the mess I made. After giving the cloth she looked back again at the video. When I finished cleaning I also watched the video. I ask my mother, if you're watching porno films, you aroused?, she answered very quick, yes of course! I asked again, so you're aroused right now? She said yes, but not much. Maybe youre already wet now, I told her. She said yes. My cock awakened again because of the conversation. I said I want to see her bush and the wetness in her vagina. She said stop thinking about that. She then stood up and said she already forgot shes going to pee. When I heard that shes already in the bathroom, I followed her, and said to her I also want to pee. She replied, wait for me to finish. I found out that the door was not locked. By the time when shes finished and about to stand, I push the door and get the full view of her bushy pussy!!! She shout at me and said you fool! I said sorry, all I want is to see your bush, and told her can I make a last glimpse of her bush, she refused. Being horny, I begged her. She laughed at me and said my poor son. Without a word I grab the garter of her shorts and pull it down together with her panties. She froze at that time for what I did. I leaned down to get a full view of her pussy. She never said a word. My moms bush was thick but beautiful! When I was about to touch it, she grab her shorts and panty and pulled it up. She said to me thats enough, no touch.You enjoy? I replied yes. I went back to the living room and continued watching the video. Later my mom follows, and said, ok son I will sleep now. I said to her, mom sorry for what I did. She said thats ok, but never do that again. I replied yes.

Thats my story that I will never never never forget. Thanks a lot for posting my story at Solotouch. More power to SOLOTOUCH!!!

More power to all who wrote a story about being caught and masturbating with mom!



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