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My Mom

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My mom gave me my first orgasm, and it was only about eight months ago, just after I turned 16. Because of my age, Mom planned a special talk (it's only she and I at home) on all the new things I could now legally do, etc. She kept me well in the know about 'the facts of life,' but I'd known from my birthday onwards that she was going to tell me actually about sex, take any questions, that sort of thing. I was obviously nervous, having only kissed girls before, but also a little excited.

The evening finally arrived-it was a Saturday and a pleasant evening. Mom had pulled the curtains shut as the sun was setting, switched off the TV, and instead put the radio on. She introduced her idea by telling me about how I can play in the lottery and gamble sometimes and stuff. But her main point was that I was now distinguished as an adult rather than child.

The conversation was steered towards sex. She opened up about her sex life; although very awkward at first, I gradually became intrigued by what women find turn-ons and how they feel pleasure. Finally, she told me about masturbation. I'd never tried it but knew roughly what it was. Mom shocked me by telling me she did it many times a week; being single but randy has its benefits too.

I actually felt embarassed having no stories to tell, and Mom seemed prepared by presenting me with an adult magazine suggesting I 'go and enjoy' myself. I blushed deeply when I admitted I didn't have a clue what to do.

Mom suggested I undress if I felt comfortable; in less than a minute I was naked on the sofa with my 6' uncut penis hard and in her full view. She smiled and reassured me it was normal and fine. I really had a burning question, and Mom sensed this. She got me to finally request that she undress too as I felt a little awkward but did badly want to learn. She happily obliged, and I felt a guilty joy at seeing my mom naked in front of me. She is toned for her age: her boobs barely sag; she has a fine waist, nice hips, and lovely brown hair.

She sat in front of me and grasped my penis. She softly at first, then incrementally harder and faster, rubbed my penis up and down. In no time I felt the most magnificent, pleasurable, intense feeling and a lot of semen trickled out over her hands and my groin.

She led me to the bathroom and gave me some tissue to clean up with; she washed her hands.

I was very grateful and asked Mom if she could masturbate for me. She beamed, and lay facing downwards on the tiles in front of me. She placed a hand between her thighs, and rubbed back and forth. Soon she bucked, writhed, and started to moan. Then she panted a lot and started to hump her hand harder and harder. I was soon erect, and she giggled as she got up, clearly on a high.

We took seperate showers and headed back to the sofa in our bathrobes for cocoa and a little further discussion.

We decided that we were happy to now masturbate often; we agreed never to get carried away to the disgusting levels of full-on incest, but we decided that masturbating each other was acceptable between us both.

Since then, we masturbate a few times a week, often in each other's company whether simultaneously or not. On three occasions, I've slept in Mom's bed with her, and I've learnt to finger her while she jerks me off, as she puts it.

We have a very close, loving mother-son relationship and are very open about our sexual habits. We don't feel much guilt, and we love it.

Thanks for your time!



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