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My Male Cousin and I, Caught and Humiliated by his Sister

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Used to play around with my male cousin in our early teens. One day his older sister caught us and blackmailed us into doing stuff for her entertainment.


I have a couple of cousins, one boy a year older than me (we'll call him B), and his sister who was a few years older than me (we'll call her G).

Our families lived in the same town, so we would often go over to each others houses. More their house than ours, as they had a pool. It wasn't uncommon for me to stay over weekends at their place, especially in the summer. I would usually crash on a mattress on the floor in B's room.

As kids we all got along great, but as puberty began to set in, things changed. Me and B still got on fine, but G and B fought like cats regularly. Seeing as how I was closer with B, G began to grow colder and more distant with me, too.

B was a typical spoiled problem kid, but he was older than me, so I normally went along with anything he suggested. Usually this just consisted of video games or something like going swimming or riding bikes, but often it would extend to things that might get us in trouble, too. One day when I came over, he was excited to show me something, so we rushed to his room. After he locked the door, he pulled out a magazine from under his bed. Playboy. I was still pretty young then, and it was before the mass proliferation on internet, so I'd never really seen a naked girl before. Being the case, I broke into a cold sweat with excitement. He said he got it from one of his friends.

We placed it on the bed and began leafing through the pages while we knelt on the floor. I just thought it was exciting because it was taboo, but he kept going on about how "hot all the babes were".
This went on sporadically, with me coming over and the two of us looking at porn, as his friend was able to supply him with a new Playboy every week. Then one week it wasn't Playboy. It was Hustler. That was a game changer. "... So that's sex, then." I'd had The Talk, and seen the anatomy diagrams, but I'd never seen the actual act itself.
The taboo excitement gave way to genuine sexual excitement. It was pretty obviously having a similar affect on B as well. He made some comment about how his dick was only like half the size of the guys in the pictures and we both laughed. Then he pulled his shorts down a bit to compare his to the photos.

Now, I had seen him naked before, like when we'd be changing after getting out of the pool, but never this close, and with him hard. I'd never really been interested in checking him out then, either, but right at that moment, his dick was the most interesting thing in the world. He wondered why the guys in the photos didn't have foreskin. Then he nonchalantly told me, "Hey, let me see your dick real quick. I want to check." So hands shaky, I pulled my shorts and underwear down just enough to let my erect penis spring free. Without even asking, he took it in his fingers and pulled my foreskin back. The jolt of having him touch me gave me a shock. He said sorry and let go, but I told him it was okay. He spent some time going back and forth between the pictures in the magazine and our own cocks I couldn't help comparing them all as well. His was bigger than mine, but curved to the left a bit. I was completely fascinated by this. His seemed to have more foreskin than mine, too, as it completely covered the head of his penis, where as mine poked out a little. He pulled his skin back revealing a bright pink head and commented that when he did it that way it looked more like the guys in the pictures, so we stood there holding our dicks, admiring each others penises. We didn't really know what to do with them, but it was fun.

This became a new regular habit. I would come over, we would go to his room, he'd pull out the magazines, and we'd play with ourselves. We played with each other, too, but neither of us knew what we were doing, so it was more curiosity than anything else. I remember it was fun mushing his balls around. His were kind of loose by then, where as mine were still pretty firm. I thought the difference between our testicles was pretty interesting. It was during one of these mutual plays that G caught us.

We had been playing, just standing in the middle of his room with only our t-shirts on, fondling each others genitals for a few minutes, when the door popped open. G stood there with a butter knife in her hand poised where the lock had been. She had a huge grin on her face. We tried to cover up, but it was too late. She started yelling "Hah! Gotcha! I knew you guys were doing gay stuff! I knew it! I'm gonna tell mom when she gets home!"
B started screaming at her, and I started crying. I was honestly terrified that I had done something wrong and was going to be punished. G told us to shut up, saying "Fine, I won't tell mom, but you have to be my slave!"
B was furious, but he knew she had won, so had to agree.

She noticed the porn sitting on B's bed, so her first demand was that he give it to her. B threw it at her and tried to get his shorts back on, but G told him "No, because you threw it at me you have to stay naked." I asked if I could get dressed but she said no, we both had to get naked as punishment. So we stripped our shirts off and stood there completely nude, with just our hands covering our genitals. By then we were sufficiently scared enough that we had mostly lost our erections.

Her next demand was that we do 20 jumping jacks. We were hesitant to let her see our junk uncovered so tried doing so with our hands on our genitals. Unfortunately, no, she told us we had to do clapping jumping jacks. Utterly embarrassed, we jumped up and down while G sat on the bed laughing as she watched our dicks and balls bounce around. After 20 she let us stop, but asked why our dicks weren't hard anymore. We just shrugged said "I dunno".

She made us turn around and touch our toes so she could see our buttholes. She thought it was the funniest thing ever. She leafed through the magazine until she came to a photo of a girl giving a blow job, telling us that's what we had to do next. At first I thought she meant she wanted to suck our dicks, as she was a girl, and the person in the picture was a girl. But she shook her head no, and told us we would be sucking each others dicks.
I panicked. I didn't know what to feel. B said no way, but G told him, "Ok, then I'll just tell mom! AND I'll tell her you have all this porn, too!" B relented. G told him he had to suck my dick first as punishment. B looked at me, I said sorry, and he said it was ok.

He got on his knees and looked at his sister with pure hatred. She told him to hurry up. He quickly leaned forward and stuck my half limp dick into his mouth. He didn't suck it, he just stuck it in his mouth. Even still, the feeling was indescribable. It felt so much better than just touching with our hands. My penis began to get erect in his mouth and he withdrew. G told him to keep going, but when she saw I was getting hard again, she said "Wait, let me see it get stiff." I looked down and could see B was getting hard again, too. After my cock was at full strength again, she told B to keep sucking. This time he actually did suck. I could feel his tongue rolling around the underside of my penis. It felt like it was melting.

After 10 minutes she told him to stand up. He did, and his erection bobbed a bit with the momentum. Instead of telling me to suck his next, she told us both to come at and stand directly in front of her. We did, and she reached out to touch our genitals. Just as curious as her brother, G compared our penises next to each other. She played with our balls a bit, too. She surprised us next by asking if we could "sperm". We had no idea what she was even talking about, so she said, "you know, when you orgasm! And sperm comes out! ... like this-" and she showed us one of the pics in the magazine. We knew what she was talking about, but we played dumb. The fact was we hadn't gotten that far because we hadn't figured out how orgasming was supposed to work. We thought you just stuck your dick in a girl and sperm came out.

Back in reality, G explained exactly how it was supposed to happen, that you didn't HAVE to put it in a girl's vagina to orgasm, that you just had to rub your dick, or put it in a mouth, or even a butthole. This information had me and B genuinely amazed. G beamed at having relayed her advanced knowledge and came up with a new plan. We would try all three to see which one was best, and then keep trying that way until we could orgasm. Embarrassment slightly forgotten, we enthusiastically agreed. First we tried actually jerking (G showed us how), then a bit of oral. When it came time for anal, we were both a bit more hesitant. G suggested we "Try an Oil Check. Stick your finger in first. If it comes out clean, you're fine."

We both tried it, but I thought it felt weird. My finger came out clean, but B's did not. We decided to skip that method and went to go wash our hands. While we were in the bathroom, we talked, and agreed jerking actually felt the strongest, but sucking was fun too. B said he wanted to figure out some way to get G to suck us, but he didn't know how. G yelled for us to come back, so we did.
We told her that jerking felt best, so we wanted to try that way. She seemed a little disappointed, but she said fine. So we stood in front of her again with our stiff penises facing forward while she sat on the bed watching. "So how should we do it?" B asked. G suggested we just tug as fast and as hard as we could until something happened. Not knowing what else to do, we followed her suggestion. We stood there at it, with G gazing raptly, for I don't know how long, until B started breathing heavier. He sped up suddenly and then just sighed. G, looking puzzled, just said "Did you orgasm? But you didn't sperm. Why not?"

He just told her he didn't know, so all she could do was shrug. I still hadn't got there yet, so G suggested B do it for me. B told her, "I can't, my arm's too tired. You should do it, you know how, right?"
This got her beaming again. She got off the bed and stood in front of me. She reached out and squeezed my penis. At first it was alright, but then she started squeezing so hard it hurt. I told her to stop, so she just switched to pumping me. After continuing that way for a while, she suddenly stuck my dick into her mouth without warning. It felt like heaven it was only for a little while, though. She said she just wanted to try it.

B walked over and asked if she wanted to try his, too, while it wasn't as hard, so she did. Not for long, though, just to try. She said it was kinda cool feeling him beginning to get a little harder in her mouth. I said I wanted to try, so she had me sit on the bed while she jerked me, and B stood next to her. I took his half hard penis into my mouth and immediately felt it stiffen a bit more. She was right, it was pretty cool. The harder he got, the more I began to notice this feeling building in my gut. Eventually I had to let his dick out of my mouth so I could tell them. Before I knew it, it had climaxed, and my first orgasm washed over me.
As I came down, my penis began to soften, and G stopped pumping. She was a little disappointed that there still hadn't been any sperm, but she was content having played with a penis.

She got up, told us we could put our clothes on again, but took the magazine with her. She went into her room and locked the door. We didn't see her again until their mom came home.
She didn't end up telling, but she held the threat over us.
In the weeks after she would make us masturbate for her. She eventually joined us instead of going off to her room afterwards. As the years went by, the three of us got up to much more. I don't think I'm allowed on this site to go into exactly what we did later. Let's just say we tried it all.

Now we've all moved on. Still see B every so often when I'm back in town, but G lived a couple states over. It's been ages since we tried anything together, but I'd love another mutual play around, regardless of who it was with.



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