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My Love Affair With Water

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I can remember it as clear as yesterday.

I was spending the night with a girl friend of the same age. I was very excited as her mom filled the whirlpool bath. I had never been in such a fancy tub before. My eyes gazed in wonder as the massage jets began their thunderous water dance. I knew this was going to be fun!

It started out like any other bath with a friend. Giggling, playing, and spraying each other with water. I really paid no attention to the fact that we were naked. Big deal! I had seen her naked many times before. But about half way through our playtime, my friend shocked me with a bold dare, 'Kneel and put your privates in front of the jet!'

What? Why? Okay.

I did as she requested: sat up, kneeled, turned my body towards the side of the tub, and allowed my privates to be bombarded by a column of forceful water.

What did I feel?

I distinctly remember an immense tickling sensation, one that I had never felt before. The water felt warm, inviting, and exciting. But there was fear there too. I wondered if I was doing my body some sort of harm. Pleasure and fear. After a few seconds, fear won me over.

I sat back down in the tub as I watched my friend giggling and smiling as she kneeled in front of her own jet. After a few seconds, she too stopped, turned towards me, and I noticed that she was using her right fingers to spread the lips of her privates. She sat back down and our play bath resumed for a few minutes before a knock on the bathroom door from her mom told us to get out and get ready for dinner.

With a sigh, we piled out of the tub, but instead of reaching for towels, my friend turned on the heat lamp. Another first for me. We laid down onto the plush, soft bath mats, seemingly sunning ourselves under the deep red heat lamp. We laid opposite each other, and I distinctly remember looking up and noticing how the lips of her vulva were a darker red, from the hard water I thought. I took this as confirmation that I had been right and the jet of water was indeed harmful. But why did it feel so good?

Memories of pleasure and fear lay dormant...

When I was taking a bath in the privacy of my own bathtub. I was alone this time. I had just come inside from a cold winter's day, and my mother told me to take a bath to warm up. What a nice idea!

I ran into the bathroom, shut the door, started filling the tub, took off my layers of winter clothing, and hopped into the tub. I crouched in the tub, starring at the warm, inviting water as it poured from the faucet. Warm puddles were surrounding my toes, working their way towards my ankles. Like watching grass grow, the tub took seemingly forever to fill.

And then, from the recesses of my young, bored mind, the memory of that day with my friend crashed into me.

The memory of pleasure!

I stared at the crashing column of warm, forceful water, and somewhere in my brain, I somehow connected the dots. What would that feel like?

I checked the water temperature again, and then I wondered, how could I do this? I laid down in the tub, grabbed the sides, and then pulled myself to the end with the faucet. My stupid legs! What to do with my scrunched up legs? I rotated my knees towards my chest, bringing my butt slightly out of the water, and bingo! I positioned my feet and legs on the tub wall above the faucet, spread them, and scooted forward again...

And there it was!


I propped myself up slightly on my hands to have a look.

The water was right where I wanted it, beating down on my labia. The water caused my lips to spread ever so slightly, and I noticed the little bump at the top that I had seen many times before but had never paid any attention to. The little bump moved to and fro with the water, and the whole area got redder. But there was no fear and there was no pain.

Pleasure won me over!

I leaned back again, glowing in the warm, tingly feelings emanating from between my legs. It tingled more and more with every passing second. I remember the distinct sensation of needing to pee. So what? I had peed in the tub before! I 'pushed' my muscles down there as if to urinate but nothing came out. It just felt even better!

And then it happened.

All of a sudden I experienced what can only be called a rush of tickling pleasure between my legs, greater than anything I had experienced before. It was like this radiating feeling of warmth and

pleasure as my hips bucked ever so slightly into the crashing column of water.

After a few seconds it got to be too much, and I pushed off from the tub wall, removing my girl parts from the source of pleasure. I leaned back against the other end of the tub, now decently full of warm water, basking in the feelings I had just experienced. Warm and secure, I felt like I had made the ultimate discovery. I was a genius, and it was all mine! I didn't know how or why, but I knew what I had just done felt amazing, and that I would do it again soon!

And that is how my life as a masturbator began!

That day in the tub spawned weeks/months of self-exploration and pleasure. I straddled my stuffed teddy bear at night. I spread myself in front of the full-length mirror in the hallway to get a better look at that place between my legs capable of giving myself so much pleasure. My brain continued to connect the dots...

Without any prompting whatsoever from friends, books, media, etc. I somehow figured out how to put my electric toothbrush on my 'little bump' through my panties. It felt pretty good, good enough to give me that 'tingly' feeling I craved so much, but it was not as good as what I kept on experiencing from my daily baths. I must have been the cleanest girl around!

Thankfully, all of my exploration went unnoticed by my parents. They never caught me doing anything at that age.

It was about this time that I started receiving some 'sex education' at school, and my mother gave me 'the talk' as many refer to it. I learned that my body would be in for a wild ride of changes, and that it is normal for a girl to 'touch' herself. I learned complex words like labia, clitoris, menstruation, and masturbation.

Ah ha! So that's what I had been doing!

Thankfully, my parents were easy-going and open-minded about these sorts of things, so I think I can credit them for growing up in a sex-positive atmosphere.

Once I learned that girls have a special part on their body devoted only to pleasure, I rediscovered what I had more or less known since that first magical day in the tub: focus on the clitoris!

After a year of exploring with lots of other items and using my fingers only to pry open my labia in front of the mirror, I FINALLY started using them to manipulate my own clitoris!

Much of my exploration occurred behind my closed bedroom door after my parents had gone to bed. I fondly remember those wild nights of wanton exploration. I experimented by using my fingers and different parts of my hand. I experimented by rubbing my clitoris in different directions using different types of strokes and pressures until the circular motion became my favorite. I remember trying all sorts of new positions from laying down on my back, to sitting up, to standing, to crouching, to kneeling, to laying on my stomach, to even positioning myself on 'all fours' on my bed. I experimented by reaching down to my vulva in different ways, from reaching down in front, reaching from behind, and even reaching from under and around my legs. Each position added a different perspective to the pleasurable feelings I was experiencing. Again, this was without prompting of any kind from any outside source. It was just pure, unbridled, wanton exploration.

During those nights I also noticed another new development that was occurring in my body. While I had always lubricated a little bit, I noticed it was happening more and more and in more quantity.

I was getting really wet for the first time. I thought maybe I was about to get my period, but since it wasn't bloody at all, I just learned to enjoy it. I was so wet that I could smear it all over my entire developing vulva and it really made it easier for me to glide my fingers over my clitoris.

After many nights of exciting exploration, I guess I settled into a routine of sorts, using the most pleasurable and efficient techniques I had found. And in the end, I guess these techniques turned out to be pretty average in a way. My nightly routine was pretty simple: in bed, on my back, knees bent, legs spread, oversized t-shirt pulled up to my tummy, panties around my ankles, and my fingers working their circular motion on my clitoris. Night in and night out, I would get that warm, tingly feeling I craved. Sometimes I would even stop right before orgasm to prolong the pleasure, doing this as many times as possible before I couldn't take it any longer.

And just when I thought it couldn't get better, it did.

It was December, shortly before my birthday, and my parents and I travelled to see my grandparents and other relatives for Christmas. For the first time in a while, I lacked the time and privacy to enjoy my body and my clitoris. As the days ticked by, I could feel my body longing for the pleasure, and I couldn't wait to get home to my own bedroom.

Christmas came and went, and we returned home. I distinctly remember saying good night to my parents much earlier than usual, claiming I wasn't feeling too well, but of course this was just an excuse to get into bed sooner rather than later. Seconds after shutting my bedroom door and turning off the light, I was in bed, sliding my undies down my legs. I was excited. I was highly aroused.

I was engorged. I was wet! I started to manipulate my clitoris. It was feeling really good, but something was different. It somehow felt even better. It's like the hill of pleasure I had learned to climb was longer and steeper than usual. I was somehow working my body to a new height. My hips were thrusting. I was distinctly aware of how heavy my breathing was and was conscious that I might even be too loud. It felt so good.

And then all of a sudden an orgasm unlike any other came crashing down on me. I felt it all over my body. In my toes even! It was like waves of pleasure. And for the first time I could feel my vagina and anus twitching and contracting. It was amazing. I passed out!

It was hours later that I woke up in my bed in the middle of the night. Was it a dream? Could I do it again?

I tried. And I could!

That night was a turning point. I now refer to it as the night when my orgasms shifted from 'mini-gasms' to the more, full-blown variety. I have never read or heard of other women speak of such a phenomenon, so often I wonder if others have experienced a similar orgasmic progression of sorts.

This turning point only escalated my desire to masturbate. It became more than a once-per-day activity. It always happened at night before bed, but it also started to happen in the morning and after school before my parents got home. I knew it was a private activity, and the subject was never brought up with or by friends. I didn't really care. I loved it. It was mine.

In the weeks that followed, I finally got my period. As all women know, this begins a Pandora's Box of sorts: the cramps, the mess, the mood swings. I quickly grew tired of 'diaper-like' pads and quickly made the transition to tampons. So my period was a segue into two more masturbatory developments: vaginal penetration and the re-discovery of my tub faucet. But not necessarily in that order! I decided it was yucky to masturbate in bed during my period, so I made the transition back to the tub where I could orgasm and clean up very easily. And making the leap from inserting tampons to using my fingers vaginally during masturbation was not a big one. Like many women, the vaginal stimulation aspect did not result in a quantum leap as far as my orgasms were concerned, so my clitoris continued to remain my primary focus of self-pleasure.

My re-discovery of tub-faucet-induced orgasms did lead to one more significant development. I enjoyed the extra level of cleanliness afforded by masturbating in the tub, so I felt it was the correct location to experiment with the one thing that I had never dared to experiment with. With my legs spread under the rushing water, my fingers massaging my vaginal opening from around and under my right leg, I let them drift downwards.

For the first time, my fingers began to massage the opening of my anus. It felt so much better than I ever expected. It also felt so dirty, so naughty. But this only added to my resolve. Just when I thought it couldn't feel any better, I eased my middle finger inside to the second knuckle and wiggled it a bit. It felt so bad, so weird, and so exciting, all at the same time. It didn't take but a minute for this combination of anal stimulation and water stimulation of my clitoris to lead to a very intense orgasm. I distinctly remember how my anus gripped my finger in time with my vaginal contractions.

From that day forward, I was fond of anal stimulation during masturbation, BUT only in the tub or shower where clean up was easy.

I sailed through my teen years as a young woman, confident in her ability to pleasure herself. I was curious about boys in many ways, but I didn't NEED them like many of my friends did. I knew there would be an appropriate time for that sort of experimentation. I was also a focused student and sometimes felt boys to be a distraction. A geeky girl I was and am, many might say.

My masturbation remained at least a daily occurrence, usually at night in bed. I was never one to get completely naked when I did it, frequently leaving my panties at my ankles just in case I needed to pull them up quickly. While I had nothing to fear from my parents, I was always hyper-vigilant if I masturbated while they happened to still be awake, ever cognizant if they approached my bedroom door.

As much as I enjoyed my nightly orgasms in bed, I always returned to my tub for those times when I wanted it to be extra special. In fact, to this day, as I did when I was younger, I feel that water stimulation gives me my best orgasms. My experimentation with water stimulation continued in my late teens as I discovered the pleasure of hand-held shower heads as well as pool and hottub jets.

One summer, my friends and I took the tram to a local outdoor swimming pool. We were sunning, talking, reading books, and having a good time. It was hot, so I went for a little swim. Wading along the edge of the pool, I felt a powerful jet of water brush against my thigh. The memory of being in the tub with my friend years earlier flashed in my head. I clearly had unfinished business!

I continued to wade along the pool's edge until I found a quieter spot with fewer kids jumping about. As discreetly as possible, I squatted slightly and turned to face the pool wall. The jet was right below my crotch. I squatted slightly more and the wonderful jet collided with my bikini bottoms which began to flutter as if in a strong breeze. It was very pleasurable, but I knew it could be better without that thin piece of fabric getting in the way. I looked left, and I looked right. Comfortable that no one was paying attention to me, I reached down with my right arm and gently pulled my bikini crotch to the side...


The forceful column of water blowing on my labia and clitoris became a constant source of ever mounting pleasure. I had never felt anything better in my life! I gasped! I wondered if anyone could notice or guess what I was doing. I looked around, but I couldn't keep my eyes open. My hips and crotch instinctively thrust against the water, trying to maximize the pleasure. I couldn't believe I was doing this in public. Seconds ticked by. Seconds only. I gasped. And then I came. With my girl parts all clenching and pulsing, it radiated throughout my body and it was the quickest and most intense orgasm that I had experienced in my life to that point. I had just found the ultimate sex toy!

I know many women would slap me for this but forget vibrators! Water is a woman's best friend!

I am now 25. I have had several relationships with boy, both short term and long term. I have lost my virginity several times over. But I still love masturbation, and I still especially love water-induced orgasms.

Not far from my flat is a lovely indoor/outdoor pool facility. In the summer the outdoor portion is open, along with lots of shaded green space, not unlike the pool facility where I experienced my first 'jet' orgasm. The indoor portion not only has an Olympic-sized pool but also a few others designed for fun and relaxation. There are also water slides and an all-nude sauna area upstairs. I really do enjoy the rich spa and sauna culture we have here in my part of Europe!

Several weeks ago, I spent an afternoon at this facility. After swimming a total of about 2500 meters, I got out of the lap pool and decided to swim in one of the fun, relaxing areas where the water is warmer and of course there are many jets of water, both under water and above water that people use for massage purposes. I have personally STOPPED using such underwater jets for masturbation in public because I do not feel this to be hygienic or appropriate.

After sitting on the bench in the relaxing pool for a few minutes, allowing one of the water spouts to massage my neck and shoulders, I could not help but notice a woman who looked to be about ten years older than me. She was facing the pool wall opposite me, seemingly concentrating and standing very still. Her posture reminded me of my own when I use to use the jet for orgasmic purposes. I was curious, and the 'voyeur' in me had an idea. I donned on my swim goggles as many do at this facility, took a deep breath, and simply submerged my body into the water, sinking to the shallow pool floor. I opened my eyes, looked straight ahead, and what did I see? The woman was squatting with her legs spread wide, her crotch positioned right on the jet of powerful water. There was no doubt as to what she was doing as her bathing suit and skin around her inner thighs fluttered to the jet as if facing a strong wind.

I emerged from the water and continued to watch the woman from behind. I couldn't help but smile knowing how much pleasure she was experiencing. I didn't take long for me to notice her body sort of

tighten and lurch forward a little towards the pool wall. She was having an orgasm, and it was a beautiful thing to witness. She then pushed back from the pool wall and continued swimming. I was of course turned on and couldn't help playing with myself a few minutes later in the changing cubicle.

This was the first time in my life that I became aware that others shared my passion for water stimulation. Sure, I had read about other women doing this on sites like Solo Touch, but I had never seen it before in person.

Just last Saturday, a week before Christmas, I visited this swim facility again. I thought it would make for a nice relaxing treat between my studies and heading home to my parent's house for Christmas. It was my first time in a while going on a Saturday, so it was much busier than usual. It is a favorite place for many to come when the weather gets so cold and snowy.

Once again, after swimming my laps, I went to relax in other pool, completely minding my own business. I closed my eyes, allowing the water spout to massage my neck and shoulders. When I opened them, I was surprised to see a teenage girl swim up to that jet opposite me.

Could she be doing it? Of course not! But I was at her age...

Many might think me wrong for this, but I was curious. I had to know.

I once again donned my goggles, took a deep breath, and submerged myself into the water.

Sitting on the pool floor, gazing straight ahead, I learned that my assumption was correct. She indeed was masturbating, her crotch positioned at jet-level. She was too short to stand up at that part of the pool, but she clung to the side of the pool with her left hand, while her right hand was between her legs, quite obviously pulling the crotch of her one-piece bathing suit to the side.

Just like the older woman weeks before, this girl's bathing suit and skin fluttered as if facing a strong wind. And because of her size and relative position to me, it was easy to glance to the side a little and notice the effect the powerful column of water was having on her very visible labia and clitoris.

Dying for air, I quietly emerged from the pool, still keeping my eyes on the young girl in front of me. As with my own experiences, it didn't take long for her. I noticed those barely-perceptible movements and clenches of her body signalling the pleasure she was experiencing. Moments later, satisfied, she pushed off into the water with somewhat rosy cheeks.

I feel guilty now, but I was aroused by what I had witnessed, just like I had been weeks before with the older woman. I couldn't bring myself to masturbate in the changing cubicle to the visions of the girl experiencing pleasure. I wanted to, but it just didn't seem right. I guess witnessing pleasure is arousing, no matter when it happens.

But I am comforted in knowing that the pleasure I began experiencing many years ago is now beginning anew with yet another girl. And perhaps she too will grow up to be a confident and knowledgeable woman, completely in control and proud of her sexuality.

I hope I have not bored anyone with what I have written here, and I thank you for reading. English is not my first language, so I hope everyone is able to understand my words. (Ed-Perfect English!)

I look forward to the replies from women who enjoy water stimulation as much as I do.

I wish everyone at Solo Touch a Happy New Year!



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