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My Fun With a Married Woman

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My fun with a married woman this summer ends up with me masturbating onto her pussy and then massaging my cum into her clit with my tongue until she came too.


I met a woman, I'll call her Cheryl, several years ago in an online chat site. Both of us were married at the time, but that didn't stop us from developing an online and phone call relationship for a few years until I finally left my wife at the time. Cheryl and I actually live a few thousand miles apart, but once I was single I then arranged to go visit her.

We had already been falling in love, and any doubts we had about whether it was real because we hadn't really met were soon put to rest. Our relationship continued for quite a few years, and the past 3 or 4 years I've now gone to visit her every summer. It's to the point where her husband now knows me as a "friend" from before they knew each other so I actually stay at their place when I go there. This story is actually about this past summer's visit, and one afternoon in particular.

She had the week off to spend time with me while I was there, but her husband had no vacation time so had to work most of the time. This one afternoon, Cheryl and I decided to stick around home since we'd done a lot of "touristy" things already. I should describe Cheryl to you. She is in her early forties. I wouldn't say she has a "skinny model body", but she's definitely not a large girl either. She has long auburn hair, beautiful full breasts, a nice flat tummy from the running she began doing a while back, and nice wide hips. Basically she's very curvaceous and sexy! We were in her basement watching tv on her sofa together.

It was a hot summer day so both of us had on shorts and tshirts. The show or movie we'd been watching ended, and we looked at each other and moved closer to one another so we could kiss. Just having my arms around her and my lips on hers always sends electricity through my body, and our hands explored each other over our clothes for several minutes until she then stood up, and removed her tshirt for me. The sight of her big tits in her lacy cream colored bra turned me on that much more. We embraced and I went to undo her bra but noticed she stopped me. She wasn't stopping me from anything else though as she reached down and undid the button and zipper on the shorts I was wearing. I stood so she could pull them and my underwear off me. She rubbed my cock and balls just a little, then walked over to the middle of the living room floor and slid off her own shorts and panties and lay down in front of me looking wantonly.

I of course got down on my knees between her legs and bend down to start kissing her more. I again began caressing her cleavage and she again shyly said no and I asked her what was wrong. She told me her boobs got a bit smaller and thus saggier since she had lost some weight and was worried what I'd think of them. Now, she did used to have I think double G breasts, and they may be a little smaller, but trust me they are still quite big! I told her I didn't mind what they looked like, I was sure they were still quite fine, but if she wasn't comfortable she didn't have to show me. I guess that reassured her, because a minute later she shyly undid her bra for me. I looked down at her tits in amazement. I saw absolutely nothing wrong and told her so as I buried my face between them, kissing them and working my way to her extremely sensitive nipples. She obviously enjoyed when I reached them and sucked on them as she shrieked in pleasure, much to my delight!

It was now time to turn my attention to her pussy. She was shaved bare except for a nice little landing strip just above her clit. My God, when she opened her legs wider for me, it was the most beautiful I've ever seen her pussy. I licked just below her belly button and traced my tongue down until it was going across the top of her clit. I teased it slightly, then used my fingers to open her up a little wider and slid my tongue inside, getting the first taste of her glistening juices that were beginning to appear. By this time my cock was feeling so horny, though for whatever reason it wasn't as hard as it could be.

So I got onto my knees in front of her and took the head of it and began to rub it against her pussy. It felt so good! Her natural lube coated my head and I now began getting good and hard. I rubbed it over her clit, then down her slit, getting more excited all the time. This was probably about the third time we'd already fooled around since I gotten there that week, but I had only licked her to orgasm and had not yet cum myself. Unfortunately I was for some reason experiencing a little problem "down there" and couldn't seem to keep it up.

Anyway, right now I did not seem to be having that problem and didn't want to waste my nice hard cock without cumming. I even felt a little "selfish" but figured since she had cum already twice before that she would likely understand. I looked in her eyes as I rubbed my cock on her pussy and could see she didn't want me to stop either. I felt my balls welling up, and knew it was time. I moaned out loud as my cock began to shoot out it's hot white cum onto her pussy. It felt so amazing and was such a turn on watching it pour onto her mound, most of it on and around her clit. She smiled as I leaned over and kissed her belly, and then came part two.

I was enjoying this too much for it to end, and I also wanted her to cum too, so I kissed my way down again and stuck the tip of my tongue on her clit, getting a little of my own cum on it and on my lips. I wasn't sure what she would think of this, so I went slowly at first, but she seemed okay with it so I put my whole mouth over her clit and moved it around the slippery surface that was created by my hot semen. She gasped and literally blurted out "mmmmm......ohhhhh......I didn't expect THIS!" She writhed her hips as I continued to dart my tongue over her clit and drag my cum with it down over her opening. I wasn't sure how I would feel having my cum in my mouth, but found I was enjoying it, especially since I now knew she was. It actually didn't take long before she began to moan loudly and squeeze her thighs against my head. She bucked her hips and pushed her clit against my face and she came hard.

When she finally loosened her grip I lifted my head and saw a huge smile on her face. I asked if it was okay if I kissed her now, and she replied yes. We had a nice long open mouth kiss, and then finally got up and got ourselves cleaned up and dressed before her husband came home. I can't wait for this summer!



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