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My First Time Jerking Off

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The first time I jerked off and early mastubation explorations


I was a bit of a late bloomer.  Growing up as an early teenager I had the usual wet dreams which only felt good in a vague sort of way because I was asleep when they happened!  Later in high school, a few times girls played with my dick, but it never amounted to anything.  Sometimes, if the opportunity presented itself, I would lock the door to my room and play with my boner (as we used to call it.)  It never occurred to me that I could make myself cum.  This all changed when I went away to college

Upon arrival at my out of state school, I met other students, and I, along with other freshmen wanted to exercise the new freedom we had.  A small mixed group of us decided to go to watch a pornographic movie.  This was the first time I had seen an X-rated movie. I remember sitting next to a girl I knew from high school and watching all the sex on the screen.  She was small in frame, but had the nicest set of big tits with large areola, sometimes visible through her shirts.  Later that year we sometimes kissed and she liked to let me fondle and suck her tits, but we never did any heavy petting or anything below the belt (but that is another story; I only mention her now because she became a frequent jack off fantasy.)  Anyway it was fun watching her response to the skin flick.

There was a lot of things in the movie that I had not seen before, but one scene I still remember to this day.  It was a scene where a woman wanted the man to jerk off on a plate of salad.  She sat at a table fully clothed eating the salad and he was naked with his dick out and put on a nice exhibition on how to jack off, finally adding ropes of cum to the plate.  The woman just smiled and continued to eat the cum covered salad afterward.  I was quite interested in what he did and how he did it, and the resulting spray of cum because, as I mentioned earlier, I had played with myself before, but never jacked off.

That night, back at the dorm, I took a shower and decided to try what I had just witnessed.  I soaped up my hand and repeated the stroking that I had seen the guy do earlier. Up to that point in my life I had never felt anything so good.  I was getting flushed and began to feel a tingling sensation starting at the base of my shaft and rising up to the tip before I had my first explosive orgasm.  I still remember the unexpected waves of pleasure from making myself cum that first time.

Of course I was instantly hooked and jerked off whenever I could (in the shower, and before class, between classes, and after class in my room.)  A complication that first year was that I had a roommate, so I could only do it in the room when he wasn't there.  I knew his schedule and, when I could, would take out some hidden Playboy and Penthouse magazines and go at it.

This was before the age of the internet, so the options for visual stimulation were limited.  In addition to the standard Playboy and Penthouse models with their nice, often large, natural breasts,  I often fantasized about my friend with the nice tits (I had a thing for large natural breasts back then), thinking about her naked tits and big nipples (I wouldn't actually see them until later).  I also had a few photos of her, which showed her from the waist up with nipples poking through her bra and shirt, and often looking at those sent me over the top.

Now that I knew about masturbation and how to do it, and how good it felt, I would sometimes jack off 4 or 5 times in a two hour period.  Thinking back, it is amazing how quickly I could recover after cumming and, after getting hard again, the amount of semen that I could pump out of my cock each subsequent time. During this early period all these experiences were cloaked in secrecy.  It was something that I found pleasurable but I did it alone, in private, and was often focused on getting off before being discovered or getting caught.

Only one time did I do anything outside of my room or dorm.  I was in one of the large libraries studying late one night.  There were a few students spread around the room that I was in and another attractive young female student (who I did not know) sat a couple of tables away directly facing me.  As I sat there I got an erection and decided that I could pull out my cock and stroke it since it was hidden under the table.  It was quiet in the library and I had to stroke slowly so she couldn't tell what I was doing. I managed to take myself up to the point of no return, but did not cross it.  I really wanted to blast my cum on the floor under the table, but for fear of getting caught I regained my sanity and managed to put my dick back in my pants before leaving.

I thought my roommate would be there when I got back to the dorm, so I went into a nearby restroom, entered a stall and quickly closed the door.  I could hardly get my dick out fast enough before I began pumping out streams of cum on the wall while thinking about the girl in the library.  I still remember the sound of my spunk hitting the wall (splat, splat, splat, splat, etc.)  In my haste, I never bothered to check if there were other guys in the restroom, or even the next stall! (thankfully, I was alone).

Among the guys there was a lot of joking about other guys jacking off but I was too embarrassed to talk about it or to say that I did it (I didn't realize that it was normal and ALL the guys did it.)  I did have girlfriends and sex with them during my college years, but I kept my masturbation private.  This would change after I graduated



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