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My First Panties

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Curiosity and hormones had gotten the best of me and I found myself masturbating to my first panties


Looking back it seemed so innocent. A young typical teen, curious about everything and always fighting off and trying to conceal my erections. Growing up my sister and I were always together. It was commonplace when we were at home at night that we would be wearing nothing more than underwear and a tee shirt or pajamas. She was 15 years old when it started.This one night I couldn't help but notice that my sister started wearing what I called then as big girl undies or panties. Even as a young teen just saying or hearing the word panties got my mind racing about my sister and how she looked in them.

Those tight fitting silky panties. The way the light glimmered off of them. The way they clung to every curve and fold of my sisters vulva. Within minutes of seeing her in those panties I'd have such a throbbing erection. It was embarrassing at times just trying to conceal it. I guess I could say I was blessed with a larger than average penis. Growing up in my teen years with an eight inch cock was awesome. I've seen others guys at school in the locker room and it was always quite fun winning the who's got the biggest Dick contest. I do recall taking a fondness to seeing some of the other guys at school stroking and rubbing to try and get their erections bigger, but none of them came close. However, that's another story.

Getting back to my sister and her panties, I noticed she was wearing more and more big girl panties than undies. My eyes would lock onto and focus on what I now know as her cameltoe. I became obsessed with theway they looked on her and needed to know how they felt against her skin. One evening I had what I'd call anaccidental brush against her backside. I was leaning behind her on the sofa to reach the TV remote when I let my hand brush against her pantied ass. It was that moment when I needed to feel her panties more.

My erection grew instantly and it felt like hours sitting beside her waiting for my erection to fade. All night as I laid in bed I convinced myself to go snooping in sis' panty drawer. I always got home a good 45minutes before her and decided to feel those panties once more.

The next day at school felt like an eternity. I couldn't wait for the 3 o'clock bell to ring. Once it did I raced home, dropped my books on the table and went staight to her bedroom. I could feel my cock growing harder with each step closer to her room. By the time Iopened her drawer I was forcefully tenting out my jeans.There they were, a whole drawer full of my sisters silky panties. All various colors, some with lace trim and some without. She had bikinis, boyshorts, g–string and thongs. The one pair that kind of jumped out at me were her pink bikini style silky panties with lace trim on the waist. I felt the smooth cool silky fabric on my fingertips and was in heaven. I reached down with one hand to open myjeans and brought her panties to my face. Feeling how smooth and incredibly sexy her panties felt I pulled my jeans andunderwear down to let my throbbing cock out and started stroking it.

I got so caught up in the new sensation. I brought her panties down to my cock and let out a muffled moan and groan as I wrapped her panties around my throbbing hardness. Standing there looking at all of her panties while stroking my throbbing cock, it didn't take long to ejaculate hard. As the waves of pleasure passed through me I looked down to see my hard cock creaming my sisters big girl panties.

I felt nervous and guilty but at thesame time I've experienced a feeling that I never felt before. It was amazing. Still stroking, rubbing my sperm up and down the length of my still hard shaft, feeling the panties soaked in my hand.

It was at that moment when Iheard the front door close. My sister was now home. I scrambled to close her drawer and with one hand pull my jeans up high enough to run out of her room while I kept her soaked panties around my cock. I ran, actually waddled, to the bathroom and felt safe once the door was closed.I cleaned myself up and buttoned my jeans. I washed out her panties but couldn't put them back, so I put them in my back pocket and headed to my room.



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