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My First Outdoor Experience

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Now, this is probably not going to be that big a deal, but for a 14 year old girl, who, back then was kinda shy, trust me-IT WAS!


Wealthy parents. Ok, VERY wealthy parents. Lots of lovely holidays in some utterly beautiful places. Unfortunately, I didn't see much of my mum and dad-ever, really. I got packed off to boarding school at the age of five and only ever came home for the holidays, and then it was usually a nanny who looked after me. I saw mum and dad rarely.

So, we went to Greece. I was allowed to literally do whatever I wanted, provided I stayed within the confines of the estate we were staying on. All my friends from school were elsewhere, so there was only me.

I found a lovely little beach-mile upon mile of white sand, crystal clear Mediterranean water and the sun. I swam, dived, climbed the rocks and then, around lunchtime, I sat in some shade and just let my mind wander.

I remember hearing about the more popular resorts, and the nightclubs, (how I wish I could have gone to one!) and that a lot of women go topless on the beaches. Some, I know, even go naked in certain resorts.

And like a train, it suddenly hit me. Why Not?

I remember sitting up, looking around, although I knew I was totally alone, and easing the straps of my bikini down, until the tops of my breasts were exposed. Then, oh, how my mouth was dry and my heart raced! I reached behind and undid the clasp and taking a huge breath, let my bikini top fall away.

That was the first time ever I had taken my top off outdoors. It felt like a total rush of excitement. I knew, I just KNEW no-one could possibly be watching, but oh, the mere thought that someone might! My little boobs hardened, my nipples sprang to almost painful attention, and I felt horny. Now it was not the first time I had felt aroused, not by a long way. (I started masturbating before I turned 13, and knew how to cum.)

I walked along that beach, my bikini top in my hand and then I suddenly thought, 'Fuck it', In fact, I said it aloud-and stepped out of my bikini bottoms. I left them on a patch of sand and just strolled around totally naked, wet, horny beyond words.

I have no idea why I did what I did next, but I ducked down and peed onto the sand, right there, out in the open, before running into the sea and experiencing my very first skinny dip.

It really DOES feel different, doesn't it, swimming naked? Every time my legs opened for the breast stroke, I felt naughty-exposed, oh, I don't know the word!

Back on the beach and in the little wooded grove that led to it, I lay down and masturbated in the open air.

I screamed, yelled dirty words, did things that I had only thought about until then. (Trust me-in a girls boarding school dormitory, you keep your masturbation quiet and private unless you want to be tagged as a dyke. OH I know some of the older girls had relationships with each other, and when I was in the VI form, I did too, but back when I was 14, it was shared dorms, lots of dirty talk, but absolutely NO touching.)

It was so liberating to yell, 'FUCK ME, SCREW MY CUNT, SHIT, PISS, FUCKER!' at the top of my lungs.

I must have rubbed off about five times that afternoon. The rest of the holiday was full of little outdoor adventures like that. Sometimes I would only walk naked or topless. I learned to go without panties. That meant I could go out with my parents and STILL be 'naughty'. Other times, I might just pee outdoors-strange how that felt sexy back then-I even wet my panties on purpose quite a few times just for the naughtiness of it.

After that first evening, at dinner, mum knew something had happened, she said I looked different, older somehow.

One thing though. I had a lot to tell the girls back at school!



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