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My Dad

Posted by: Author: Age: 18 Posted on: 5 comments
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This happened to me around a year go, and I think it has made my relationship with my dad better.


Well this is how it started, since I was very young, I've been curious about other guy's dick. I'm straight; I think it is just healthy curiosity.

Since I was a kid, my family has been very open, and both my parents have talked to us about sex, and they get changed in front of us. Since then I've noticed that my dad has a huge cock. I had only seen Him soft, but then as I started to masturbate I also started to notice other things, like how my parents shut the door and put a lock in the mornings and nights.

Then one morning I had to brush my teeth and I rushed into the bathroom and there was my dad taking a shower but with this huge hardon and he was slowly touching it. As soon as he saw me he sort of turned around and stopped touching it and I kept brushing my teeth and looking at it as it got down slowly, I GOT AND INSTANT BONER.

Since then I kept noticing how my dad did it more often than I thought, he did it in the mornings I would enter the room and he would take his hand of his crotch but there I could completely see his immense dick trough his boxers I would pretend nothing had happened, but I was really interested. Then I started to slowly let him get picks of my dick, just to see his reaction, so I would wake up in the mornings and walk pass by him with a semi hardon. He would say nothing then one day it happened.

He had his door half opened and it was night, my mom was out of town, I looked trough the crack and there he was, jerking rapidly but then he did something he had never done, he took it out. I was amazed and started to stroke my dick when accidentally I opened the door with my arm. There he was with his dick in his hand And I with mine both of us were shocked but he told me to get inside then. he talked to me while he had the porn still running and told me if I needed a wank I said yes, so he said let's go for it.

I won't lie to you, I have an average dick, which is smaller in every way than my dad's he grabbed it and started to stroke it. Then he said there's no point in doing it in couples if each one does himself so let's trade. He took my dick in his hand and held it really tight... Then I got his monster cock and was fascinate first stroking along the shaft then only the head to which he moaned and said keep it that way that's how your mom does it. Then he said can I blow you , I said sure. I've had blow jobs before but never one so gentle and good he grabbed by shaft and licked from my balls to the head, I cummed and yelled I'm cumming, and he said I'll swallow it, and he did then I was going to blow him but he said don't, so I just licked his balls and jerked him until he came.

Then we kept talking for about two hours about stuff we never had, like sex (I mean with actual details) he told me how it was to do it with mom and I told him about my girlfriend. Like how I love to do her hard, and also how I had never had anal sex, which he said he enjoyed. Then I told him I was amazed by the size of his dick and he said it isn't that big of a deal, in fact You are very well gifted, and he told me that although it was masculine it had it's disadvantages for example how he almost never had anal sex with mom, cause he knew it was painful for her and it took him really long to get her turned on to that degree and he had to work his way with his finger for about ten minutes before.

Anyway that's my story and since then he leaves his porn hanging around so I can use it. He is the best



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