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My Cozy Childhood

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This is a true and honest story of my wonderful childhood masturbation memories. The way I used to masturbate as a child was very different from most, but it worked best for me. Enjoy!


The last time I posted something on this site I promised to post my childhood story which still arouses me as much today, as when it happened. The memories are still as clear now, as if it happened yesterday.

When I was 12 years old, my bed was next to a big radiator. It meant that at night, when I got in bed, my bed was quite warm under the duvet because of the heat from the radiator. It was so nice to cuddle up to through the sheets. It made me feel relaxed, safe and content. It was definitely and comfort thing.

This one time, on a really cold night, we got home and mum had forgot to put the heating on before we went out, so the house was really cold, and it was bedtime. I kissed mum and dad goodnight and had a very quick wash then jumped into bed. My bed was unusually cold and I couldn't get to sleep at all. After maybe 10 minutes, I was relieved to feel the warmth from the radiator. Mum must have turned the heating on before she went to bed. After a further 30 minutes, the radiator was really hot. Me being so cold, I turned on my side to face the radiator then edged myself up to it, so my whole body was touching it, again, through the sheets. The warmth felt amazing against my cold body.

Over the next hour or two I drifted in and out of sleep, all nice and cozy, cuddled up to the radiator. The next time I woke up, (it must have been about 3 AM) I realized that I felt 'funny' down there, I'd never had that feeling before, but it felt quite nice, like a tingly feeling between my legs. That feeling woke me fully, as you can imagine. I realized that when I pressed my groin to the radiator the feeling got stronger, so, I pressed hard for a few seconds, then, moved away for another few seconds. I did this for a while. It felt so relaxing. I didn't know why, or what it was, but to be honest, I didn't really care, I just carried on doing it.

As time went on, I'd press a little longer, to see how much tingling I could stand, I'd get braver each time, and the feeling was wonderful. I really needed to pee, but this feeling was to nice to stop. I didn't want to leave my warm bed, and go to a cold bathroom. Then, the feeling got so intense, so powerful, I began to rub myself up and down, side-to-side, rubbing against the warm/hot sheets, and that did it, the tingling spread though my body, from my toes to my head. I was a little scared, I didn't know what was happening to me, but didn't want to stop either, so I just carried on pressing, rubbing, moving hips around in little circles, then it happened, my first orgasm, it was wonderful, my little body shook and trembled, it lasted for what felt like minutes. It was probably just a few seconds. After the tingling had subsided, I was so breathless, and scared at what had just happened to me and my body. I even thought about going to get mum, but was scared at what her reaction would be. After maybe 10 minutes, I was calm enough to drift off to sleep.

So that's what I did every chance I got (mainly during the night, when mum and dad were sleeping, in case they came in and caught me). I would really look forward to bedtime.

Then, the worst happened, SUMMER ! The heating was never on, and I just couldn't get the tingling feeling back without the warmth of the radiator. I was so sad, I even tried mum's hair dryer, it was great, but far too noisy. I could only use that when I was home alone and not at night time when I wanted to 'play' the most.

So, after weeks of sadness, I caved in and told mum. I told her that I wasn't sleeping very well because I was to cold during the night She thought I had flu because I was cold in the summer, but I told her I was fine, just a little cold. She told me she would think of something.

One day, I came home from school, and mum said dad had bought me a present. She followed me up to my room and there on my bed, in it's box, was an electric blanket, I'd never seen one before, mum expained how it worked, and we both fitted it to my bed and turned it on. Mum said that by bedtime it'd be really warm, and if I wanted to, I could even sleep with it 'on', but sleeping was the last thing on my mind! I was so excited for bedtime, it had been six weeks since I'd last had a night time 'play'. I hardly ate any food at tea time.

After a LONG night of watching TV, I told mum and dad that I was tired and was going to bed. I kissed them goodnight and went upstairs. I didn't even wash (dirty I know). I undressed and turned the light out then got in bed, naked (no pajamas for me that night). Oh My God !! It was amazing, the mattress was hot all over, no cold spots at all, I was in heaven, I lay face down, and did much the same as I'd done with the radiator, I pressed, rubbed and moved my hips around, the feeling came back instantly. It was so much better than the radiator, mainly because I was more comfortable laying on my front, and not on my side and the warmth was all over my body. I had many orgasms, and 'played' well into the night.

The next morning at breakfast, mum asked me how I'd slept? I told her the blanket was great and I gave dad a kiss for my present. Dad offered to set it up on a timer, so that I wouldn't forget to turn it on every night (like, as if !!!). I said that would be great, and so just like dad, he sorted it out. But, I was naughty. I changed the setting, so that it came on at mid-day, so it would be warm for when I got home from school. It was all I could think about in those boring lessons. At mid-day, I'd think, 'my blanket has just turned itself on, ummmm, I couldn't wait. When the bell went, I'd nearly run home, and tell mum I had homework to do. I'd go to my room, and have a 'play' before dinner. Looking back, I always wonder what mum thought, when she changed my sheets and if she knew that I'd changed the timer to come on at mid-day.

The best part of my childhood by far was the six-week summer holidays !!! Mum and dad both worked, and being an only child I was home alone all day, every day. In those days, parents could leave 12- year-olds alone without worrying about them, not like now! So, here's how every day went. I'd get up and turn my blankets on, have breakfast with mum and dad, then as soon as they went to work, I'd have a long bath to get nice and clean, then just go back to my warm bed and masturbate all day long. I didn't have many friends, didn't want any either. I know it may seem strange to most of you, but that's how good it felt. So, I spent most the six-week holidays home on my own, masturbating. Strangely enough, I never touched myself, I don't know why, I didn't need to I guess, I just did what felt best for me, rubbed and pressed myself against the warmth.

One day I thought I'd look for some 'dirty' magazines in mum and dad's room. Did anyone else do that too? I didn't find any though, but I stopped looking when I found something much better: Mum's infra-red back massager! Wow, I knew it wasn't for my back! It was the kind used for sports injuries and muscle pain. You can still buy them here in UK from Argos for about £15. I rushed it to my room and plugged it in next to my bed. The head glowed red and got really warm. The other switch made it vibrate like hell, I was so excited to try it out. I got in bed naked yet again, and lay on my back. I opened my legs, and feeling quite nervous I put the massager on my private parts with heat on, but no vibrations yet. The heat was so direct, so intense. After moving it around a little, and getting a few glorious orgasms, I flicked the other switch, and oh my, it vibrated wonderfully. The feeling was out of this world, and the best part was that masturbating for the first time laying on my back was so comfortable, the heat from the blanket was great on my bottom and back, my legs wide open, with this hot thing between my legs, vibrating away. The only thing was, that after a while, I got quite dry and sore down there, but a little baby oil from the bathroom eased that greatly. That afternoon, I experianced my first multiple orgasm, it was so easy with mums massager, all I had to do was hold it there in the right place, and keep it still. I was the happiest 13- year-old in the world. So, I had the best summer holiday ever, doing the same thing every day.

One day, mum came home early, and although she didn,t catch me at it, I hid the massager under my bed. I was so nervous she'd notice it missing. We went out shopping together that afternoon, and got back quite late. By that time, I'd forgotten about the massager still under my bed. That night, I got in bed and remembered it was still there, but I was so scared to play with it, in case mum came in and heard it buzzing. So I played as normal until I thought they'd gone to sleep. Then I turned the infra-red on, and let it heat up. When it was ready, I masturbated wonderfully. It was so sensual doing it in the dark, the only light coming from the infra-red on the massager. I got brave and decided to keep the massager in my room. It stayed in my room until I got married at 21, neither mum or dad ever mentioned it. She knew I had it too, because some mornings, when I overslept (which was quite often) she'd come in to wake me, and I'd have left the massager on the floor, the night before, but my super mum never said a word.

I'm now 31, and three years ago, mum and I had a night in together, dad was away, so hubby said why don't I go stay over at mums and keep her company. We had a great take-out, lots of chocolate, and watched a movie. After the movie, we turned the TV off, and were just chatting, when mum mentioned 'The Missing Massager'. I was gob smacked! We just laughed about it and talked about everything. Twenty-eight was quite old to be talking to your mum about masturbation, but it was quite OK. I told her everything I'm writing now. She was amazed that such a young girl could be so sensual and inventive. She didn't understand the heat/warmth thing, but said that it was fine if it worked for me.

It was great to finally tell mum about my happy childhood. Then we talked about the massager. She said the night she noticed it missing, her and dad had a chat about it, and decided to let me keep it. She said I was doing no harm and it was a natural age for boys/girls to experiment with their bodies. Dad bought her a new massager, and she was happy at the thought of me having so much fun with the massager, because she knew how good it felt! She said that they sometimes heard me moving about during the night, and it always pleased them both.

That night, mum and I got really close and I'm so glad it all came out. Bedtime came about one AM, and we hugged and went to bed. It was so weird being back in my old room, and guess what? It was Christmas and the heating was on, and yes, I did have a 'play' before I went to sleep, I couldn't resist. Was it so wrong of me?

The next day at breakfast mum was all smiles, she gave me a big hug and we sat down and had breakfast together. Nothing was said about the night before, but I think mum knew that I'd played that night. She was great about the whole thing. Thank you mum!

So, that's it. Before I go, I need to ask you all something: was it wrong of my mum and dad to let me keep the massager? I mean, I was only 13 and still feel a little weird about it all, especially the heat thing. I don't know anyone who is turned on by heat/warmth like I am. Maybe if they'd taken it off me, I'd not have turned out so weird!!!

Thank you all for reading this, and don't worry if it aroused you, cause I'm wet as hell, the memory is still so arousing to me.

I'd be really greatful for any comment about 'My Cozy Childhood' !

Love as always from UK, Debbie X



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