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My Cousin's Helping Hand

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There are so many stories on this great site about boys learning how to masturbate when they were really young, like seven or eight years old. I was a late starter. Despite knowing a lot about 'book' sex, I didn't get started masturbating until I was almost 16. My cousin Marie finally put it all together for me.


I have two older sisters and one younger. I have no brothers. My dad worked away most of the time until I finished high school so I was pretty much raised up in a household of females.

I don't know about my sisters but there wasn't much sex instruction at home for me. By the age of thirteen, I had received the standard lessons in school so I knew that penis + vagina could result in semen + ovum and that could = baby. The precise details were a bit fuzzy but the overall picture was there. There was also something called 'masturbation' that produced 'self-pleasure' and no baby resulted because you did it alone - it was also considered 'safe sex'. But no precise details were provided. Then there were 'nocturnal emissions' that was sort of like wetting the bed in your sleep, only in this case it was extra semen rather than urine - that was for boys only. For some reason, girls did not wet the bed with their extra ovums like the guys did with their extra semen. But then they had to put up with monthly periods.

Then there were the informal lessons that were picked up from the other kids. I heard the guys make comments about having sex and how much fun it was, etc., etc I didn't really understand precisely what masturbation was so their jokes about wacking off or jerking off or creaming your shorts or whatever didn't make a whole lot of sense. Of course I used to touch my penis and testicles because it felt nice. I always knew that playing around with my penis would cause an erection, but I never spent enough time at it to produce any real results.

By age thirteen, I became aware of big changes in my body. Around the time I finished grade school, I noticed that my penis and testicles were growing a lot larger. I remember asking my dad about it one weekend when he was home. He told me that that's what happens to boys when they reached my age. It was like my older sisters growing breasts, he said. Sort of like growing taller, he said. I was sure doing that. He didn't mention anything about sex.

Wet dreams started during my first year in high school. But never having experienced orgasm, I didn't find them erotic in the least. In fact they were a nuisance. I had always had my own room so I slept nude since I was quite young. Whenever I had a wet dream, I apparently would roll over in my sleep, facing the mattress. I would ejaculate onto the sheet and then wake up all wet and sticky. It was a real bother getting up in the middle of the night to clean myself and then climb back into bed, trying to avoid the cold wet spot. Still, there was something 'nice' about the dream even though I didn't recognize it as sexual or erotic. My mom never commented about the crusty sheets. I complained to her once about having those funny dreams at night. She said to consider myself lucky, that she and my sisters had to put up with a whole week of menstruation cramps each month, and wear sanitary napkins. She suggested I wear my jockeys if I didn't want to wet the sheets. But I hated wearing anything in bed.

I think my penis reached its full size that first year of high school when I turned fourteen. I'm not circumcised. Flaccid, it is three or three and a half inches long. Erect, my penis grew to just over five and a half inches long. That's what it still is today. But when it started to grow it got a whole lot thicker. Around the shaft is over five and a half inches when erect. Almost all the growth took place within a year or so, and my testicles at least doubled in size. I went from size small to medium for underwear. The crotch of my jockey shorts became too tight. Around that time I became aware that people would look at the bulge in my jeans. Sometimes even grown women eyed my crotch. But I took it all in my stride. I guess my sisters had similar experiences when their breasts started to sprout. They said that guys often made comments to them that could be embarrassing, yet they seemed to like it. At least I didn't get comments from girls about the bulge in my jeans.

None of this had much significance for me until high school when I had to start changing clothes in front of guys for gym class. Some of them would comment on my 'big cock' and 'eggs' (my testicles). Eventually I came to realize that it was the thickness of my flaccid penis that made it seem large because I know it is very average length. But my classmates never saw it erect. Most of them had a thinner penis, at least in my view.

They were all circumcised, something that was almost unheard of where I came from. Sometimes I was asked if I was a 'hillbilly' because I wasn't circumcised. Being different, I felt embarrassed to change in front of others and avoided open showers and changing rooms whenever I could so the other boys would not look at my genitals.

I guess all of this kept me away from the usual guy-to-guy stuff that I've read about and hear about. Most of those years were pretty solitary for me. I wasn't particularly introverted but we lived in the country away from people my own age. We had to bus it to school so although I had lots of casual friends, contact tended to be at school, on the phone, in larger groups. The summer before I turned sixteen, I had not yet begun to masturbate simply because I didn't know exactly what it was. The guys at school who would joke about it were losers anyway, in my view. Most of the others seemed embarrassed whenever a joke was made. So I figured there wasn't much to it. My cousin changed all that one July afternoon.

Marie was fifteen at the time. She came down from Canada to visit my younger sister Tara (still fourteen at the time). We had visited our northern relatives a couple of times but I didn't really know Marie very well. She was maturing nicely though and had larger breasts than any of my sisters. Actually she was really good looking and had a very nice body. She and Tara hung out during her first week at our house and I had a summer job at a restaurant in town so I didn't see much of her. The second week on my day off, Marie asked if we could go to the beach. Tara had an appointment with an eye specialist and Mom took her into town so there were just us two at home that afternoon.

There was a nice sandy beach right on the ocean about two miles from our house. Marie and I biked over to an area where our family always went because it was separated by a rock cut from the public beach. There weren't that many people around anyway, it being a weekday. Anyhow, Marie and I biked over in our swim suits and spent an hour or so out in the surf, trying to stay cool.

Eventually we both ended up lying on the sandy beach, high on the shore, back where the bikes were. We were just laying in the sun, talking about the usual. Marie asked me if I had a steady girlfriend. When I said no, she asked me if I was afraid of girls. I was getting uncomfortable with Marie's questions. But it didn't end there. She gave a few details of her own dating and then got back to me. 'Do you jack off?' she suddenly asked. I had heard the expression of course though always from boys. I didn't answer. 'Ya, I bet you jack off all the time,' she said. So the teasing went on. I was at a real disadvantage because I was trying to be knowledgeable about the things of the world yet I honestly did not know precisely what jacking off was.

'I've watched Martin jack off lots of times,' she said. My cousin Martin (her brother)was around 20. She said that their bedrooms were next to one another and she could see right into his room through a crack in the wall at the back of her closet. She had been spying on him for a long time and used to see him jack off until the cum shot all over, and she said that she sometimes jacked off Ray, her boyfriend. All of this was confusing me.

I knew that semen came out of a penis somehow during sexual intercourse and it was semen that messed up my bed sheets when I had a wet dream. But I didn't know how semen could be 'forced' to come out by 'jacking' or whatever. All this might sound weird but that's where I was at.

Finally I just admitted to Marie that I didn't jack off because I really didn't know how. She didn't believe me at first but eventually became convinced that her American cousin really was that dumb, he didn't know how to jack himself off. No wonder there was no steady girlfriend, etc. Marie told me that she knew how guys jack off and that she 'jilled' all the time too. 'Jilling' was another unknown to me. She motioned with her finger up and down against her bikini bottoms but I didn't know what she was talking about. Finally she said she would show me how to jack off if I agreed to 'jill her'. She said I'd love it because it felt like real sex.

All this talk produced a mighty hard erection. My penis was protruding clearly through my swim suit. Of course this was crossing over a forbidden line but I agreed to go ahead if she did the explaining. She reached over and began pressing my penis through my swim suit. Oh, man, what a sensation that was. I had done that myself many times but to have someone else's hand do it really feel GOOD.

I knew this was not the sort of behavior me and my cousin should be up to but it felt too good not to continue. As she asked, I slipped my trunks down to my knees. This was the first time anyone had ever seen my penis fully erect, other than myself. It just popped out from my waistband and stood straight up. 'Wow' said Marie, 'Yours is a lot fatter than my brother's.' She said my testicles looked like chicken eggs.

With that she gripped my penis around the foreskin and began moving it up and down the shaft. At first it was just a peeling motion as the skin curled back on itself and then forward again. But as the moisture on my penis head built up, the skin began to slide freely down my shaft and then back over the penis head. I couldn't believe how nice it felt to have her fist moving up and down my penis. This sliding action wasn't new because I had to peel back the foreskin whenever I showered. But all I ever did was toy around a bit with my foreskin, not nearly long enough to get any results.

Marie's hand was too small to go completely around my penis head. She couldn't close her fist but it still was really nice. Then quite abruptly I felt those deep sensations as my orgasm started to build. I stopped her hand saying something was wrong. By this time I guess she really did believe that I wasn't just trying to fool her. She said she knew what she was doing and to trust her. So I let her resume. Suddenly all the muscles inside my lower abdomen started clamping down, producing the most intense wonderful feelings that I had ever experienced. I spontaneously raised my hips off the sand and began thrusting into Marie's fist, trying to make the sensations come faster and harder, and they did. It took just a few seconds more.

Moments later those powerful contractions in my lower belly and genitals spewed semen up into the air from my penis. My god, it was so intense I though I was going to pass out. It was so good I think I yelled out. I fell right back on the sand exhausted, my belly covered with semen. I could not believe what had just happened.

Soon enough Marie was reminding me of my part of the deal. She already had her bikini bottom slipped down and I rolled over on my side to do the deed. The sight of her full naked female body and pubic hair, right there before me, was almost an overload for my young brain. Never had I seen any of my sisters fully naked like this - just the odd flash of breast or hair.

I didn't know anything about jilling either but Marie soon had my fingers doing what they were supposed to do. The sensation of touching her moist vagina had me erect again, I don't think I had actually lost my erection. She must have been pretty aroused from jacking me because it didn't take long for her to start moaning. Soon her eyes were closed and she was pushing up hard against my fingers. Then she pressed both her hands over mine to really press my fingers into her vagina. She squirmed and gasped out loud. It ended as abruptly as mine did and then she just lay there in the sand.

I wanted her to jack me off some more, or maybe try sexual intercourse. No way. She didn't want to get pregnant, and she said that guys have to wait awhile before jacking again. But now that she had shown me, I could do it myself, she said. We took another dip in the surf to clean up and then biked back home shortly after. That was the horniest bike ride I have ever taken. I asked her not to tell my sister Tara or my mom about this. She said of course not, she wasn't crazy. When we arrived home, they were already back. Marie acted as though nothing at all had happened. She and Tara went off together. I was still stunned by the unbelievable developments of the afternoon. How could I have missed out on all of this, all of this time?

Oddly enough, I didn't try to masturbate until after Marie left to go back to her home. I was hoping for a return performance. Unfortunately, that afternoon on the beach was the only occasion when she and I were alone. Those first days after the beach, I had it fixed in my mind that I needed her or some other girl to jack my penis. For the rest of the week I walked around with an erection most of the time, evaluating all the girls at work for their potential ability to jack me off. I tried to figure out which ones would be willing Jackers.

Shortly after Marie returned home, I tried the stroking method myself. It was in bed and of course it worked out just fine, not as explosive as that first time with Marie but still very, very NICE. From that point on, I masturbated daily, usually when I went to bed. My fantasy has always included Marie or some other girl stroking my penis. A nice side benefit to masturbating was an end to wet dreams, so there was no more waking up in the middle of the night to clean up.

I started dating when school started up again. It took awhile but eventually Shelly and I got to mutual masturbation. She would jack me and I would jill her. We never did have intercourse. I had several girlfriends after that, right through to the present.

Mutual masturbation is a major part of our relationship although we have sexual intercourse regularly. I think Marie got me hooked on being jacked by my girl. There is just no greater way to get off. The intensity of the raw physical pleasure is unsurpassable. I still masturbate most days, unless I'm really bushed. It's been 12 years since Marie did me, but I still think about her when I do it and that memorable first orgasm, and I'm well aware that I'm likely to be an exception - I learned to masturbate from a girl.



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