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My Cousin and Me

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My family always went up north to the lakes over the summer. For the last couple of years my male cousin and my uncle started to go up. My family would always get the mussels out of the lake and cook them.
My cousin and I would always go out in the morning and stay in the water till dusk. My cousin would never wear a bathing suit. Instead he would just wear gym shorts and no boxers. Every time he got out of the water or stood up in shallow water I could always make out a thick but short cock. But I never said anything since we were both guys.
My cousin and I would also be the ones to always get the mussels. The water in the lake was around ten feet deep. So when you ran out of breath and you were under water, you would just push off the bottom and come back up. Every time my cousin pushed off, the pressure of the water would pull the top part of his pants down. When this happened I would always see a thick brown bush.
After we caught our mussels we would go inside and give them to my dad, who would always cook them. But whenever we got out of the water I would always put my towel on next to him, so I could get a quick little feel, and use the excuse that like I was putting my towel on.
Every night my cousin and I slept in the same room. Since the room was small, he would sleep on thin single bed and I would sleep on the floor about 8 feet away. The last morning I woke up a little earlier than my cousin. So I got prepared. I was going to make a little move. I started to think about my cousin naked, and then I got a boner. I put it through the hole in my boxers and moved my blankets so it could be seen. I closed my eyes, but just enough so I could see a little bit. I started to move and roll around so my cousin would wake up. He did! But unfortunately he didn't see it. Instead he got up and went to the bathroom.
When my cousin came back I was ready. I made it look like I was sleeping on my back, so my cock went straight up in the air. My cousin walked in thinking I was sleeping and saw it. His eyes went up, like his heart jumped through his body. At first he just stood there, but then he made his way over to me. Then it started. At first he just touched it, but then I opened my eyes. He was scared. But I told him it was okay and to keep going. He did. He jerked me off so good, my cum went all over, even in our hair. Then it was my turn.
I thought his cock would be a lot bigger than mine, since he's four years older, but it was shorter. His was really thick though. I was off. I gave him a handy.
But when we were done he just got up and went to take a shower. I just cleaned up and got dressed. When I was done my dad already had breakfast ready. We all ate and started home. My cousin never talked about it, but I will never forget this experience.



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