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My Caucasian Cousin

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Great site! Keep up the great work!


Hi! Just like to say that this is a great site, and I really enjoy reading the stories here. I hope this site will continue to thrive! Anyway, here's my little contribution. It isn't as exciting as most of the ones here, but well......it's my little story.

I live in an Asian country, and for as long as I could remember, I have always admired, fantasized and obsessed about white women. Actually, I don't think there is any Asian guy out there that hasn't fantasized about being with a white woman. I suppose it must be because I grew up watching western movies.

Anyway, I have a cousin, who studied in England a very long time ago. He eventually got married, and settled down there (hence technically making his white wife my cousin, through marriage). His parents were still living here, so once in a while, he'd come down and visit, with his wife and little kid.

The first time they came down, I was eleven. I was very excited because it would have been my first time to see a white woman up close. When I first saw her, I was awe struck. She was so beautiful, so tall and so built. She had long beautiful brown hair, and beautiful eyes. But what impressed me the most was that she was so big. Asian women are generally small in size, and nothing against them, but when I first saw my Caucasian cousin for the first time, I had a big crush on her. The great part about western culture was that they were more liberal. Everytime you meet them they'd give you a hug, and even a kiss (something of a rarity in my country). So for those short weeks that they were down, each time I saw her, she'd give me a kiss, and I'd look forward to that always.

I remember that time when they came down, they stayed at my place for the weekend, and I remember seeing my cousin clad in just a towel, and I was in a state of disbelief. The towel, although wrapped around her body, was a little low, so I could see her well defined, shapely and silky white cleavage. I remember that sight even till today. She had an amazing figure, no doubt about it. I didn't know how to masturbate yet at the time, but each time I thought of that sight I'd get so aroused. I used to really fantasize about her naked. Her husband was such a lucky guy. Oh, and I forgot to mention, she's an incredibly nice person too!

Anyway, when I was sixteen, my parents and I went to England, and we stayed at their place for a couple of months. I'll never forget seeing her one morning, walking around wearing a t-shirt and just panties. For a 16-year-old from a conservative country, that turned me on so much. You'd never get that in an Asian country like mine! Anyway, I think out of respect to my parents, that only happened a couple of times. Otherwise, she wore something less revealing in the mornings thereafter. There was this one time at her place when I was lying on the floor, flat on my tummy, I think watching TV. All of a sudden, I feel something pressing on my butt. I turned to look, and it was her! She was smiling and pressing her foot into it! She pressed it a couple of times then walked off, smiling, saying it was 'tempting'. It took me a while to figure the whole situation out.

She's actually a native of Scotland, so for a few days we went with her to Scotland and stayed at her parents' place for a few days. Again, I'll never forget that morning when I needed to go into her room to get something (I think our bags were there), I knocked on the door gently and then walked in, and there she was, lying flat on the bed, reading a magazine, wearing her famous t-shirt and panties. Her legs were facing the door, and they were slightly parted. I was really shy, and looked away, took what I needed, and left the room. She on the other hand acted normally.

The best incident that happened that year (for me at least) happened one day at her place. She and her husband were at work, the little son at school, and my parents I think went out to tour the city or something. I just remembered that I was all alone in that house. So here I was, walking around, not knowing what to do. Then, I passed her bedroom (the door wasn't closed), when I noticed a black bra on the floor. I walked in, slowly, towards the bra. Undoubtedly, it was hers. I had a really weird feeling overcome me at that moment, a feeling of excitement and fear. I picked up the bra, and I don't know what made me do it, I put it to my nose, and inhaled, and it smelt so good. The smell of a caucasian woman. I quickly took the bra to their kid's room (where I slept), took off my pants and laid on the floor. I then placed the bra on my face, and started to jack-off.

It was amazing. It was a feeling I had never had before. As cheesy as it may sound, it felt as if the two of us had bonded for that short period of time. Anyway, I came quickly, and almost immediately, I was overcome with a feeling of guilt. I quickly put the bra back, and felt a little bad. But at the same time, I had a small sense of achievement, and content. I never got a chance to do that again, because the house was always occupied after that. I never stopped thinking of that moment, even till today.

Anyway, they would come over to my country the following year, and they spent one weekend at my place. That night, I couldn't sleep, and so I woke up and went to the bathroom. Everyone was asleep. When I went in, I was surprised to find a pair of undies and bra hanging in there. Immediately I knew it was hers. Old tingling feelings came back. I took the bra and undies and made my way to the hall, all in darkness. For the first time ever, I was holding a woman's undies. I looked at it and noticed that it had a stain on it. I inhaled it a little, but it was too strong. Somehow, I didn't like it, so I put it back. The bra was another story. I lay on my couch, pulled down my pants, placed the bra on my face and started to jack-off. This time her bra had a mix of womenly scent and sweat (my country is hot and humid all year round, and she had worn that bra all day). Then, while still lying down, I placed my penis into one of the bra cups. I admit, I wasn't one of the most endowed guys in the world, but my whole cock could go straight into that bra cup! In the back of my mind, I knew she had big boobs. Anyway, with my penis still inside that bra cup, I clenched it around my raging hard on, and started to jack off. Gosh! The feeling of that bra around my cock was so intense. I could cum at any time, so I removed it from my cock (didn't want to mess that bra), placed it back on my face and continued to jack myself off until I came. Whew......that was one amazing orgasm. Again, when I was done, I felt a sense of guilt overcome me, and I placed the bra back in the bathroom where I had found them.

My next close encounter would occur about three years later, when again my caucasian cousin and her husband (my blood cousin) would come down to visit. She had just given birth to her second kid, and although she had put on a lot of weight, I still found her to be attractive. I think her boobs got bigger too. Anyway, I was in college by now, and they were staying at my place again for the weekend. I had just come back from home, and was laying on the carpet, watching TV. She was sitting on the couch, in front of me and to the left. She was wearing a white tank top and shorts. I don't know what made her do what she did next. She was playing with her kid a while, and I think that sort of crumpled her tank top. After she had stopped playing with her kid, she sort of tugged at the base of her top, I think to sort of straighten it. This kind of made her lift the top a little, and then tug it back down, and it was when she pulled it up for that solitary split second that I got a view of her breasts! It all happened so fast, but I think I'll remember it forever! Her boobs were large, really large, and they were sagging (I had always liked boobs that sagged a little). Her nipples pointed downwards, and they too were large! I couldn't believe what I saw. I was somewhat dazed for the rest of the day. I remember writing that incident in my diary, and read it regularly (even till today) just to get a hard on. The first thing I did when they all left that night was....yup, you guessed it, jack off! It was for me the most amazing thing I had seen! I'm hard just writing it now. The thought of lying on top of a woman with a chest like that was explosive! I remember writing that statement down in my diary, and reading it over and over.

When I was 22, my cousin's husband was diagnosed with cancer, so my parents and I went to England and stayed with them for a couple of weeks during the Christmas and New Year period. They were living in a new house now. I slept in their son's room. Their room was on the left, and the bathroom was on the right. So from their bedroom, they'd have to cross their son's room to get to the bathroom. Anyway, we had just arrived that night, and I had trouble sleeping (change of time and all that). Anyway, it was 6:00am local time, and everyone was still asleep. Everything was of course, dark, and the room door was open. Anyway, just by coincidence, I was lying down and looking outward, and there I see the figure of my caucasian cousin in the dark, walk across the doorway with a towel in hand (she was going to have a bath, and go off to work). It was then that I realized that she had walked past me, naked! Although it was dark, after a while, your eyes tend to adapt to the darkness, and you can make out certain shapes. No doubt about it, she was naked! I never really saw anything, but the fact that she was just a few feet away from me, naked.....

While we were staying there, I slept on a mattress on the floor, while her son slept on a bed that was mounted high up on the wall, with a small ladder attached to it. Kind of like a double decker bed, but without the lower bunk. Anyway, nearly every morning, she would have to walk into the room and wake her son up for school. Sometimes, she'd wear this really tiny bathrobe. I say tiny because it only comes down to her thighs. So this one morning, she walks in. I pretend to be asleep. So she calls out her son's name, but he doesn't answer. Eventually, she stands next to me, and climbs up a couple ladder rungs to wake her son up. It was then that I got a clear view of her smooth rear. I tried to see if I could get a view of her pussy, but unfortunately I didn't. I think she got conscious about standing there, when she suddenly decided to look down at me, but I quickly turned my head away and closed my eyes. I'll never forget that day!

Also, I am a little ashamed to say that at 22, I was still jacking off to her bra. Nearly every night that I was there, I'd sneak into the bathroom when everyone was asleep, sneak her bra back into the room I slept in and jacked off. I just couldn't help myself. Her bra smelt so good. There was one night when I had again wrapped it around my little member, and was wanking away. I got so caught up in the moment that I failed to remove it fast enough before cumming. As a result, I had cum a little in her bra! I didn't know what to do, and panicked a little. I tried to clean it up, but it was pointless. The cum was already soaked in that bra. So I put it back. I was afraid that when she wore it in the morning she might wonder why the hell it was so sticky. I actually worried about it that night, and had a little problem sleeping. Anyway, morning came, and I saw her sitting in the kitchen, again wearing her tiny bathtrobe (which also exposed her cleavage), and I saw that she was wearing the bra! She acted as if nothing happened to it, and I breathed a sigh of relief. In a way, I felt a little turned on by that sight. It kind of felt like I had indirectly cum on her tits. Wow!

My last incident happened one afternoon at their place, when I was in the son's room. I was lying on my back, and reading a book, so my eyes were facing out of the room. My caucasian cousin had had a bath, but I think forgot her towel. So there I was, reading, and she darted quickly across, in blue panties while covering her breasts with her hands. I pretended as if I didn't notice it, but I surely did, and would never forget it.

Before we left, however, I did something a little...well...bad. I had wanted a momento of hers. So before we left, I had snuck into her room and raided her drawers. I got a pair of her black bra and black panties, and brought them home with me! Yup! I had stolen them. While going through them, I had also decided to look at the label on her bra, and it was then that I realized that she had 38DD tits! Wow! I jack off to them once in a while, and think of her while I do it. I keep them hidden in my room, and in good condition.

Sadly, her husband (my blood cousin) lost his battle with cancer, and she is now a widow with two kids. She loved her husband a lot, and doesn't seem interested in any other man. She plans to make a trip to my country somewhere in summer of this year with her two kids. As crude as it may seem, I always fantasize about making love to her, now that she's single. Of course, that would never happen. I sometimes wonder how she'd react if I told her all that's happened, that she had been a big part of my sexual fantasies for the past sixteen years. I'm sure she'd think I was a pervert, but I really wish I could tell her. I do hope that I would be able to tell her that she's an attractive women, always has been, always will be, at least in my eyes. But, again, I'd be too afraid of the consequences. There's never been a day that I've not thought about her.

Well, that's my story, with an obsession with a woman who'll probably never know that she has a huge, huge admirer. Thanks for listening, and keep up the good work.



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