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My Brother, My Teacher

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My brother taught me about ejaculation


My brother Jarrod, is my best friend. Back when we were teens, he was always the person who would show me things, and teach me things. Our Dad was a military recruiter, and always on the road, so Jarrod was always the one to pick me up from school, and take me to appointments, and after school activities (Soccer league, and tennis). I had seen him in various states of nudity and arousal. One time I went into his room to get an extra play station remote, and he was stretching in front of his mirror with a boner. I hadn't known about them until he said it just happens sometimes in the morning. Another time I had to use our bathroom (we shared) and he was taking a shower. I was taking a while and he had to go to work, so he just came out, and I saw him in all his glory. He had some hair around his penis and up his stomach to his chest. I tried not to stare, but he noticed anyway and joked that I'd have hair everywhere soon, too. I had also noticed his penis was pretty big compared to what I was working with. I know when I'd seen my Dad in his underwear and t shirt, he had a large bulge in his briefs, and I somehow felt incompetent, because I was the only guy in the house with a small penis.

When I was 15, I had masturbated a few times, but I had never ejaculated. I had walked into my brother's room like always, and he was standing in front of the mirror holding his penis in his hand. It was standing straight out, and looked darker than usual, and very big. He looked at me in the mirror, and immediately covered his hands in front of his penis. I apologized, and he turned and said to wait. He asked if I had ever came before. I said I didn't know, and he said it was what happened when you jerked off, and came at the end. It was when you shot your load. I still wasn't sure. I told him I'd jerked off before, but never came. He asked if I wanted to see it happen, and I shrugged and said sure. I felt a little aroused at the thought, and started to get hard. He told me to shut the door, and I could sit on his bed. I shut the door and sat down, and he started to move his hand over his hard penis. I noticed he had even more hair than he had previously, and occasionally, he would run his free hand through the hair around his penis, and under his scrotum. He seemed to enjoy doing this, because his eyes would roll back a little, and he'd change the speed of his moving hand, a little quicker over his penis. He never looked at me during this time, and would look at himself in the mirror, and then he'd look directly down at his penis. He was starting to sweat a lot too, and it was forming beads around his forehead, and neck. He had a few drops of sweat coming down his sides from under his hair armpits, and around his chest. I noticed a strange odor coming from him as well. Almost the same exact odor as when I would masturbate, mixed with sweat. It was a musky odor, and he was putting off a lot of heat as well. I was really hard by now, and I could feel some wetness inside my briefs in my jeans.

I'm not sure how long it was, but after awhile, Jarrod's breathing was getting louder, and he had had his eyes closed for a couple of minutes, when he softly moaned that he was close. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I just stared at his penis. He quickened his motion, and then all of a sudden, he started moaning louder, and breathing heavily out of his mouth, letting out a really long "ohhhh". He had his hand closed around the base of his penis, firm against his groin, and hunched over as a literal stream of white came shooting straight out of his penis. It splattered against the mirror, and shot after shot of white came out, hitting the mirror. After a few shots, he started to move his hand again over his penis shaft. He kept shooting little bits of white out of his penis, and his knees bent, as he hunched over to the floor. He fell onto his back, breathing heavy, with his legs bent back behind him. His penis was kind of flopping up and down against his abs, and he had his previously free hand cupping under his scrotum, pulling at his ball sack. His eyes were closed, and he started giggling a little. I couldn't believe what happened, and I looked back at the mirror, to see this white stuff dribbling down the mirror. I looked back at him, and he was still pulling at his sack. His penis was still dribbling some white stuff out, when he opened his eyes and looked at me. He sat up, cupping his hands over his penis, and said that it never happened like that before. He said it was the most awesome feeling in the universe, and I had to try it. I stood up and pulled my hard penis out, and stood in front of the mirror. He got up and grabbed a shirt off the floor, while he wiped up his penis and abs of the white stuff.

I started moving my hand exactly how he did. I had some hair over my body, but it was lighter, and shorter than his. It still felt good when I ran my free hand up and down, over the bristly hairs. This caused even more sensation to run to my penis, and I understood what he was feeling. I tried pulling at my scrotum, although it hurt a little when I did. I felt a strong rush down my stomach, to my penis, and I felt like peeing. I stopped my hand, and bent a little at the waist. He told me to keep doing it, that it was how it was supposed to happen. I started moving my hand over my hard penis again, and felt like peeing quickly. I just closed my eyes and kept doing it. The rush of excitement of what happened next, was the most intense feeling I'd ever had. To this day, I can still remember, feeling the ejaculate shooting from my penis. That first moment when you lose control, and you just want to thrust everything within you, out. It shot out and coated over some of what my brother had shot out previously, and in just a few seconds, it was over. I opened my eyes, and saw my brother beaming behind me, with an approving grin on his face. I looked down, and my penis was softening, but felt really tingly. He handed me the shirt he used, and I wiped up some of the dribble from my penis head. I put it back in my briefs and zipped my jeans up.

The rest of the day, all I could think about was when I would do it again. Jarrod and I masturbated with each other quite a few times. Until he got a girlfriend at the end of that summer. He moved out after his 18th birthday the next year, and I still saw him once in awhile when he wasn't in school. He always asked how it was going, making a jerking motion with his hand, and we'd joke about it. He's married with kids now, and we live in separate states, but I'm really glad we'd had that experience. My Dad wouldn't have ever thought to talk to me about that, and my brother was (and is) just cool enough to not care about what the norm is.



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