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My Brother, My Teacher

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I would first like to start off by saying that, I have an unusual memory. It's unusual because I can recollect details from my past going all the way back to when I was just two years old. My memories of these earlier ages are all due to the emotions I was feeling at that time. For some reason those emotions caused a HD recording of my experiences in details that surpass me telling you what I had for lunch today.

So while it would seem odd that I could tell you I became aware of my penis as a toddler, it's because of the fear and uncomfortable feeling I felt while getting my diaper changed. Or the first time I ever had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and thought it was the best thing on earth. These memories are vivid and the story that follows is vivid as well; I hope you enjoy.

It all started one summer when I asked my older brother David if he would play Mario Bros with me. I looked up to my slightly older brother because he seemed wise and empathetic towards me when I got in trouble. Sadly during this time my brother seemed to be too busy for me; too wrapped up in doing stuff with his friends or hanging out in his room to bother with his lil bro. I would come to realize as I got older that this change was because of puberty, but; how was I to know at such a young and clueless age?

When he agreed that he would play with me he had a caveat; 'After your nap we can play'. I will admit the child in me at that point was ready to throw a temper tantrum, I wanted to play now; not later! Needless to say I had no choice 'Brian, time for your nap sweetie', my mother said. I should tell you now my mother encouraged us to nap well into our late teens; although her ability to 'make' us nap was a different story.

When I woke up from my nap I went looking for my brother; after he turned twelve my parents separated us into different rooms. I came into the living room and turned on the TV, blew into my Mario Bros cartridge; barely inserting it into my NES and slowly pushing it down before powering it up.

SUCCESS!! No blinking game and that was a relief! I went into the kitchen to see if David was in there but standing next to the fridge instead was my mother. I asked her if she knew were David was and she said 'Probably still taking his nap, you should let him rest honey; can't you play your video games by yourself?' I turned away angry, not just at my mother but my brother as well for ditching me.

I decided I would check to see if he was awake and listening to his music in his room as he was usually doing lately. I slowly opened the door and peaked my head inside. David's room was laid out much like my own, his half of the bunk bed was against the right wall under the window just as my half was in my room. When I saw my brother laying in bed I almost turned away and shut the door; but something seemed odd. I squinted my eyes and saw my brothers sheet moving oddly around his waist area.

I thought something was wrong so I came inside his room nonchalantly and walked up to him. His eyes were closed and he was biting his lower lip; he looked to be in pain and I'll admit I was kinda worried something was wrong with him.

I tapped him on the shoulder and said, 'David are you sick?'

His eyes flew open and seared me as if I just did something to piss him off. I jumped back afraid he was going to hit me when he ordered me to shut the door. Being young and dumb I assumed he meant to shut the door and stay inside his room; I quickly realized after I shut the door and approached him that it wasn't what he wanted me to do.

'What are you still doing in my room!' he grunted.

'You said you were going to play Mario with me and I thought something was wrong'.

His eyes rolled back a little bit and his facial expressions changed from angry to being sorry. He sat up in his bed and made sure to keep the sheet covering him and asked me to sit next to him.

'Hey you wanna see something?' he asked.

'Sure' I said gleefully still not knowing what to expect, but thinking it was some new toy or something. When he pulled back the sheet I was in awe; I had never seen a penis so big before. It's not like I haven't seen my brother naked, hell I saw my brother naked for as long as I could remember up to that point. Yet this time; this time his 'Willy' (as we liked to call it back then) was HUGE! I had no idea what was going on and thought he got it hurt or it was about to fall off.

'David, is it going to fall off?' I asked.

He just giggled a little bit and said 'No Brian it's not gonna fall off you're so stupid sometimes'

'What's wrong with it', I asked worried.

'Damn bro, look; nothing is wrong with it, it, it just does this sometimes if I want it to or not'; David said in a reassuring voice.

'Look, see its getting smaller now; like it is most of the time, like yours is most of the time'.

'So why does it do that, why did you look like you were hurt?', I asked.

'Ok, if I touch it when it's like that it feels good, really good.' 'Last night I was touching myself and it felt so good that something else happened'.

'What', I asked.

He just paused and looked at me for a moment; I could tell he didn't want to tell me. I don't know if he was embarrassed or if he was worried I would tell on him but he started to look scared. So I asked again 'What happened David, tell me'.

'This white stuff came out and right when it did I felt like I was on a roller coaster, you know your stomach.' he said to me softly.

We talked about it just a little bit more before I asked him if I could see it. My brother shared everything with me, but it seemed this would be the end of that.

We didn't talk about it any more after that, David grew farther and farther away from me each passing day. He was spending so much time alone in his room I figured it was because he was trying to get those feelings again. It was almost a year later that I got my first erection; I was a late bloomer. My friends and I were starting to talk about this kind of stuff in school but nothing very serious.

The images of what my brothers looked like when he showed me were still burned into my brain. So when I got my first erection while taking a bath I wasn't freaking out as I probably would have done if I never went into David's room that day. I touched it a little and it felt good but nothing like David explained to me.

I began to worry that something might be wrong with me, that I wasn't having those roller coaster feelings in my stomach like David did. I started to panic a little bit but didn't know what to do. David wasn't home yet and my parents still had me on a 'bed time' schedule even though I was now a teenager.

I went into my room frightened and scared, that I was different; that my brother was going to pick on me for it if he ever found out. I began feeling sick to my stomach as I laid in bed, to be honest I was at the cusp of crying when I heard my brother close his door to his bedroom.

I contemplated for what seemed like an eternity to ask my brother for help, to see if he thinks something is wrong with me. Many times I got out of my bed and crept to his door only to sneak back into my room and hide under the covers. Finally I built up the nerve and this time I slowly opened his door.

'David, David are you awake?' I asked quietly.

'Brian it's late we got school in the morning go to bed', he whispered back to me. He was laying on his side facing away from me, but didn't seem to be playing with himself. So I walked quietly into his room and slowly and carefully shut the door behind me.

'David, I think something is wrong with me'; I whispered at him while making my way to his bed.

'Dammit Brian I'm trying to sleep, go to bed you little twerp!' he grunted. I almost did but after coming all this way, getting the courage to go to his room and ask; I wasn't about to leave so quickly.

'David I'm serious, I think something is wrong with my dick!', I whispered.

David turned over to face me and just said 'What?' So I repeated my statement to him 'I think something is wrong with my dick!'. David just looked confused; I could see the wheels turning in his head as he was trying to wrap his brain around the statement I just made. It was at this time he slowly slid his feet off the bed and sat up looking at me.

'What do you mean something is wrong with your dick?, he asked.

'I was in the tub, and it got big; and I was touching it',before I could finish David interrupted me. 'Yeah it's called a hardon twerp; you already know its normal go back to bed and leave me alone'.

At this point I started to get angry with him, he wasn't taking me seriously let alone allowing me to tell him what was wrong.

'No David, it doesn't feel good', I said; knowing I wasn't being completely truthful at the time, but I knew it would grab his attention.

'Because you're probably doing it wrong, god, leave me alone!', he sneered back at me. I began to feel worse then I did before I came to him for help. As if my initial fears came true and David was now going to make fun of me about this for as long as I lived.

With my head hung low I began walking towards his door; I was about to open it when he said 'Come here'.

I felt elated, he was going to listen to me and help me figure out what was wrong with me I thought to myself. I moved quickly to his bed and sat down next to him, nervous; but also relieved.

'Look, I'm sure nothing is wrong with your dick Brian, you just have to play with it more and you'll feel good; trust me', he said confidently.

'How do you play with yours, how did you get that feeling you talked about?', I asked.

He stared at me for a moment and I could see he was about to tell me to leave. He had that look in his eyes when he didn't want to talk to me any more and I braced myself to be kicked out for real this time. What he said next surprised and relieved me at the same time.

'Here, watch how I do it and try to do the same', he said to me.

He put his thumbs into the waistband of his sweatpants. Then he lifted his butt off his bed slightly and pushed them down just past his knees. This was the only time I saw him naked since I caught him jerking off almost a year ago. He had much more hair now, and of course had much more than me. He reached down and grabbed his dick with his right hand and pulled it out, tugging it slowly.

'You have to get it hard first', he said to me.

He kept tugging on it and I saw it grow right before my eyes. Mine was spontaneous, it happened so fast underwater while I was in the tub that I didn't see it grow. Up until this point I was unaware it grew in the same fashion it went limp. He was getting really rigid and then harshly said to me.

'Hey, get yours out and do what I'm doing'.

My hands grabbed a fistful of my sweatpants above my thighs and I pulled them down. Unlike David I was wearing underwear and had to pull those down as well. I grabbed my dick with my right hand and started tugging it, it grew shockingly fast. Within moments I was rock hard but when I compared it to my brother his was much bigger then mine. At this point I couldn't judge the size he was a year ago, damn relativity!

'Ok, wrap your hand around it like this, and then slowly pull it up; like this', he said as he demonstrated the movements.

'Ok' I said.

I tried to go the same speed as him but it wasn't feeling very good, I debated asking why but did anyways.

'Hey David, this kinda hurts' I said to him.

'You gotta slide your hand, don't grab it so tight', he said to me.

I tried to do what he said but then I couldn't feel anything.

'I don't feel anything, something is wrong', I whimpered out.

'Here let me try', he said before he took his hand off his dick and placed it on mine. The feeling of his warm hand on my dick was a new sensation and the immediate touch sent a chill down my spine. He began pumping his fist up and down my shaft just up to the underside of my helmet. I suddenly started to feel weird sensations and those sensations started to get stronger and stronger.

'Does that feel better?, he asked.

'Yeah, that feels good', I said back to him.

'Ok, spit into your hand and touch mine' he said to me.

I was confused to say the least, but since he was able to make me feel good I figured he knew what he was talking about.

'Ok, now start moving your hand up and down, if I tell you to go softer don't squeeze as hard. If I tell you to go harder, squeeze me harder, ok?' he ordered.

By this time the sensations on my dick were becoming hard to ignore, but I did as instructed. He ordered me to loosen up my grip the first time; and then to tighten it the second. I could feel his dick sliding in and out of my hand. I could feel it twitch sometimes but I couldn't get mine to do it to him.

He then removed his hand from my dick and said 'Ok, now you try it on yourself'. I went to grab my dick and he interrupted me 'Spit in your hand first', he said.

So I did, then I tried to keep the same pressure on mine as I did on his. It felt good but when I tightened up my grip it felt so much better. I heard him moan a little and the sounds we were making by jerking off were getting a little loud. He started to spread his legs and licking his lips, so I mimicked him and spread my legs too. Our knees were knocking on each others and his bed started to squeak.

'I'm getting close Brian', he whimpered out. I had no idea what that actually meant but figured it had something to do with the roller coaster he talked about a while ago. The sensations I was feeling started to really grow, a warmth started to come over me. A itch formed at the tip of my dick that felt better the more I 'scratched' it.

Suddenly David's legs stretched out and his teeth clinched. His hand stopped moving but his dick started to jump a little bit. Then I saw it, I didn't know what to make of it at first. These blobs of white shot out of his pee hole a good four inches; landing on his hand and his right thigh.

I watched in awe as he put his right hand to his mouth and licked a glob off. By this time I felt my dick get even harder then it was before. That itch grew so intense that I started moving my hand at a vigorous pace. Suddenly; as if a weight had been lifted off my body I felt this warm and euphoric feeling come over me.

I felt my dick pulsate in my now still hand as the first stream flew out my dick and landed on my leg. I was taken back by how hot it felt on my skin until the next twitch sent another glob out. Each stream sent a chill down my spine that was unlike anything I ever felt before. I fell backwards onto David's bed; my body quivering and my breathing heavily laboured.

A roller coaster did not describe the feeling I had. David flew himself back and laid next to me. 'Pretty cool huh?' he asked slyly. I couldn't muster out much more than a 'Wow!' at that moment. Remembering what David did earlier I slid my hand up to my mouth, scooping up a bit of cum with it. As it touched my lips I was hit with the smell first, musky almost like bleach.

That first taste was done without question or hesitation. It tasted just like it smelt and neither of those was very appealing. I made a awkward face and David said to me, 'You don't like it? I think it tastes good'. He then took his thumb and forefinger to my leg and picked up a glob off me. I looked in disbelief as he ate it, but it seemed as I wasn't alone when he swallowed it.

'Mine tastes better' he said before sitting up and putting on his pants.

I left his room a different person that night, I had a hard time falling asleep as I was playing with myself until 3am. I was able to cum two more times before my dick started to hurt. The next day I went into his room but he had already left early for school.

A few days later we did it again, this time neither of us touched each other and we didn't stop after just the first one. This continued well into our adulthood. In fact; it has become a monthly thing between us although now we don't sit on a bed, in our bedrooms hoping we don't get caught by our parents. Instead, we hope neither of our wives comes home early and busts us busting a nut together.

I will never be able to thank my brother for what he did for me that night. My brother, my teacher; my best friend.



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