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My Brother

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Watching my brother got me started.


My brother was three years older than me. I really liked it when he would come home from college. He was such a cool big brother.

Since his room had been given to me when he went to college, he always slept on the couch in the living room. He had come home for my sixteenth birthday when I first noticed it from my perch on the upstairs landing: He was doing something to his crotch that bounced the blankets quite a bit.

I went to bed with an unfamiliar knot in my stomach, which was gone in the morning. By the time Phil came down for breakfast, everyone but me was off at soccer games or shopping or things like that. As he poured the milk on his cereal, I asked Phil, 'What were you doing last night?' Phil spilled the milk. 'What do you mean?' he asked.

I realised I was beginning to enter into 'adult secret' territory. Taking a deep breath, and remembering how easily Phil and I talked, I replied, 'Down there,' and pointed to his crotch. Phil's face turned a bright red. He took a big bite of cereal and spent a long time chewing it. Finally, he said, 'Masturbating.'

'Oh.' I had heard of it, but didn't really understand it. 'Um... It's where you play with yourself ... down there because it feels good.' Again, my sixteen-year-old mind jumped to learn more. 'Can I watch?' I asked semi-innocently. 'No way! They'd throw me in jail!'

I sat there and watched Phil finish his cereal, obviously deep in thought. As he got up to rinse out his bowl he whispered, 'I do it every night.' It took me a while to figure out what he meant, but when I finally got it, I felt that excited knot in my belly again.

Late that afternoon, Phil left for college again, and it was a month before I saw him again. We gave each other a big hug when we met up again, then he winked a secret wink at me, I knew he hadn't forgotten.

Dinner seemed to take forever that day. I felt my thoughts drawing to what Phil's underwear held. He noticed me staring at it through the table and gave me a you-don't-want-to-get-caught look. I started chatting about anything just to keep my mind off it. Dad remarked, 'Well, Gina has decided to come to the party after all.' His big grin was a relief. He had noticed my preoccupation with my brother's thing. Not that he would think it was horrible, but it would get me a be-careful-about-sex lecture.

I almost freaked when Phil announced at eight we were going to watch a movie. Then it hit me: by the time the movie was over everyone else would be in bed. Good thing that the movie was interesting enough to keep me preoccupied. 'Time to go to bed,' announced the end of the movie. I yawned and started off, but not before catching Phil's wink. I ran to my room and put on my nightshirt. Phil had just turned off the last of the lights as I crouched on the landing.

Our family wasn't too fussy about clothes, so I'd seen him in his underwear before. This time, as I watched him slowly taking off his shirt, I felt that still unfamiliar knot in my belly. For the first time, I noticed how well defined his muscles were; not super body builder, just well defined. The knot in my stomach grew as he pulled off each shoe, seeming to take forever to unknot them.

Then he dropped his pants. For the first time, I noticed how tiny and perfect his bottom was. I've seen better since, but not many. The knot in my stomach seemed to move downwards, warming my crotch. I looked down, half expecting to see a warm glow. I almost missed Phil slowly lowering his underwear, brilliant tightie-whities. I felt a new sensation, wetness in my underwear.

With an apprehensive glance over his shoulder at me, Phil lay down on the couch, giving me full view of his genitals. Though they seemed big to me at the time, I now know that Phil is on the small side. As he lay there staring at himself, his erection became full.

Then he reached down and touched it with one finger, gently sliding up and down. My hand, as if by its own will, slid down to my crotch and fingered the wetness it found. The knot had turned to warmth which was now turning to urgency. Slowly Phil stroked his penis, and slowly I stroked my labia.

It was when he took a full hand grip that I found my clitoris. Oh, I'd known I'd had one, mom had told me all about female anatomy; but I'd never experienced pleasure like that. Glancing around to make sure I was alone, I pulled down my panties and continued to finger.

I heard Phil breathing hard, but barely noticed my own heavy breathing. When Phil squirted, I was just short of coming. He looked up to see if I was still there, and saw the spasms on my face.

He lay on the couch and I lay on my side on the landing, each enjoying the afterglow, and the shared sensations until I fell asleep. I woke the next morning in my bed, with my panties in the clothes hamper.

No, we never had sex. A couple of times we watched each other masturbate in my bedroom when everyone else was gone. Within three years, he was married and focused on his wife. I really wanted to focus on the boys at school anyway, so it worked out.



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