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My Best Friend and Our Secret

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I really didn't know my best friend could be such a great teacher...


My best friend and I were basically together everyday after school. She had a single mom who worked afternoon shift. I was raised by a single mom who also worked afternoons but I stayed at my grandparents after school. She would ride the bus home with me to my grandparents almost everyday. Oftentimes, she would just spend the night at my house and we'd ride to school together the next day. Really, she had most of her clothes at my house anyway. On weekends, we would never see each other. She spent her weekends with her mom. So we would spend Monday after school catching up.

Our routines were basically the same every night. Homework, a little TV, showers and then bed. She would always sleep in my room and I'd share my bed with her. We'd both sleep soundly until the next morning except... this night was a little different. I woke up to a slight bouncing of the bed. I wasn't quite sure what was happening. It was a constant, steady bounce followed by some shallow breathing. I immediately got scared thinking she was having a nightmare. So, I rolled over and before I could say anything... I saw her ass bouncing up and down under the blanket. I had no idea what she was doing so I asked if she was ok. She said, "I have a secret that I do before I can fall asleep." " I'll teach you if you promise not to tell anyone our secret." "I promise it will make you feel good" She saw the confused look on my face and told me to roll over and put my hands down my panties and rub. I followed her lead and started rubbing. She told me to feel for a little hard button and push up and down on it. "You'll know when you find it because you'll start to feel good and want to push it again." I pushed and pushed and felt nothing. I watched as she found the right rhythm and bounced on her hand but I felt nothing. She rolled over spread her legs and parted her pussy lips. Pinched her hard button between her fingers and said "Find this and play with it" Again, I laid flat on my stomach with my hands in my panties pushing away, bouncing and bouncing until.... I found it. I let out a slight squeal. Omg, the pleasure shocked my body and I stopped for a minute. She said, "Keep pushing that same spot until your hole twitches" " Don't stop until I tell you too." Both of us bouncing in unison on our hands. I don't know what Im doing, all I know is, pushing this button is making me feel amazing. She kept picking up the pace and I did too. Bouncing harder, faster, harder. My breathing is starting to get heavy, I can feel my body tensing up. God, it feels so good. Then she starts letting out little shallow moans. Before I know it.. my moans are getting louder and faster and my hole starts twitching just like she said. This is a feeling I'd never felt before but I didn't want to stop. It just kept getting tighter and tighter until my whole body just went limp. She said, "I told you if you kept rubbing you'd feel good." "This helps me sleep and it'll help you too." "It'll be our secret"

Over the years, we had many secrets and spent many nights making ourselves feel good.



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