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My Beginnings in Masturbation

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I always enjoy reading about how people discovered the joys of masturbation, and what keeps the pleasure alive! This is my story!


I remember being young and having orgasms in my sleep. They would happen when I was dreaming of something exciting or scary (e.g. being chased by a monster, dreaming of the house being on fire and I had to escape, etc.). I remember thinking that it had something to do with having to pee!

When I was older my parents, in an attempt to have me start taking showers instead of baths, got this multi-stream showerhead that shot out a pretty intense stream of water. I found out that laying under the stream and having it hit the head of my dick would produce that same wonderful feeling from my dreams! In the next couple years, I discovered my mom's back massager and found out what a vacuum cleaner could do! I was obsessed with "the feeling!"

When I was with my cousin, he and I "accidentally" ordered the adult channel on his parentís cable box. We spent the whole day inside. It was my first time seeing naked people and I learned what fucking and blow jobs were! Watching made my dick harder than it had ever been! My cousin and I compared sizes and I remember looking over at him and watching him rub his pants wondering why?

After a while I couldn't stand it any longer. For the first time in my life, I was SO HORNY! I went into the bathroom and instinctually started rubbing my penis. It only took about 30 seconds and BAM! The feeling! It was so intense my legs buckled and I fell over on the floor. Oh my God! I could make it happen with my hand. Thinking I invented something totally awesome, I kept it to myself and went home that night and did it 3 more times. Using two or three fingers rubbing the underside of my penis, I remember quietly whispering to myself "feeling, feeling, feeling" as the intensity grew and letting out small sighs when the orgasm actually hit.

I did it every night, and sometimes during the day if I could catch a little privacy. I would have to take breaks when the underside of my penis got chaffed and raw!

A couple years later I had sex-ed in school and learned about erections, ejaculation, and masturbating. (The books and pamphlets we got in class served a J/O material for a while.) It had all come together! I knew what I was doing and I knew that I loved it!

I recall one summer, I was laying on my waterbed in the middle of the day and my mom had gone to the store; she also took my sister and brother with her. I took those precious few free moments to jerk off and enjoy myself. This time as I approached my orgasm it felt a little different, like I had to work a little harder to get to the feeling. When I did a few drops of sticky stuff came out. I was surprised, but knew what it was. I felt like a man. As the weeks went on, more and more started coming out and, after a month, I was shooting onto my stomach and chest. I was a little annoyed because now I had to clean up (except when I was in the shower) and because it wasn't as easy to have two in a row. (Although it didn't stop me from trying!)

I have always had a lot of cum. Even though I was jerking off every day, I still had occasional wet dreams.

By the time I was in my mid-teens, I was masturbating 2 or more times a day. I did it every morning when I woke up and every night before I went to bed. I had also started using the regular fist grip. The extra pressure was amazing. I was still using the back massager and the regular shower head, which had a "massage" setting with jets of water. My cock had grown too big to fit in the vacuum hose though! When in bed, my clean-up method was to lay a t-shirt across my stomach and cum on it. But after a while I started noticing stains (and I'm sure others did too!) so I started using tissues and toilet paper. Those were annoying because it was never enough to absorb everything and paper towels were all the way in the kitchen.

One night my friend introduced me to a game changer. I was staying over at his place and he had brought out some of his older brotherís pornos. He asked me if I ever jerked and if I wanted to now. I said, "Of course!" We were laying in the same bed, furiously jacking off when he looked over and asked if I wanted a sock. "A sock!?" I was puzzled. "Yeah, you know, for when you cum." "Um, sure!?" I responded. He got up and pulled a pair out of his dresser drawer, explaining that he usually uses dirty ones from the hamper. Since I was a guest, he gave me a fresh one. Then he got back in bed and I watched him slip it over his cock. I did the same and started stroking again. It was kind of nice and offered a new, textured element. He came first while looking at a girl with her legs spread wide open.

It was kind of cool seeing someone else get off, seeing his face scrunch up slightly, and knowing that he was feeling so good! I followed shortly after while looking a picture of a guy with a huge cock spraying his cum all over a girlís back. The sock caught everything! I felt a little dampness as it started to soak through, but there was virtually no mess! After we had recovered from our orgasms, I balled up the sock and tossed it in his hamper!

Unless I'm letting it fly and can take a shower right after, I still use a sock to this day!

Porn was a rare thing since the internet had not yet taken off. I resorted to Sears and JC Penny catalogs, being strangely turned on by the men's underwear section. My mother once had ordered lingerie and I intercepted a catalog. It showed women in lingerie with cupless bras; the men's section featured guys in thongs, and other skimpy briefs that highlighted the bulge. My cock got quite a few workouts with that catalog. It stayed under my mattress for a few years until one day, when my mom decided to clean my room, it disappeared. Nevertheless, a new interest in men's underwear was born.

As I got even older, I started hanging out with girls and even started fooling around, making out, getting hand jobs, and fingering. It was during this time that I had sex with a girl. The chances, and even the desire, for sex (with girls) were few and far between but I was ecstatic at any chance to be able to jerk off. The internet had finally become a regular household thing and I used my Internet account every night to find new pictures to fuel my masturbation obsession. I always looked at straight porn, but there always had to be a guy in the picture. Lesbian porn has never even interested me. I was also searching for pics of guys in underwear, bikini briefs, and jockstraps.

After I had graduated from high school, I went to Germany as an exchange student for 8 months. As a joke, my mom got me a pack of bikini briefs saying, "Well, that's what they wear over there." I let out an uncomfortable laugh and stuck the 6-pack of multicolored underwear away. That night, in my room, I tried on every pair and jerked off three times looking at my bulge in the mirror. I was so turned on! It turned out she wasn't wrong. My exchange brother wore bikini briefs and tight trunks (which hadn't really caught on in the U.S. yet) and my host father wore  briefs. During my 8-month stay in Germany I would go into department stores just to look at the underwear sections.

I would get so hard looking at all the different styles and feeling the exotic fabrics. I would have to find a restroom to go rub one out. I even bought a few pairs. I still have one, 15 years later. Not a single hole and they still have their original form. I love slipping them on before a long jerk off session. I stare at myself and my bulge in the mirror and get so horny. I rub my bulge until I see the wet spot of pre-cum beginning to form.

Anyway, traveling through Europe I had so many chances to masturbate and I loved doing it in every country and city I visited: Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Bremen. I also masturbated in Paris, Amsterdam, Strausbourg, London, and Norway when I had layovers. I would always make sure to find a restroom just so I could jerk off and say I had an orgasm in that country. I can even say I joined the Mile-High Club with myself! I did it a few times in the airplane restroom and, once I got the nerve, I rubbed one out under a blanket Ė I had a seat to myself by the emergency exit. God, it felt amazing knowing I was having an orgasm 35,000 feet above land!

I had my own room at my host familiesí houses with a computer in it. I would stay up late at night looking at German porn sites and learning all the German sex terminology as well as the different ways to say and talk about masturbating. I jerked off so much in front of that computer. I couldn't even begin to count the number of orgasms.

I also visited a lot of sex shops while I was abroad, knowing that no one would know me there. I bought some German porn (including my first gay porn), my first dildo, and a bottle of lube. I remember lubing up my 7" dildo and gently sliding it in, having my ass penetrated for the first time. I let out a small whimper as it slipped through my sphincter. The fullness was amazing. I pushed all the way and felt a rush as my prostate was being stimulated for the first time. My cock became harder than ever as I pushed the fake penis in and out of my asshole. I was in ecstasy as I stroked my lubed-up dick with the other hand. Every sense was heightened. I remember stroking and slowly giving my cockhead a squeeze as my hand grazed over it. When I came, the load was huge and the orgasm was so intense! I felt it deep in my ass as well as everywhere else. I let go of the dildo and it slipped out as the last few waves of my orgasm subsided. I laid there for a few minutes catching my breath and just enjoying the post orgasmic experience.

My host family was very open about sex and my host brother let his masturbatory habits be known, although we never jerked off together. I always closed the door and never tried to get caught; but it was nice to know I wouldn't be shamed, or made to feel bad, if I were. One evening I went with my exchange brother and his friend to go swimming in a nearby lake. We didn't have swimsuits so we just stripped down to nothing and went skinny dipping. I still wasn't out, even to myself, so I was a little shocked when our horsing around got me all boned up. When it came time to go, I was hesitant to leave the water. Although it was nighttime, the moon was out and full. My exchange studentís friend noticed my hesitation, turned around, smiled and said, "Alles gut," (Its OK) and pointed down to his own erection. It must've been over 7". "God, I love this country!" I thought as I walked out of the water and put my clothes back on. When I got back to the house, I jerked my cock furiously and came thinking about that moment and his smile!

Returning home, I couldn't wait to masturbate in my own room again. I spent my first night, and half the next day, touching myself in the old familiar surroundings. I thought about the last 8 months and everything I had experienced.

Being in Germany taught me how to do a lot of things on my own. I would go to the store and browse the underwear departments. I bought thongs and tight boxer-briefs. I would go to sporting shops and buy jockstraps and compression shorts. My underwear drawer was filling up fast. Of course, every time I would return home with a newly purchased treasure, I would go in my room and immediately "break it in". Trying it on in front of the mirror, I would admire the way my bulge looked as well as my ass. It wouldn't take long for me to be hard and leaking pre-cum. I always masturbated while fantasizing that I was an underwear model walking around in front of people who would stare at my gorgeous body, wanting to touch it, lick it, and fuck it. Ah, ah ahhh!! I would moan as my cum shot all over my bedroom floor. I would slowly be brought back to earth with my new pair of underwear slightly pulled down past my butt, sometimes with a few drops of warm semen on them.

I spent the next couple years working. During that time, I moved in to a house with 4 roommates, a lesbian couple, a gay guy and a straight girl. I still wasn't out (although everyone knew but me). My porn habits were quickly letting me in on the secret. I kept watching straight porn, which had to contain a hard cock and a cum shot. I watched a lot of solo guys masturbating. Most of the time mimicking their moves and cumming when they did. I gradually moved to bisexual porn and wasn't grossed out when two guys kissed.

Then one night I stumbled onto a video of two twinks, playing around in their underwear. They were wrestling and rubbing bulges together. I was stroking hard and was about to cum, but I wanted to see where the scene went so I stopped for a minute. They started making out and one was sucking on the others bulge through his underwear. This turned me on to no end so I started stroking again. Not wanting it to be over, I stopped and continued this pattern throughout most of the scene. Forty-five minutes later, the first twink started cumming and I let go along with him. The orgasm was intense and I shot a huge load over my shoulder, hitting my neck, and coating my chest and stomach. It was the best orgasm ever! I wasn't sure if it was the hot porn, or the stopping and starting again, but, Wow! I wondered if there were better ways to masturbate that could create awesome orgasms. I started looking up masturbation techniques and found the SoloTouch site.

Oh, the things I learned! I learned that what I had done was called edging and, if I did it right, I could have multiple orgasms like when I was younger and didn't ejaculate. I also found out that there were so many people out there that enjoyed jerking off as much as I did.

Over the last 10 years I've purchased a male sex toys, and discovered poppers, some awesome lubes, and things to get the best sensations out of my masturbation habit. I regularly spend days off masturbating, edging, and gooning out. I really enjoy the feeling of my lubed-up cock in my hand, worshipping it like a God of pleasure. Stroking and stroking, steadily approaching my orgasm, clenching down, and riding the plateau. I hold out going over the edge for as long as possible, until I can't stand it anymore. Then I release all of the built-up semen in waves of pleasure. While orgasming out of control, my back arches and my legs twitch in ecstasy. If I am alone, I let out a battle cry moan of release. I am spent.

I am a masturbator. I love the bate. My cock is my master. I listen when it calls. It calls often.



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