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Multiple Orgasms

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I began to masturbate at the age of 11 1/2 when I discovered the good feeling of massaging my penis one day while taking a bath (I had overheard guys at school talking about jacking off but really had no idea what they were talking about). As I continued to massage it, I soon was overwhelmed by my 1st orgasm as all my muscles tightened up and I felt like I wanted to jump right out of my skin. I soon was masturbating nearly every day, almost always at nite and in bed. I soon found that by trial and error, I could have multiple climaxes during any one session. Now it usually took 4 to 5 minutes of stroking to achieve the 1st climax which was always very intense. All my body muscles would tighten up as I climaxed and my arm would actually lockup; I couldn't have continued stroking if I had wanted to. The first couple of times I jacked off it felt so good that I tried to start stroking again as soon as my muscles relaxed enough to allow that - maybe 5 or 6 seconds after the orgasm hit. I found that to start stroking again so soon actually hurt - my body and especially my cock head was still way too sensitive. After some trial & error, I soon realized that if I waited about 12 to 15 seconds for the intensity to diminish and the muscles to relax and the sensitivity to wane, I could start stroking again and bring on additional climaxes with only about 15 to 20 strokes on my penis. Boy was that great! I was essentially going from one orgasmic high to another without having to start all over from scratch, a process similar to that which many women experience. What I had discovered was what I called my 'window of opportunity'. As noted above I had to wait for the sensitivity to decrease until the right moment to begin stroking again. However, if I waited too long I would 'loose it' and have to start all over again from scratch. Anyway, I almost always had 4 or 5 climaxes and sometimes as many as 6 or 7 during one session. I was always exhausted at the end of each session and quickly fell asleep. About a month before my 13th birthday I was having a session as usual and noticed that when I climaxed I had a drop of clear oily substance on the head of my penis. I had had my first ejaculation!
During the next several weeks I noticed many significant changes in the way my body was functionally sexually. 1st I noticed that the time necessary to achieve the 1st climax dropped rapidly. As noted above, the first climax used to take 4 to 5 minutes with approximately 500 strokes needed. This fell to where I was consistently able to reach that 1st climax in a little over 2 minutes with only about 200 strokes needed. That was the good news. The bad news was that I rapidly lost the ability to achieve additional climaxes per session and soon had to 'start all over again' if I wanted additional climaxes. At age 13 that really wasn't a problem as I could achieve a 2nd climax and ejaculation (with less cum) with an additional 200 strokes. The waiting period was generally only a couple of minutes and sometimes I even maintained an erection during the 'recovery period'. The additional work needed to have multiple climaxes and ejaculations meant that I soon (by age 14 or 15) was content to have only one climax and ejaculation per session.
The other bad news is that the intensity of the climaxes diminished considerably. As noted above, I had been consistently having very intense climaxes even after having several in rapid succession. Then the nature of the climaxes changed; I now was having the multiple muscle contractions needed to shoot several spasms of cum out of my penis when ejaculating. I found that from the day that I noticed the 1st drop of cum on my penis, it took about 4 to 6 months before I was ejaculating the usual amount of creamy white cum. This usually took place in 2 spurts which shot about 6 to 9 inches (occasionally to 12 inches) up on my chest and an additional muscle spasm which resulted in additional cum oozing out of my penis.
It has only been in the last few years that I have come to realize that my experience as a young boy and my ability to have multiple dry orgasms is a somewhat rare phenomenon. Perhaps less than 10% of prepuberty males have the same experience which I had. The rest experience multiple pelvic muscle contractions, just as they do later on, just no jizz comes out when they experience a dry orgasm.
Although I have always enjoyed my masturbating sessions through these many years and the resulting orgasms and ejaculations, I often long for the days of prepuberty and those wonderful multiple climaxes (and with no mess to clean up!).



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