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Meeting An Old Friend

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The story of a get together with a girl I once dated. My memory may be better than the original but most of this happened.


This is a remembrance from maybe 32 years ago. I had just turned 30 and was away from my wife while we relocated back to my home state. I was staying in my old home and my wife and 2-year-old son were 600 miles away. It was summer and I spent much of my time with long walks (the rest looking for work). It was fun to amble around my old neighborhood feeling like a kid again.

I had been back maybe a week when in the middle of a walk, a car pulled over. The driver had sunglasses on, but when she called my name, I recognized her. It was Pam. We had known each other maybe seven summers ago, when we worked together at a summer job. she had been a waitress and I a waiter. We liked each other, and went on one date, but when I tried to see her again, she crushed me with the announcement that she dated real men. But here she was, and so was I. It was great to see her.

I got into her car and we caught up as she drove me home. We sat and talked for a while and exchanged phone numbers and addresses. She was out of work on disability, nothing that stopped her from living normally, but apparently she was extremely sensitive to chemicals in the environment, from soaps to perfumes to nearly everything that was not natural.

I thought about her often over the next few days. After a week went by, I called her and asked if she wanted to hang out, maybe take a walk or something. She said yes, and so I went over to her place. It was late afternoon. She was in the first floor of an old (and beautiful) two family house. Old wide moldings around paneled doors. Wood floors. Original cabinets with layers of old enamel on them. When I arrived we sat in her parlor, but then she told me what had become of her life. Though she looked fine, she could not spend time in most offices. She could not even go into a grocery store, she said the perfumes, soaps and what have you made her ill.

After we talked a bit, she said that she could smell the soap that I had used to wash myself. It bothered her. I offered to rinse it off if that would help. She showed me to her bathroom; it had an old cast iron tub and no real shower, just a hose with a showerhead attached to the spout. She showed me where the towels were and walked back to her parlor. And sure, I considered whether there was a sexual reason for Pam’s request, but I didn’t think so. Still, as I took my shirt off (just my t-shirt – I kept my shorts on) I felt a stirring. I also didn’t close the door. So there I was, with shirtless in a woman’s apartment, leaning over a tub about to give myself a shower. I would try not to get water all over, but this would be difficult.

After a few minutes, I heard footsteps so I let the showerhead run into the tub and looked up. There was Pam staring at me. She said that she thought I was going to take a full shower. I said I thought this would be quicker, but that I was making a mess. She came over and said, let me help. She knelt down next to me, reached down into the tub, grabbed the showerhead and said she would wash my back. I leaned back over and waited as she began to wash me. My penis began to tingle. Then I felt her hand on my back. It felt good, but after all, she was washing me, and her hand seemed to be doing just what you would expect. But then she started to lean into me, and her arm wrapped around me as her hand began to run down my chest and belly. As she did this, she was getting wet too.

Now I was beginning to get hard. And remember, it was summer, so all Pam had on was a light summer skirt and a gauzy top. Until then, I hadn’t realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra, but with her shirt being wet, I could see her breasts perfectly. Her nipples were pointing out, and you could see the texture of the aureole. She may have been small breasted, but it was still enjoyable. And now, my penis was actually uncomfortable, embarrassingly so.

I said I think I am all cleaned off now, and moved to shut off the water. As I did, my arm rubbed across her breasts. We both stood up. She with her wet shirt and skirt; me bare chested and with the front of my shorts sticking out with my hard on. We looked at each other and began to kiss. Our kisses were lusty with our tongues reaching deeply exploring each other’s mouths. At the same time, she pushed her hips into me, rubbing up against my penis. She put her hand into my pants and grabbed my penis – she pulled it so it was sticking up with the head sticking out of my shorts. She said that’s better.

Then she resumed pushing her body hard into mine. It wasn’t quite dry humping but it was great. By now, I was crazed with my arousal. She may have been too, since she looked lost in her own lust world. I moved my hands around her buttocks and started to feel her ass deeply, even letting one finger push the fabric of her panties into her butt hole. Eventually, we stopped and stood back from each other. I spoke first saying I don’t want to do anything she doesn’t want to do, but that I want to do a little more. I said I was really having fun. She said she was too. Then she said that she is not on the pill. As you know, we were already wet. I suggested we take our wet clothes off. I enjoyed watching as she undressed. She watched me too, as I first pulled off my shoes and socks, then my shorts, finally my underpants. She asked if that thing always sticks up like that, meaning my penis. I said no, but it does when I’m excited. She asked if she excites me? I said yes.

I spun her around and then stuck my penis between her legs, from the rear. I had to bend my knees a little to do this. I asked her to feel the knob (head of my penis). She rubbed her forefinger and thumb around the head. I was dripping with precum. She took my precum and used it to lubricate the soft fleshy underside between and under her legs (I wonder if there is a name for that place). Though it may not have been her intention to masturbate me, I began to rub slowly back and forth, riding the high as she kept twizzling my penis. I said I can’t do this much longer; perhaps we should take a bath; this would give us a bit more to do before I need to cum. She agreed and we began to fill the tub with warm water.

We both got in, but I sat down while she stood. I pulled her to me and, kneeling, started to lick her pussy while she stood in front of me. She bent over a bit and caressed my head and back. I then grabbed a bar of soap and began to wash her, soaping her pussy and asshole, then giving her a deep massage with my fingers. I went especially deeply into her butthole and around between her legs. I was softer and sudsier with her vagina. She moaned and began to rock back and forth, then she bent her knees more deeply and rested on me; she said to keep doing that. So I did, and in a few moments, she began to shudder, then screamed out.

When she recovered, she sat down in the bath, facing the spout. She was in front of me, and sat on my legs. I leaned back against the back wall of the tub, and put my arms around her pulling her tightly, so that her fleshy buttocks were snug up against me. The water was soapy enough now that we didn’t need more to feel slippery. I pushed my penis up so that it stuck up enough for her to diddle me. I asked her to do what she was doing before, while I kept my fingers busy with her pussy.

So she resumed running her fingers around my dick head and I resumed my deep pussy massage into a very, very wet pussy. By now, I would either have to cum or I’d suffer the agony of blue balls (yes, blue balls are real). So within a minute or two, I let out three big spurts of cum. One of them hit the faucet. Pam said WOW. She said she didn’t know I had it in me. I said there is more, but maybe not now.

She asked me to keep doing her for just a bit longer, since it feels so nice. So I did. I held her tight against me, while I bit her neck and shoulders. I told her I loved her. She rocked her hips back and forth, and after a few more minutes I felt her shudder again. She did not scream out, but let out a sigh. So we were done.

We cleaned up and dried off, then we dressed. It was fun being naked with Pam for a bit while we returned to normal. We never got together again. To be frank, my mother was suspicious of my trip away from home, and gave me the third degree the next morning. I never saw my dear Pam again.



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