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Me and the Boys

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Last week my 15 year old brother, Ian, invited three of his friends over for a sleepover. He invited Josh, Kevin, and Adam. Josh and Kevin were 15 and Adam was 14, almost 15. I had planned a night out with my best friend Sara, but after I got to her house, her mom called saying she had been in a fender bender and needed Sara to come pick her up and take her to the car shop and wait with her for an estimate. Sara and I rescheduled for the next week and I headed home.

I pulled into the driveway and noticed that all the lights in the house were off. That was unusual if Ian had friends over. I walked up to the porch and unlocked the door. As soon as I walked into the living room, I was thrown for a loop. There in the living room were Ian and his friends, all in their boxers, watching porn on the tv. I noticed that they were all sporting boners. After looking closer I recognized the porn as a DVD that me and Ian's cousin gave to Ian a few months back. The boys, hearing me enter the house, gasped and scurried to find the remote to stop the porn.

'Hey, wait.' I said.

They all looked at me and attempted to cover the obvious tents in their boxers.

'Mind if I join you?' I asked.

'Uhh...' Ian said.

'You?' Kevin asked.

'Yes, me.' I said.

'You like porn?' Josh asked me.

'Yeah, I like porn.' I replied.

I made my way toward the couch by Ian, Adam, and Kevin and sat down in between Ian and Adam. Josh was in the chair. Without warning them, I stripped down to my bra and panties. They all gasped.

'What?' I asked.

'You, uh, n-n...' Adam stuttered.

'I figured you all were in your underwear, so why shouldn't I be too?' I explained.

We all went back to watching the porn. After a few minutes I could see Kevin rubbing his dick through his boxers. I could also see Adam was playing with himself through his boxers. I decided to be bold and I pulled the crotch of my panties to the side and began rubbing my clit. I had gotten pretty horny just because of the whole situation. Ian gasped and looked at me in shock.

'Damn,' Adam said. He then proceeded to push his boxers to the floor and stroke his dick out in the open. Josk quickly followed suit. I then removed my panties completely. Kevin then shyly slid his boxers off too. This left Ian as the only one of us with any clothing on.

'Come on, Ian. Take it off!' Adam said.

'Dude, Emilee's my fucking sister. This ain't right.' He said.

'There's nothing wrong with it.' Kevin said.

'Yeah, there really isn't.' Josh agreed.

'Alright, fine.' Ian sighed, and removed his boxers.

We all sat there masturbating. We only played with ourselves, we didn't touch anyone else.

'Fuck, I'm cumming.' Ian groaned, and shot four spurts of cum onto his chest.

'Unnngh...' Kevin grunted, cumming on the floor.

'Shit, guys, God!' Adam yelled. He squirted all over his chest and abs.

I came next, thrashing my hips about and moaning like crazy.

Josh was the last to cum, simply breathing heavily. He made no noise.

'Wow, that was fun.' Adam said.

We all agreed. And we decided that next week when they come over again we will have more fun and experiment a little more. It was a fun experience.



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