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Me and My Cousin

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A secret I've never told!    


I have never told anyone this IRL. 

When we were in our teens, my male cousin and I had a couple of sexual encounters. He was two years older than me and good-looking (like all my family!). I started to notice as we were growing up what a fit body he had. He would often play football outside with my brother and his friends when his family came to visit ours and in the summer he would run around with no short on. I eyed him up quite a lot. We got on really well as we were closer in age (my brother is a year younger than me and my sister three years older than him and had left home by then.)

The first time was on a family camping trip one summer when I shared a tent with him and my brother. We talked until the small hours and then my brother fell asleep. It was a hot night even in a tent and he had clambered out of his sleeping back so he was just sleeping on top of it, in his boxers and nothing else. We were next to each other and whispering so as not to wake my brother. I then got out of my sleeping back too so I was just in a short night shirt and my knickers. We both lay on the sleeping bags and I felt myself starting to drift off,

I don't know quite how it started but we rolled close together and he ended up with an arm around me. Then he put his hand up the back of my nightshirt and started to stroke my back. He was kinda tickling in a soothing way but it was making me aroused (I was always aroused in my teens). His hand gradually moved so he was stroking my ribs (I moved my arm to accommodate him) and slowly, cautiously, towards my breast. I was almost holding my breath as I felt his warm hand move over my breast and I again moved to let him. He stroked and then cupped my tit, then started to run his thumb around my nipple. I moved on to my back and he continued to play with both tits, eventually pulling my nightshirt right up so he could get a look at them. He was feeling me up and while I knew he was my cousin and this was wrong, I was so wet. I was also pariaoid my brother would wake up so after a few minutes of feeling the air on my tits and his touch, I pulled my tip down, over his wandering hand.

He then let his hand move down over my body. I had not been fingered before at that stage in my life and again I was holding my breath as his hand slipped under the waistband of my panties. I felt his hand running over my pubes and then his finger gently pushed open my labia and slid inside me. Ohhhhhhhh. I was so wet and turned on.

I reached over and started to feel his erection through his boxers and his fingers found my clit. Our breathing shallow and heavy but both trying not to mae a noise, we rubbed each other, his hand in my knickers and me rubbing jis cock through his boxers. After a couple of minuts he thrust hard against my hand and with a low moan, he came. I could feel the wetness through his shorts. He carried on touching me for a while, but I couldn't let myself go enough to cum although he was doing it so well, I think because my brother was in the tent and I was scared of making any noise/losing control.

So the second time was a few months later when I visited his house and his parents went out. We had never talked about the tent episode and still didn't, but at some point we were fooling around and taking the piss outof each other and he started to tickle me. It ended in a kind of wrestling match on the sofa and again his hands wandered to my tits. I was wearing a crop top and leggings that day and soon his hands were in the top and I lay on top of him. Again I was really aroused and I could feel his cock hard against my leg. He kind of moved me so that my cunt was on top of his erection and I started to push against hin and he me. As that got more intense and fast, he pulled my top up and started sucking my tits. It felt amazing to be humping against his hot cock while he did that and I could feel myself getting close to cumming on his cock. It happened when he slipped his hand into my leggings and knickers, squeezing my arse as I dry humped him. I just sped up automatically and he did too and I let out a moan as I orgasmed. 

I thought he had too but apprently not. As I got off him, I saw his erection still throbbing in his jeans and then he unzipped and took it out. I remember thinking how long it was and it was properly pulsing! He looked at me with a kind of pleading in his eyes, and I put my hand around it and started to wank him. I remember liking the smoothness and the effect my touch had on his breathing. he slipped his hand into my knickers and felt around as I tossed him off, and then, as he started to cum, he took his hand and held it to his face (which was the first time I realised men get turned on my the scent of pussy). He shot all over the couch and I was thrilled, but then we went into a brief panic, having to get a flannel and trying to hide the stains (it was a brown sofa). 

Again, we didn't really talk about what happened other than the practicalities of cleaning it up. His parents came home and I left. Not long after, he got a girlfriend and me a boyfriend nothing ever happened with us again.

We are still friendly now and both married and stil never spoke of it. I feel mortified by it in some ways (it's the one sexual thing I'd never tell my OH or friends) but I can't deny that I sometimes masturbate to the memory.

Oh Solo Touch, I think I've told you all my secrets now, any future stories liekly to be fantasies! Unless I can make some more stories happen in real life!!




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