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Mature Friend Experience!

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Mature gentleman shows me his talents for masterbation

When I was in College at 19, I worked as an amateur landscaping one summer. I basically cut lawns. I had gone door to door looking for work in the neighborhood and got a number of customers.



This one gentleman, Frank was retired, in his 70’s and very nice. He always gave me a good tip. One thing I noticed was he always came to the door in a robe. One day I was finishing his lawn and a downpour, rainstorm hit and as I put the mower on the trailer Frank motioned me in from the front door.



I ran over, and he asked me in, I was soaking wet. He asked if he could put my clothes in the dryer and have a coffee, his robe belt was undone and I could see a slightly aroused penis. I was horny and thought maybe we would have some fun so I went along with it.



I replied, sure and started to remove my clothes and soon I was standing there nude, my balls hanging a bit low and my circumcised cock flaccid and he smiled, he said, “Nice Tan,” and, “nice package”.



Frank said he usually was nude in the house and asked if I wanted a robe and I said if he was okay with it I could stay nude but could I have a towel to sit on.



He removed his robe and as we sat in his living room I noticed he had some vintage porn magazines on the table.


He walked back and his foreskin was pulled back and I noticed his cock was swollen at half-mast. 


He said I looked great nude and apologized for the semi erection. He asked if I likes the magazines, I started looking through one and there was Bi Men and my cock was getting really hard, soon at full erection (nearly 7 ½ inches) and thick.



He asked if I wanted some relief, I asked what he had in mind. He produced a bottle of lubricant and said I could just masturbate or he would love to feel my cock and make me cum. I said I would love that! I leaned back on the couch and he got on his knees between my legs, spread my legs and started lubricating my cock and sliding his hand up and down and caressing my balls! 



Soon I said, “I am going to cum,” and he slowed down and I squirted in the air about six or seven shots of cum some landing on my neck and chin. It felt wonderful



He said that was very impressive and he could feel my cock pulsating and said it was rock hard. He brought me a face cloth and I cleaned up. Frank then sat back and masturbated and groaned and he dribbled out creamy cum. It was fun to watch.



Frank offered me some lunch and then right after he asked if he could masturbate me again, I actually got hard really quickly, this time as he slid his hand up and down my cock he occasionally played with my anus, rubbing in circles, it made me even harder.



Soon I was ready to cum again and he asked if he could taste my cum and when I said I am Cumming he placed my cock head in his mouth and kept masturbating me as he swirled his tongue all over the opening on my penis and I had a huge orgasm and ejaculated again. It was amazing and I loved it.



Frank suggested that anytime I feel the urge I could drop over for some no strings attached relief. That summer I went over twice or three times a week. Usually I came only once and left.



On Saturdays when I was cutting lawns I would visit him three times, 8 AM and cum then lunchtime, cum again and after my last lawn. It was the best ejaculations I had ever felt.



Frank would lubricate my penis and masturbate me to ejaculation every time. It was amazing, he knew how to touch my penis and made me cum so wonderfully. Often when he opened his front door to let me in, I was already hard and erect in anticipation.









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