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Masturbation with a Ceiling Mirror

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Last month, I posted about my plans to check into a hotel room with a ceiling mirror. Well, it finally happened! This is a longer story than most of the others I usually post, but I wanted to tell everything and not leave out a detail.


As I wrote in a previous story, I wanted to do something special for myself to commemorate one year of exclusive autosexuality. My ex and I broke up a year ago after 8 years of an on-again, off-again long-distance relationship. We couldn't make it work, partly because of the distance, but we are still friends.

There is a hotel a 2 and a half hour drive away in a resort area that caters to couples. Some of their rooms have ceiling mirrors. Those rooms are only a little more expensive than their rooms that don't have it, so I thought it was worth it to splurge for that extra perk. I would celebrate my anniversary with a night at this hotel and masturbate to my heart's delight while watching myself in the ceiling mirror.

My actual anniversary fell on a Friday, but I felt self-conscious checking into a couple-oriented hotel by myself on a weekend, so I booked my stay for the following Monday. That was a bit of a mistake, because I forgot to check my menstrual calendar and only realized that it would be the first day of my period that day. Too late. I didn't want to change my reservation, because I got a special rate for pre-paying, so I just accepted that I would have my special anniversary on a day when I had my period. No matter. I was determined to enjoy myself.

On my special day, I packed an overnight bag, got into my car, and drove to the hotel. I checked in and got settled. The mirror over the bed was there, alright. There was also a large two-person jacuzzi in the room with mirrored walls all around that.

I took a look around the hotel grounds. They were beautiful. It was on the shore of a river. I walked down the wooded path to the river and enjoyed the view. Even though it was a Monday, there were still quite a few people around, especially at the pool. I went swimming for a while and used their sauna.

At dinnertime, I ate at the hotel restaurant, which was delicious. I had a salad and a spicy pork dish that was perfect. I thought about ordering a glass of wine and dessert, which is what I tend to do for special occasions, but I wasn't in the mood for either so I passed.

Night time came, and I happily anticipated doing the thing that I had fantasized about for years about as a mirror-loving autosexual. I showered, got into bed, and assumed my masturbation position: knees apart and feet together. At first I laid there with the lights on, which were glaringly bright, but luckily there was a dimmer, so after a while, I got out of bed and set the lights at a level where I could still see myself without being jarred by the brightness. The woman's body in the mirror looked calm and relaxed. Her thighs were comfortably open, and her hands weren't yet between her legs, but I knew she would place them there eventually.

I didn't want to rush myself, and it was good that I wasn't that horny at first, because I wanted a long, drawn out session. Sometimes, my period suppresses my sexual urges. I wasn't chomping at the bit that day. I laid in bed in the room with the dimmed lights and enjoyed the sight of my body, knowing that a treat was in store very soon.

Eventually, the woman in the mirror reached between her legs with both of her hands. She still looked calm and relaxed. Masturbatory foreplay is always a must for me. I don't like to get right down to it without some teasing at first. Since this was a special day, I stretched the foreplay out and didn't rush myself. What usually lasts anywhere from few seconds to a few minutes went much longer than that.

Watching myself masturbate in the ceiling mirror was a very different experience from doing it with a small make up mirror between my legs or sitting in front of a full-length mirror with my legs propped up on either side of it. I have written about doing both in previous stories. With the small mirror and the full-length mirror, I get the gynecological view. I "show pink." Vulva anatomy is exposed and so are the intricacies of my finger techniques. It is a further turn on for me to see the physical evidence of my arousal like the clitoral erection, labia swelling, and of course the vaginal wetness. My expert fingers moving through all those folds is a view to die for. The make up mirror is placed only a few inches from my vulva and the full-length one maybe a foot and a half, so both views are still close up even though one is closer than the other. However, the ceiling mirror shows me about six feet away. The view is very different for not being close up, but it's still nice.

While masturbating with the ceiling mirror, I saw a woman with her legs apart but no pink. She had her hands buried in a small patch of bush and the fingers were moving in a way that was barely perceptible. After a a minute or two of foreplay, I touched the opening of my vagina lightly with a fingertip to test for arousal. I felt wetness, which confirmed it. In a mirror session with either the make up mirror or the full-length one, I would be able to see the glisten forming at the vaginal opening and confirm my arousal that way.

Needless to say, I edged. I made it last. There was no way I was going to allow this opportunity to slip away with a session that wasn't anything short of epic.

Sometimes during an edge session that is more cruel than it is loving, I like to taunt my body by getting my legs out of the knees apart, feet together position, which I think of as "diddle position," into my "orgasm position," which is legs straightened out into a big V. Once I get into orgasm position, it's all systems go and my clit rubbing switches from gentle circling to a turbo-charged fast and furious finishing stroke. Instead of giving myself the green light to climax, however, I didn't. There my body is, thinking from the leg position that it is being allowed to orgasm, but it isn't. Ha! ha! ha!

I did that cruel edging thing a few times that night. Seeing what it looked like while I taunted myself in that way was insanely arousing. There the woman in the mirror was, her legs stretched out and every muscle in her thighs and calves taught while she pleasured herself with her fingers. Her feet were pointed and looked like a ballerina's because of how tense they were. I saw that in the mirror and thought, "Oh yeah! Look at that woman! She's gonna let it rip! She is about to cum!!!!" But she didn't.

I placed my legs back into diddle position and continued to go at myself with that controlled edging stroke. After I calmed down, I repeated the taunt. I made my body think it was about to be allowed to orgasm and assumed the position. But I didn't. Ha! ha! ha! The woman in the mirror looked a little more desperate this time.

After 2 or 3 more rounds of that, I finally let myself have the orgasm I knew was in store for me. I got into orgasm position but didn't taunt this time. Oh, it was good! Oh! oh! oh! I cried out not caring who in the adjoining rooms would hear me. In the mirror, the woman's V shaped legs tightened even more and kicked in jerky, uncontrollable motions. Her hips bucked up and down. The orgasm overtook her entire body. She looked possessed frantically fingering out that long-delayed climax.

My orgasm had a very long tail, and I gradually decreased the intensity of the fingering as my clitoris became sensitive as it always does post-climax. I gently rubbed out the aftershock contractions, which seemed like to go on forever. I was patient and loving with myself in easing out those last pulses.

I fell asleep almost right away and slept well. This would be a special night to remember. Those memories of my anniversary night will last me a long time.



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