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Masturbation Road Trip

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Recently my wife and I took a road trip across Florida. It was a great trip for many reasons.

We live in a state that is VERY cold in the winter. And this winter has been BRUTAL. So a few weeks ago my wife and I decided it was time for a get-away. We booked a hotel in Florida, found some cheap flights, and reserved a rental car. We wanted to spend most of our time in Orlando, but I also wanted to get down to southern Florida and see alligators in the everglades. I knew the drive down would be several hours, and we would be driving at night, and so I planned ahead. As we were packing I sneakily went to her nightstand and got a few of her favorite toys. I had planned to the road trip at night for two reasons... 1) there isn't much to see driving across Florida. And 2) Even as fun and adventurous as my wife is, I knew she would never masturbate in the car during the day. So, as we got in our rental car and headed out of Orlando a few days into our vacation, I waited until the boredom of a night time road trip began to set in. My wife, I also knew, HATES being bored. "Are you getting bored?" I asked. "Why are we doing this at night, again?" she asked. "Will you do me a favor? Reach behind me and grab my backpack. There's something in there that will help relieve the boredom." "What?" she asked. "Just grab it and look!" She got my backpack and opened it up. "Why is there a hand towel... OH MY GOSH! YOU BROUGHT MY DILDO? Ohh... the hand towel is for YOU... YOU LITTLE DEVIL. What... you want us both to jerk off IN THE CAR?" "Why not?" "What if a cop pulls us over?" "I'll set the cruise. No need to sorry about that." She was silent for a moment, and I took the opportunity to pull down my pants. "You are crazy, you know that?" she said. "I can't believe I'm doing this!" She pulled her pants down too, leaned her seat back, and flipped on her vibrating dildo. "I don't think I can have an orgasm doing this. Way too crazy." "Give it your best shot" I said, as I started to rub my penis that was swelling. "Have you done this before?" she asked. "Many, many times" I said. "How do you think I stayed awake back when I used to have an hour commute to and from work?" "Are you serious? What if someone saw you? Like a semi truck driver?" "I made sure nobody ever did." "I just can't believe this" she said to herself, and she moved her vibrator into position, rubbing it on the outside of her pussy with it's healthy red-headed bush. We didn't say anything for a few miles, both of us just focused on our genitals. But the silence was broken when we passed a sign that said, "Toll Booth Two Miles" "Oh GREAT!" she said, flipping off her vibrator and pulling up her pants. I didn't pull mine all the way up, just enough to cover my erection. "What are you DOING" she said. "You're going to get us arrested!" "Not if they can't see anything." I pulled into the lane for people who don't have exact change, my penis loosely hidden beneath my shirt, and my wife silently freaking out next to me. I handed the lady a couple bills, and she gave me back some change. When we pulled away, I said, "See! Nothing to it!" I then exposed my penis again and resumed stroking. "This is almost too much to handle" she said. "Oh come on! This from the same person who just masturbated in CHURCH a few months ago?!? (see my other stories to read about that one.) "Totally different. I was fully clothed the entire time!" "Live life on the wild side!" I said. "Come on, pull 'em down and turn your toy back on. Make your pussy happy!" She rolled her eyes at me and heaved a sigh, but then she did as she was told. And in a few miles, she was getting into it. She had her chair all the way back, feet spread apart on the dashboard, legs wide open, vibrating dildo working itself in and out, up and down, insider her pussy! I kept stroking, but would back off when I felt an orgasm mounting. I wanted to time it right. When I heard her breath start to get gaspy and short, I rubbed faster, and I timed it perfectly. I grabbed the towel and clamped it over my orgasming penis at the same moment I could hear my wife having her own orgasm. I pumped my cum into that towel, and having let it get so close a few times, and now finally allowing it to spurt, coupled with my wife's simultaneous orgasm in the seat next to me... it all made for one hell of a great orgasm! "Well" she said, breathing deeply. "That was... new." "You know you liked it! And thanks for being adventurous with me!" "Being married to you" she said with a smile, "has made my sex life far more adventurous then I ever imagined. I never, ever thought I would masturbate, let alone in a car, while driving down a freeway!!" "Being married to you" I said, "is fantastic. I'm so glad you are willing to try new things!"



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