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Massage With a Happy Ending

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About ten years ago I was visiting in New York City. In one of those 'free' newspapers I saw an ad for a massage parlor and decided to visit them.


I had lunch with my brother-in-law and planned to visit a massage parlor immediately after. I mention this as coincidentally the restaurant he selected was on the same street, albeit a few blocks away. After leaving him I walked in the opposite direction not wanting to signal as to where I was headed.

I arrived at the massage parlor just as an attractive asian woman, carrying bags from a local restaurant was opening the door. We went downstairs, basement location like many businesses in New York City. The room was immaculate, well appointed with wood floors, etc.

The woman I entered with was the hostess, there was a 'menu' on the wall indicating the different massages; regular, shower etc. I chose a regular massage. She led me to the other end of the hall to an open area, this was the locker room. There were couches, TV area. While I undressed and put my clothes in the locker she was straightening up the room. Once naked she led me to another room with a sauna, steam room and cold pools.

I entered the sauna and looked across the room to see a man getting a table shower. Realizing someone else was in the room the attendant placed a screen in front of the table. However there was a huge mirror behind the table and from my vantage point in the sauna I could see all. Found it quite humourous as she soaped him up and lifted his flaccid penis up to soap his genital area. Quickly she was holding a rock hard cock which stood up throughout the rest of the 'shower'

I exited the sauna and took a shower, no stalls, just heads from the wall.. next to me was a nice looking young guy with quite an impressive cock. Much larger and thicker than my own..made me jealous. I then entered the cold pool. Shortly thereafter the girl assigned to give me a massage arrived, helped me out of the pool and took me to the massage room.

She gave me a great massage; I was on my stomach as she massaged me completely, neck, back, thighs, legs. She had a great touch and soon I was in relaxed heaven. As she moved from my ankles upwards she would gently brush against my balls, oh what a feeling. She indicated for me to turn over. She climbed up placing her knees on either side of my head and proceeded to massage my neck, arms and upper torso... then she moved to the end of the table and once again did my thighs and legs.... and again brushing my balls with her hand as she did so...I certainly was turned on and boned up.

She didn't speak english, but stopped and made the international symbol of closed fist and arm action indicating a jack off and said in probably the only two english words she knew 'you want'... oh boy did I, how could I not. I shook my head yes and she lubed my cock and proceeded to give me one of the best orgasms I ever had. I just kept cumming and cumming...it wasn't just shooting out shot after shot but it was one steady stream of cum, then when I thought I was done and emptied, she kept stroking, as I was going soft, another steady stream started. Never saw or had anything like this before...she then took a warm towel and cleaned up cum from both my thighs down to my knees, my cock, my balls and my chest up to my nipples. Totally unbelievable amount. Probably enough sperm in there to start my own country. LOL

I tipped her generously, left and went to my hotel room totally spent...slept for the rest of the afternoon, waking in time for a dinner appointment.

Next time I'm in NYC without my wife, you just know where I'm headed..just hope they are still in business.



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