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Massage Parlor

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I have a physically strenuous job on top of the fact that I lift weights and do a lot of running. Being in my thirties, I get a lot more sore than I used to and people had suggested massage as a way to unwind. I really wasn't familiar with massage or where to get one but I did know of a massage/acupressure place that I drove by a lot and decided to check it out.

I was greeted by a nice Asian lady and she told me the prices for the different massages they had. I settled on a one hour massage and was led to a dimly-lit, small room with a massage table and new age music playing. I was told to get undressed and into the boxer shorts they provided. I sat down on the table and took my shoes and socks off and stood up to take of my shirt when a short, middle-aged Asian woman walked in. She smiled and said she would be doing the massage. I took my shirt off and then my shorts and underwear. It was odd standing completely naked in front of a lady I didn't know but she didn't seem to mind in the least. I got into the boxer shorts and lay face down on the table.

The massage was nice and we talked about what I did and all that. About 30 minutes in she asked if I would like a hot-oil massage. She said it was very relaxing. I said sure and she disappeared and reappeared a few minutes latter with the oil. She took off the boxers so I was lying there totally nude. I was face down and she poured the oil on my back and began to massage again. She moved down to my legs and eventually to my rear.

I started to get a little aroused as her fingers brushed up against scrotum when she massaged between my legs. She told me turn over, which I did, and she massaged my chest and stomach and went down to my legs again. She massaged my legs in long up and down strokes and when she would go up her fingers would brush against my ball sack. Because of this it didn't take long for me to have a full erection.

I didn't know whether to be embarrassed by this or not. It was just surreal lying there staring at the ceiling having this happening. To my surprise she asked, 'Do you want me to massage there?' pointing to my penis.

Caught up in the moment I replied, 'Sure,' and she then started to massage my scrotum. I closed my eyes and felt her hand move to my erection massaging it sideways and then in an up and down motion. It took me about ten seconds to have an orgasm and cum squirted in jets all over my stomach.

I opened my eyes and not knowing what to say, I just said, 'Sorry.' She just smiled as if it was no big deal. She cleaned me off with a hot towel and we went into another room where I was given a table shower. I gave her a nice tip for the massage.

I felt kind of weired about the whole thing afterward and when I asked some others about it, they just laughed and said it was a massage with a 'happy ending.' Although I drive by there a lot I never went back to the place and started going to regular masseuses. I'll never forget that first massage though!



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