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Massage From Chelsea

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Happy ending massage from sexy brunette


This happened 2 days ago so it's still very much burnt into my mind. I went to a local massage place. I won't say the name but I had heard about it for many years before getting up the nerve to try it out for myself about a month a ago. It was fun making me come back again for what turned out to be a way better experience.
The first time I went I just did the walk in. This time I picked out the woman I wanted. I'm glad I did She was a 20-year-old, 5'7" brunette 34C-26-28. She was by far the best looking woman I have seen naked and/or has gotten me off.

When I arrived I was lead into the room by the receptionist. The room had mirrors, a sink, leather seat, a shower, and of course, the massage table, After getting undressed and taking a shower, I laid down on the table with a towel draped over my ass. I still found it a little weird to just be laying there naked when the door is opened.

Sure enough, a minute or two later I was joined by this smoking hot brunette. She introduced herself and asked what massage I wanted. I could pick topless, nude, body-body, or the VIP. I, of course, took the latter. She took off her one-peice black see-thorugh lingerie to reveal her amazing breasts with big areolas, not too big though, and a beautiful shaved pussy. She made a little small talk while taking off my towel before asking if I was okay with oil. She said to let her know if she gets me to oily. I said I didn't think that was possible.

She started off with my back, ass, and legs, a fairly regular massage I guess (never been to regular place before). Then she moved to the top of the table leaning over me while I looked up at her amazing tits just inches from my mouth, just begging me to lick and suck on them. I had to resist though. Then she oiled herself, starting with her perfect tits, before getting up onto the table and rubbing me down with her whole body. If you have never had a woman rub you with her tits, it's so amazing, honestly one the best things I have felt.

This went on for a bit, all the while talking to me in a very normal way about just regular stuff. Telling me I had very nice thick hair (something I have heard from almost ever woman I have met). I maybe wouldn't have liked it if she wasn't so hot. It was really fun talking to her, even though it made me get soft since I was kind of paying attention to other stuff. After a bit she asked if I wanted to massage her. I quickly jumped at the chance.

She got up on the table face down. I took the oil bottle, then proceeded to apply it to her body, a little sparingly at first. After a bit the nerves of rubbing down the hottest girl i have ever seen went away and we both got to enjoy the massage I was giving her.

After massaging her back a bit, mostly the ass and some side boob, she flipped over. I grabbed some more oil to apply to her front, mostly the tits and shaved pussy (I'm not gonna lie). I started off mostly working her amazing tits and squeezing her nips a bit. I made sure to watch her face to make sure she liked it before moving down to her pussy. After a few seconds she opened her legs a bit to give me better access to the second most beautiful thing I have seen (it might sound weird but I feel her face was the hottest). I played with her pussy, running my fingers up and down her lips before focusing mostly on her clit. Her clit was swelling up. I would like to tell you I got her off. That maybe would of made me happier then her getting me off. What can I say, I'm just as much a fan of giving. Especially when you look that fucking good.

But after some clit and nipple play  her breathing picked up a bit. For the first time she wasn't talking, just breathing heavy. She just laid back and enjoyed it with her eyes closed. She said that it was fun and she could stay there all day, but it was my turn before we ran out of time. I got on the table, this time face up (I only had a half-erection at best).I'm not really sure why, but that was soon to change.
She applied some oil to herself again and to me. Then she casually ran her fingers up and down me, with occasional teasing of my cock, which was finally starting to come to life. She then started to give it a few tugs before moving up to the head of the table, getting into the 69 position. Her pussy was less then six inches from my face. Not licking her was the hardest thing I have ever done. I just had to use my fingers while she jerked me off. This went of for about five minutes. I could see her starting to get very wet. I, of course, was beyond rock hard at this point. She changed positions, this time mounting my leg with her cunt while jerking me off, facing me.

She then started to rub me down with her tits, this time on my front. That was so fucking amazing, our bodies grinding together, my big dick pressed between us. She seemed to be getting into it too, looking into my eyes with her big beautiful brown eyes, just daring me to kiss her. My cock even seemed to rub up against her pussy a few times as she was making sure to put her tits closer and closer to my face.

She then went back to semi-grinding her pussy on my leg while jerking off my big throbing cock. She rubbed more oil on her tits. Then she leaned forward, taking my cock between her tits and letting me tit-fuck her. She even took my cock and slapped it against her tits (one of my favorite things to do is smack my cock on a woman's tits, pussy, ass, tongue, or face). At this point I looked at the clock and I swear we must have gone ten minutes past the half hour I had.

This went on for at least another ten minutes. She'd jerk me between her tits while rubbing me with them. She would even breathe on my cock with she was jerking it. She was close enough so her tongue could reach out and lick my huge cock head. I swear everytime I almost thought she was gonna take it into her mouth, even praying she would. Finally I was getting close. I was switching between looking at her perfect tits to her big beautiful eyes, just looking deep into mine. Right then she could tell I was gonna blow.

She slowed down, letting me catch my breath before picking up the speed and slapping my dick against her tits some more. She rubbed up against me again while still jerking me face to face. I just couldn't take it. She gave me a little horny smirk when I was just looking deep into her eyes. Sure enough it was more then I could take. I told her I was gonna cum, I didn't think she wanted me to bust on her. But I was wrong. She quickly went back down and slid my cock between her tits, covering them in my cum before leaning in to give it another sexy hot breath. She almost made me think she was gonna lick it up. She shot me another sexy grin and said "Wow! that was fun." She's ether very good at her job or maybe she did enjoy it. I'd like to think she did since we went over the time by 20 mins now. The way she kept making eye contact would been weird if she wasnt so fucking hot.

After she got off of me, she got a hot towel and cleaned me up. She said she was gonna take a quick shower then I could. I laid there watching her shower and towel off then I got in myself. She then told me she was gonna be right back, coming back in before I had finished my shower. She was cleaning up a bit while I got dressed, talking to me about so much random stuff.

Asking where I was going and what I did for living only took a few minutes. I was dressed and she was already done cleaning, but she kept talking to me for at least another fifteen minutes. If we were at a bar I would have gotten a phone number, for sure,by the way the conversation was going. Before we started to leave the room she gave me a hug and she said that was fun. I said there's no doubt I'd be back. Then she said she would be here, then making a joke saying she didn't live here but was here alot. I said I could tell, her pictures were on the wall (they were just random woman). She cracked up and said "Yeah, that one is me." (You would have to see the picture to get the joke, but let's just say she was the wrong race)

Now I'm not delusional but it did seem like she went above and beyond her job and enjoyed it too. I would like to pretend she liked me a bit. Who knows? But I bet a lot of the clients are either old, out-of-shape, small dicks, or all of the above. So maybe a little more incentive to enjoy herself, but I will be coming back to see her, even though I told myself I would always change girls, since that was kind of the best part. But she was too good. Next time I'm gonna make sure she gets off too, that's my goal. Either way I'll be sure to not keep the experience to myself.

I wanted to attach a photo but wasn't sure if I should.



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