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Losing My Virginity

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"Losing my virginity"
I love the site, it's incredible. When I found it last night, I didn't know what to do...well, I kinda did but I won't get into that...:)
Anyway, I'm a 18 yr male and this happened to me last week, it's staying in my head every waking hour and I wanted to share this with you since it had to be the weirdest, yet most wonderful, thing that's happened to me and wasn't in my imagination. This isn't exactly totally masturbation, but it's important to me cuz I lost my virginity, even though under really strange circumstances. Here goes....
Like I said, it was about a week ago and I was over at my friends playing the playstation, reading comics, etc. when his 24 yr old brother, fiancee and his mom came home. They had went shopping for something for the wedding, my friend had mentioned earlier. His mom had forgotten something and had wanted my friend to go with her. He didn't want to since we were having lots of fun playing games, but she said I'd be okay til he got back since I was spending the night anyway. He finally agreed and they left.
I was left alone with his brother, Greg, and his fiancee, Linda. I was just up in my friend's room reading comic books when Linda came in. She did the regular, hi's and how u doing stuff and then she started teasing me about how Robert(my friend) and I were proably watching pornos and reading dirty mags while everyone was gone. I said we weren't, but she kept talking about and I guess I started blushing so she continued even further. Soon she came over to the floor where i was laying down at and started to grab at my crotch teasing that she proably got me hard with all her porno talk. She hadn't, but the brief touch of her hand on my crotch certainly was. She noticed and soon slipped her hands down my sweatpants and grabbed my dick. I told her to stop fooling around, but she didn't stop and honestly, i didn't want her to. This was getting exciting for me by now and I wanted to see how far she was going to take this.
She had her hand totally around my dick by now and was stroking slowly, giving extra attention to the head(i'm circumsized so it REALLY felt good). I was really getting hot and was pumping into her hand and moaning. Linda leaned over to kiss me(I had kissed girls before, but when she stuck her tounge in my mouth I almost came in her hand) She stopped kissing me and continued to stroke me. By now I had my head back and was grinding my dick in her hand. Then I heard. "what the f*ck is this?" Greg had found us. "I was only playing around," Linda had said,"join me sweetie."
Greg was quiet and came in the room and locked the door. I was getting nervous now. Linda was one thing, but this! I was scooting away from Linda's soft hand, but she kept me in her grasp. "Is the little baby scared?"
They laughed at me and, angry, I said no. Greg began to take off his clothes and i saw he was already hard. "Strip" he told me. Slowly I did and Linda followed. I was in awe at Linda's C cup tits and lovely pussy when Greg leaned over me and started sucking on my dick. It felt great, but extremely weird cuz it was a guy. I just kept my eyes on Linda and imagined it was her sucking me, not Greg. I almost blew in Greg's mouth when Linda reached down and put her fingers deep in her cunt and rubbed her clit. She was starting to moan real loud. Greg had stopped sucking at told me he wanted to fuck me in the ass. Though I was having a bit of fun, I told him h*ll no anyway, but he wouldn't let up. Linda finally said that she would suck me off if Greg fucked me so I finally agreed. It really hurt, but as Linda started sucking my dick and Greg thrusted in me I was in heaven. The pleasure seemed to be double as Greg's dick was being rammed up my ass and my dick swallowed. Linda must of really know what she was doing cuz it was just out of this world! We continued like this for awhile, the only sounds are our heavy breathing, sucking sounds and Greg's balls slapping agaisnt my ass. Greg said he was about to cum, but wanted to cum inside Linda. So they laid down on the floor and he started fucking Linda like crazy. She came really quick(she was fingering herself while she was sucking me) but Greg hadn't. "Let me suck you while John(that's me :)) fucks you" Greg readily agreed. He lubed me up and told me what to do. He groaned as I was trying to stick my dick in his ass and I finally managed. It felt so nice and warm and tight, sorta like a suction on my dick. I lost my virginity in that moment--never would of thought like that though--ramming my dick in my best friend's brother's ass. I was first to cum but Greg said to keep pumping til he came. he finally did and we got cleaned up. We had finished just in time cuz Robert and his mom got back. Linda and Greg rushed out of the room and when my friend got back up to the room, he said it smelled sorta funny.. I guess sex has it's own smell, go figure. For the rest of the night my thoughts were on Linda and Greg, though they went about like nothing happened. They hadn't approached me since then, but i sorta hope they do, if not, I'm going to mention something. If all goes to plan, I'll have another post soon...hope you enjoyed



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