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Liz in a Bath With Her Knickers and Bra

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She was called Liz. I was in one of her classes in college. She was 17, blonde with big tits and a face to die for, she is easily the sexiest person I know. I liked to wank off looking at her under the desk in class. I did this many times over the years I was in her class, too many times to count.

Well, any way this is just a little background, the ultimate was still to come. I made friends with her after a year of being in her science class. We went out like normal friends with groups of people and on our own once or twice. I wanted to ask her out so bad but she was way out of my league.

A few of us were meeting up to go to the movies. I walked to Liz's house on the way as I was only a mile away from the cinema from where I lived and her house was on the way so it was even closer. I turned up at her house, her mother answered.

Her mother was nothing special average woman of 40 but I still wouldn't have minded fucking her or her panties. The mother told me Liz was in the shower. She showed me to the living room, and I sat down and put the tv on. I was watching some music channel thinking what the movie we were going too would be like. Her mother came in, she said she was going to tennis and Liz would be down in a minute.

I looked forward to see what Liz would be wearing as it usually consisted of some sexy, virtually see-through white top and a black bra just to drive the lads wild.

Once her mother had gone I continued to wait. A few minutes passed. I had heard no sign of Liz her so I want upstairs to see what she was doing. I looked first in her mother's shower room but no one was in there. Then I had a look in her room, still no Liz.

Whilst I was in her room I noticed some nicely laid out clothes on the bed obviously for when she got out of the shower, on this pile were a pair of white knickers and a matching bra. Seeing this gave me a hardon instantly. I had had many panty experiences in the past but never in my dreams had I imagined having the freedom of Liz's panties.

I was far too nervous to take those pretty things on her bed and do my usual bra and panty wank as they seemed to have been laid out perfectly. I thought this would be a good opportunity to look for some panties to have at home.

I looked in her draw. I grabbed a pair of pink lacy fullbacks and stuffed them in my pocket and a pair of tights. With my prizes I was a happy man. I left her room and went to the main bathroom. I couldn't hear any running water or sound for that matter so I put my head around the corner to have a look to see what was taking her so long.

What I saw shocked me but turned me on so much. She was in the bath not the shower, as her mom indicated, with her eyes shut (must have been asleep or I like to think she was pretending to be).

My cock immediately grew again and I just stared at her beautiful body, rubbing myself through my shorts. I could see her large tits and beautiful face. I tried to get a look at her pussy but it was immersed under the water but from what I could see she was shaved (how it should be). She moved a bit. I moved my head out as quick as I could so not to be seen. I put my head back round her eyes were still shut.

Because of the panic my dick was not hard any more so I looked at her body for a split second and again I was solid. When I was looking at her out of the corner of my eye I noticed her worn clothing on the floor a smile came across my face and my cock twitched with excitement.

I quietly kneeled down on the floor and reached in to grab the clothing. I got one of her famous tight white tops, a pair of jeans and the main prize a man can get, panties and a bra. I sniffed the t-shirt and inhaled some of her perfume and threw it behind me along with the jeans.

I stared at what I had in my hand her worn bra and her worn panties I was trembling with fear and excitement. I just had to wank with them whilst looking at her. The bra was red it was more like a bikini than a bra because it had string as straps. The panties were black and a little damp around the crotch. I sniffed with much anticipation they smelt like no others I had had before.

I had to taste her. I held them up to my mouth and slowly dabbed my tongue around the crotch panels edges. The taste was sooo good ummmm I would pay for her panties they were soo nice. I was saving the middle where her lips would have parted a little for last. I put my tongue in the slightly wet centre it had a really sweet taste to it. I wished I could have that taste for ever.

Almost as soon as I had licked the panties my cock was almost cumming and I hadn't even touched it yet. Pretty soon I had my shorts around my knees and was rubbing myself with her bra. The material on the bra was soft in side felt rough but was still very arousing. Because the inside was so soft it glided up my shaft effortlessly.

All this time I was staring at her naked body. I was thinking umm I'm wanking looking at some one's tits and wanking with the bra that graced them 20 minutes or so ago. By this point I was licking her panties like a mad man. When it came time to cum I quickly pulled the bra away and put the used cup on my face and licked the pre cum off it and cummed all over the panties. It felt so good and was one of the best panty experiences in my life.



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