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Life Before Masturbation

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Reading a number of the contributions makes me realize that many of us had certain kinds of experiences that took place before we actually discovered masturbation. I don't know if what occured to me is ordinary or not, but here's my pre-masturbation experiences.


Before I was 10 years old, I had little awareness of sexual excitement. I do recall that it didn't take much for me to have an erection. I had them in the bath. I had them sitting in on the school bus in the morning. I had them when I woke up in the morning. In fact, as I grew older and bigger, my mother pulled me aside one morning and asked that I start wearing underpants under my pjs because my erection was so large and visible!

Around the time I turned 11 or so, things started to change. An erection was no longer an ache in my pants but a certain source of physical pleasure. While remaining totally ignorant about all sexual matters (this was the early 1960s where access to sexual knowledge was extremely limited and I was too shy to ask my brother or buddies for information), I began to fantasize about girls.

I also began to have urges to undress and walk around naked. We had an old barn behind our house that was a perfect place to do this. So were the woods that were about a half-mile from my house. Either place, I loved the feeling of nervous excitement as I took off my clothes and being completely naked outside of my room. The excitement gave me a tremendous erection, so stiff it nearly touched my belly button. I would touch and play with my erect penis, enjoying the tingling sensation combined with the excitement of being naked outdoors.

By now I had a desperate urge to see a girl naked. Whenever I thought about it, I would get an erection. Too shy to persuade one of the neighborhood girls to show me 'hers' if I would show 'mine,' I finally talked my younger sister into exposing herself to me. Being only 9, there wasn't much to see, but looking at her young naked body made me throb.

When I removed my clothes and stood naked before her, I remember my erect penis was twitching. It got even better when I let her touch me. The sensation of her hands holding my penis was indescribable.

The episode just fanned the flames of my raging hormones. And yet, the pleasures of masturbation were a mystery to me. On several more occasions I pulled down my pants before my younger sister so that she would touch and hold my painfully erect penis. I loved it, but didn't know how to get relief.

Finally, Mother Nature helped. When I was 12 or so, I began to have wet dreams. They usually occured early in the morning while I was dreaming. The sensation was so powerful, so intoxicating that I would try to make myself go back to sleep in order to feel the spasms once again. I was tormented by the fact that I couldn't predict or control when I would have the wet dream. (Little did I know!)

By the time I was 13, the combination of wet dreams and day time fantasies about girls had me tremendously stirred up. I began concocting fantasies about talking a young neighorhood girl down the street into visiting me in our barn where I would show her my penis (I had lost interest in my sister by this time). I had no idea what I was going to do with this girl when I exposed myself to her, but just the thought of doing somthing naughty like that made me excited and aroused.

Luckily, Mother Nature intervened once again, before I hatched my naughty plan. One evening I happened to straddle the bannister on our stairs and, because my feet couldn't touch the ground, all my body's pressure was placed between my legs at the base of my penis. The nice sensation gave me an immediate erection. I began to rock back and forth slowly and the sensation grew. I kept it up and the pleasure continued to well up in my loins. And then that lovely sensation I would feel during my wet dreams hit me-nearly knocked me to the floor-as I erupted and had my first controlled orgasm.

My life hasn't been the same since.



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