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Lending a Hand to Their Mom

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by handSexGuy
I had always been private about sex. Like many I was raised to believe that masturbating was just done by perverts. I eventually shed that belief. In my late twenties I loved to masturbate but was still too embarrassed to ever talk about it.

When I was twenty nine I had started a new job in a new city. I was hanging around with a group of guys and cute girls from work. The 7 of us, all about the same age, would go out to dinner together, play sports, go to the movies, whatever.

They had a friend they called Mom. She wasn't related to them and she didn't work with us. So I'm not sure where they knew here from. She was older; in her mid forties. She would sometimes join us on our outings. She was nice and kind of motherly. She was also, I thought, somewhat attractive,

One Saturday morning we were supposed to be at Mom's helping her out. She had some repair work done on her house and now needed furniture and other items moved back in from the garage. I showed up late (I got lost on my way to her house.) By the time I had arrived to join "the gang" the work was done and everyone was leaving.

I walked into her house to apologize for being late. She was moving some heavy boxes around by herself. She asked if I'd give her a hand. She and I moved some heavy stuff upstairs into her bedroom. Her bed had a real cool headboard. She explained that it was hand made by her ex-husband. It was filled with all sorts of little drawers, and tiny cabinets with doors and little cubby holes.

While she told me the story of how it was made I popped opened one of the little cabinet doors. Inside, in plain view of both of us, were two vibrators and a dildo.

"Oops," I said. I must have turned beet red. I closed the door and apologized over and over again.

She just laughed and told me there was no need to be embarrassed about. She took them out and showed them too me. "See," she said handing them to me one at a time, "there's nothing wrong with having these."

Them she told me that she uses them pretty often. She likes the big vibrator for when she masturbates in the mornings, the small one for the evening, and the dildo she used just every once in a while. Listening to her talk about masturbating so openly like that was giving me an erection. I was wearing some thin cotton short pants. I knew if she looked she could tell. I tried to hide the bulge at my crotch by casually holding a pillow in front of me.

She continued by saying that some evenings when it's warm enough she'd sit out on the lawn chair on the patio and masturbate under the stars.

"That's good." I didn't know what else to say. Then she caught me off guard. "How often do you masturbate?" she casually asked me as she tidied up around the room.

"Oh, every couple days," I told the truth. "Though it's been over a week."

"That's good," she said. "I think it's a very healthy thing to do. Is there a time of day that you prefer?"

"Well, I'm usually horniest in the morning," I couldn't believe I was saying this.

"I'm the same way," she said. "I often give myself a huge orgasm before going to work in the morning."

By this time my penis was rock hard and straining to break through the front of my shorts. I was thankful for the pillow. She finished tidying and extended her hand to take the pillow I was holding at crotch level. I handed it to her and she put it in it's place on the bed.

Then I saw her eyes drop to my crotch. I guess there was no point in trying to hide it after that. She stared for a few seconds, then took a deep involuntary breath. I saw her nipples go hard as she looked up at me.

"Did you say it's been over a week?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said.

"I guess you're over due," she said.

"Yeah, well, " I stammered again, "I plan on taking care of that as soon as I get home." That was also a true statement.

"Okay," she said, "But if you want, you could just do it here. I don't mind."

"You mean, ah . . ."

"Yeah, " she said, "I'll leave you alone her in the room and you could take a much time as you like."

"Well, okay," I said, I didn't know what I was doing. I was rock hard and horny as hell and wanted to cum.

She pulled back the sheets on the bed to expose the soft smooth linens. "Here," she said, "Just make yourself comfortable. I'll be downstairs."

She left the room and closed the door. I got undressed slowly, my cock sprang out from my underpants. I sat on the edge of the bed, The sheets felt so nice and cool on my naked ass. I sat unmoving and looked out the window at the passing clouds as I wondered what the hell I was doing. My cock was throbbing in front of me, pegging to be stroked.

A moment later the door opened and Mom came in. She had a small plastic bottle. "I have this lubricant," she said as she stood in front of me. "You might want to try it. Here. Hold out your hands."

I placed my hands palm up on my thighs. My rigid cock was straight up in between them. She squirted a little on one hand, then the other then on the head of my penis. While she watched I started stroking very slowly.

"Ooh," I moaned, "That feels wonderful."

I expected her to walk out, but she didn't. Instead she stood and watched with her mouth open as I stroked up an down and up and down and . . . I thought I couldn't have been more turned on, But I was wrong. A moment later she unfastened the top button of her shirt. Then the next one. And the next. She let her shirt fall to the floor. Her breasts were large smooth spheres cover by the white bra. Her nipples reached for me.

I was so entranced that I involuntarily said out loud , "Beautiful tits."

She kept her eyes fixed on my dick. And as she did every stroke of my hands up and down my cock was pure ecstasy. She unclasped her bra and let it fall. "OH! Wow!" I said. They were perfect, natural tits that wanted to be sucked.

I made a ring of my thumb and fore finger and stroked just the head of my cock.

Then she unbuttoned her pants and zipped down her fly. Still facing me she hooked her fingers under both her shorts and her panties and push them to the floor together.

I felt I was about to cum. So I stopped masturbating. I leaned back on my hands and with my cock standing straight up I just looked at her naked body.

She smiled and climbed onto the bed next to me. Our sides were pressed together. She spread her legs to rub her clit with one hand, and her nipples with the other. She moaned as I gently moved my finger tips over her other nipple. I took her entire left tit in my hand, bend down and kissed it before sucking her nipple. She lifted her tit up for me as I moved my hands to my cock. I licked and sucked her tit as I stroked it.

Then she leaned back and grabbed the dildo, She lubed it up and, with the same slurping sound my hands were making on my cock, pushed it into her vagina. She laid back on the bed and slowly slid the dildo in and out as I stroked up and down. One hand continued to rub her clit the other fucked her pussy with the dildo.

I laid on my side facing her. In and out. Up and down. I sucked one tit. Then the other. In and out. Up and down. I grabbed her hand from her dildo, and leaving it penetrating into her I put her hand on my cock and slid it up and down. I then gently held the dildo and slid it in and out. Slurp. Slurp. Slurp.

I saw her face turning red. "Faster," she said. I moved faster. In out in out. "Oh yeah!" she said. She returned her hands to her pussy and fucked herself hard as I jacked off next to her. Then she came. She tried to scream as the air was force from her lungs . Her back arched, her head went back and her tits thrust upward. Her legs seem to knot up. Her hands were just barely moving in and out. There was fluid poring, squirting from her vagina. Slurp slurp. She bucked and writhed. Then slowed down.

She released. She was done. And she breathed a deep sigh.

But now it was my turn. I had been holding back. But now I was about to explode!. I laid on my back. Up down up down. "I'm cumming," I said.

"No, she said. "Not like that. Cum on me! I want your cum all over me." I got on my knees and faced her. She laid on her side and ran her hands up and down my thighs. My balls, my cock, were heated by the semen trying to get out. I could feel it all the way up my shaft and burning the head. Up down up down.

"Ooooh," I moaned. As I did, Mom leaned in and positioned her naked chest so I'd cum all over it. "I want," I struggled to say, "to cum in your mouth."

With those words I ejaculated. I shot right into her face. She moved in and opened her mouth. I pumped my cock. I came in her mouth, on her face, on her tits, I came more and more. She moved my hands off my cock and grabbed it. She stroked the last bit of cum out of my cock and she sucked and swallowed it.

We laid next to each other for some time. After a while she offered to make me lunch. We got dressed and went downstairs. After lunch she showed me around the the rest of the house. We both had to go to the bathroom. We watched each other pee. Then I left.

We've been close friend ever since, never telling anyone what we did. Occasionally we'd get together to masturbate together. Sometimes we'd just talk. We'd did phone sex a few times. But we never told anyone.



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