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Laundry Day!

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I have many stories to share with you about my first sexual experiences with my first boyfriend. I hope you like mine as much as I like all of your stories.


Me and my best friend Scott became a lot more than just Best Friends. We were good trustworthy kids, our parents were also friends so it made it easier for us to hang out, and our parents only ever thought of us as Mates, they thought we were sweet innocent kids who would do as we were told and would never get upto mischief. We were only ever friends but it it wasnt long before our own hormones and animal instincts took over for themselves.

To cut a long story short to get: to the good bits; On a Saturday I was down in the Garage doing the Laundry (one of my chores) and apparently Scott and his mum came over (his mum to see my mum)(Our parents gave us privacy simply because they never thought that anything they would disaprove of would happen).

I had loaded up the washer for the first load, and switch on the washer, It was a swooshy very vibraty old washer and for some reason whenever I did the washing I would sit myself on top of the Washer and read a magazine, waiting for each load to finish etc. I always felt a lovely feeling on my butt and vagina (not an orgasm) just a lovely warm feeling. When I would go to the toilet afterwards I would feel all wet but wouldn't think anymore of it.

So there I was siting on the washer reading a magazine and down come Scott, we talked for a bit about the weekend etc. I had never realised before but he was turning into a real handsom man, skinny but strong arms and legs.

He came over to me and scooted me over so we could both sit on the washer, there was hardly anyroom and the sides of our legs touched. I could feel I was getting wet. He looked and me and I looked at him and he leaned in kissing me gently. Oh I was in heaven.

Our kisses became more intense and as I tried to move to face him better I slipped off the washer and fell with a thud. 'Owch!' Scott laughed at me and immediately got up to help me. 'You all right!?' I blushed 'yeah' Scott kissed me again and said :'better' I nodded and giggled.

After that we continued to kiss each other in private, we never told anyone about it.

A few weekends later, and again it was laundry day. My parents were out for the day and Scott came over. I was on the Washer the way I always was and he came over to me and started kissing me passionately.

I had my legs spread out to get him closer to me and his waiste was positioned against the swooshing washer and my vagina against his belly.

He stoped and asked me if he could see my breasts. I was neverous and said I couldn't do that. He asked if he could touch them through my clothes (somehow that seemed ok, just as long as he didnt see anything) He felt around my bra cups over my thin tshirt and said he could not really feel anything. I told him turn around and that I would take off my bra but he could not look. He did and I took off my bra underneath my tshirt, leaivng my shirt on. I told him he could look now and he sighed seeing that I wasn't completely topless I guess.

He put his hands around my waist and put his hands up my shirt. I gasped and he said:'Its ok' His warm hands cupped my breast perfectly, they were the right size for his hands it was like they belonged there!. My nipples were errect and sentive and he massaged them so well. I was so horny (although i didn't understand completely what that was)

He pulled off my top and I allowed it, I was his now and would of let him do almost anything to me standing there melting in his arms, being touched in a way I had never even imagined!

He kissed me again as he fondled my breasts and I realised he was starting to girate his hips back and forth against the washer and me. His breath grew short and the washing machine fell into a complete spin cycle!

His hips moved back and forth faster and faster with the motions and finally he moaned long and long squeezing my breasts tight and leaning his head against them. This was my very first experience of a male orgasm.

I asked him what had happened and as he caught his breath back said 'aw, that felt so good, Its just something I do that feels good. I rub myself up against pillows and stuff then it just feels good.' and said I have had feeling similar too, but never like that' He said he had to go to the loo and clean up (not that i understood what that mean't) and said we should go to my room..... That is a story for another time tho..........



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