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Lakeside Park

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Lakeside Park by Anonymous
t was early in the summer, and I was spending the weekend in Chicago. On the Saturday morning, I woke up hard and horny- but instead of jacking off, I decided to go out to the lake and run along the shore. I have a muscular chest, with a goldring in one nipple. One of my favorite things to do is to put on my skimpiest shorts and run shirtless in a crowded place, lettingthe breeze blow on my bare chest, watching the passers-by checking me out. there were already a goodnumber of joggers, bicyclists and sun-worshippers there, so I got my share of attention.
One of the passers-by was a hot fellow walking his bike, wearing loose shorts, and showing off his smooth hard chest. I likedwhat I saw, and from the look he gave me, I could tell, he did, too. I decided I had run far enough for a while, and stopped fora chat. We didn't really pay much attention to what we were talking about - we were checking out the bulges in each othersshorts.
The lakeside park at that point is a large, open space - large enough to lay out a couple of football fields. I suppose that on asunny afternoon, the whole place is covered with semi-nude tanning bodies. This morning, it was dotted here and there withpeople reading or chatting. We chose a spot that was far from anyone else, but like every other spot, it was in plain view ofeveryone for hundreds of yards around. The thought of being in such a public place with a half-boner made me even harder.When we sat down, I saw the head of his cock peeking out from his shorts - clearly he was as turned on as I was! I longed totouch it, but we were out in plain view of anyone who cared to take notice. I re-arranged my own stiffening cock so that hecould see it strain against my sweat-damp running shorts. His cock grew even longer, till the whole head was standing up out ofhis shorts! I reached down, so nonchalantly, and pulled the cloth of his shorts, letting his boner - at least 8 inches! - spring upagainst his belly. I just sat there, in a crowded park, nearly naked myself, looking at the hot, horny stud sitting before me.
I was so hot, I wondered if I might cum just by looking at him! I never learned the answer to that, because he reached downand released my boner from my shorts, and held it in his hand, stroking it slowly. By this time, we were both too hot to payattention to whether anyone noticed us - i started to stroke his cock in long, rhythmic pulses. Soon his breathing got heavy, asdid mine. i was the first to shoot my load, spraying cum all over his hand, my leg, and the grass. A few more strokes rewardedme with a fountain of his jism.
When our cocks had relaxed enough to fit back into our shorts, our inhibitions returned, and we looked around to see whomight have been watching. Most of the folks in the field were still pretending not to notice - however, a team of amateur-leaguesoccer men had just started to set up their playing field! They had only just arrived, but a few minutes after we left, a soccerball was being kicked right through where our jism lay soaking into the ground.



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