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Labor Day at Home

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Surprise when my brother shares his music.


I'm a University student, living at school. I returned home for Labor Day weekend.

Whenever I get the chance, I share music with my brother. He keeps all his files and songs on this handy gadget that he connects to the computer in my dad's office. Sunday night, I decided to spend a couple hours working on my playlists and uploading some of his songs to my iPod. I spent my time listening to music and surfing the net, when I came across a directory called 'Good Stuff'. When I opened the directory, I found my brother's stash of porn. It was pretty late, and my parents were asleep downstairs. I was wearing just a t-shirt and some cute little panties, and my brother was out on a date with his girlfriend. After watching a few of the videos, I was seriously worked-up and decided to give myself a little relief.

Unfortunately, that was the moment by brother decided to come home, and relief would have to wait. I heard him coming up the stairs, so I closed his porn directory, and continued working on the music.

Jason poked his head into my dad's office. 'How's it going in here?'

'Good. You have some great songs.' I responded. 'How was your date?'

'Not great. Taylor and I aren't really getting along. I'm going to take shower. If you're still here when I get out, I'll check out your playlists.'

A few minutes later, he came in wearing shorts and a t-shirt. His hair was still dripping when he asked to see my mix of tunes. We shared the desk chair, listening to music and talking. My playlist was on random, and we were listening to a song from Hinder, when I clicked on his porn directory. I laughed and asked him what he was doing with so much porn. He got defensive, and I let him sit there in embarrassment. I opened one of the videos, and he got pissed, and tried to take the mouse from me, I told him that I was just having some fun with him, and that I have a pretty good collection of porn, myself. He settled down and we kept the video running. With the music still running, our focus quickly changed from the music to the action on the screen.

My brother and I are close. I knew he wasn't a virgin, but we never really talked about sex before. So, I'm surprised at how comfortably we talked. First, we discussed our porn collections. He told me that his girlfriend was pissed that he was so into porn, and he laughed that they would probably break-up over it, because if she made him choose, he would choose porn over her. I told him that I preferred sex stories, but when I get really horny, I break out the videos. I told him that I jilled at least once a day, typically in bed or at the computer.

The videos and the sexy talk were having an affect on both of us. Jason couldn't hide his erection, and I laughed that if he wasn't careful, his shorts were going to rip from the strain. In response, he shifted his erection along the leg of his shorts. It did nothing to hide it, but he was more comfortable.

After that, our conversation became considerably more graphic. As we continued to watch the videos, we discussed our sexual experiences. I was telling Jason about my sexual escapades when he started stroking his cock through his shorts. I didn't say anything to stop him, and soon he worked about half of it from the leg of his shorts. My attention shifted from the screen, as I watched him tug on his cock.

The sexual tension was thick, and I was concerned about where things were headed. I laughed that he had something that looked 'kinda' like a cock in his hand, only smaller, and suggested that he put it away, before things got out of hand. He laughed too and said he had plenty to get the job done. The whole time, he continued running his hand back and forth over his cock, and said that instead of putting it away, I should just go with the feeling, and play with myself too. God, I wanted to, but he's my brother.

The video on the screen ended, and neither of us made a move to start a new one. Jason worked the leg of his shorts up, exposing most of his erection. The head was swollen with his excitement. He let go of it to start another video, and I think I gasped a little, as it sprang straight up. I again told him that he better put it away before he hurt someone with it. Smiling, he said that he had a better idea. Standing up, he pulled his shorts down and threw them on the floor. He sat back down next to me, naked from the waist down. For a moment, I don't think I could breathe, as I watched him stroke himself. Damn his cock is really nice, and he has it shaved clean.

Jason was really getting into it. His breathing had changed and he told me to stroke it for him. I wanted to, but I didn't have the nerve. Shortly after that, the video ended, and I reluctantly told him that I would leave him to finish his business.

I got up, and before he could move to stop me, I placed my hand on his shoulder and moved in front of the chair where he was still seated. Standing between his open legs, I leaned forward and gave him a sisterly peck on his forehead and told him goodnight. Pausing, I looked down at his dick pointed in my direction. Jason placed his hand on my thigh only a couple inches from my panties. I know his fingers were ready to bridge the distance, and I don't think I would have stopped him if they did. Pulling away, I went into my room, which is directly across the hall. The door was barely closed when I was on my bed, my fingers giving me the relief I needed. I jilled through four orgasms, thinking about what had just happened.

The next day, I was worried about things being weird between us, but everything was cool. We admitted to each other how mind-blowing our orgasms were, and how much fun we had. Later that day, I joined Jason with several of his friends. I felt closer to him than ever before.



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