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Just Sexy Fun

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Follow up on http://solotouch.com/story/funny-call-47224


I wrote a while back about how my wife shares her sex machines with some of her friends and her sister. I travel a lot and I don’t want her wanting so I have bought her quite a collection. Basically I constantly surf to find the new and different. I show it to her and if she seems intrigued I put it on the wish list. Each quarter when I get my bonus, we splurge on something new. Not always something exclusively sexy but there is usually a sexual aspect.

Well it turns out that frequently when I’m away she will have a friend over in the evening and they take turns. It’s not a lesbian thing it’s just that their mates either are threatened by toys or they just can't justify the price. When Jennie raves about a new toy it frequently leads to an invitation or a request. At first it started out as a little show and tell then that lead to a private use at our place, to finally Jennie showing how she rocks her world. I was not aware of any of this until her sister kind of accidentally spilled the beans.

As I understand it now no one knows anyone else has been around. So the fantasy of being mission control for a fuck machine party will not happen, but still there has been some movement. I had voiced an interest in running the machines for them. Jennie had not said hell no, but I can tell she was reluctant. Jennie has asked some of her friends if it would be OK to tell me about it. They ask why and she just lays it off as spicing up our phone sex when I’m away. Well Jill was already known to me, so she gave her blessing to tell what toys and when. I think Jill gets off at the thought of me jerking off the thought of her on one of our machines. This went on for a few weeks and definitely spiced things up for us.

There is another friend who would not allow Jennie to disclose her identity, but was ok with when and what toy disclosure. She even suggested I could listen in on a session, and could do a stroke by stroke narration of my activities while listening. We tried it with cell phones but the audio is crap. I thought Skype would be a better alternative. I thought there might be some visual excitement as well, but she has not gotten up the nerve to use the camera to show any action. Jennie does though, It brings a whole new level to phone sex. We cyber once or twice a week. This one friend lets me listen as long as I provide inspiration. She is quite vocal I thought it might be Jill but Jennie says no. She never says words in her normal voice, so I can’t tell who it is. I have begged but still no disclosure.

The last time was the best so far. Jennie ran the controls of the saddle vibe but I called the shots from three states away via Skype, I used playing cards to indicate speed and rotation intensity. Jennie ran the controls according to my direction. I told whoever it was that I needed indications of there arousal, and proximity to orgasm. It took a while to develop a language of purrs, whines, breathing, grunts, and groans, and if she fell silent I would have Jennie back off. She learned quickly that sound was rewarded. I wish I had recorded the sound track it was the hottest thing I have ever heard.

One of Jennie’s friends was over for a play date with her kid. We were out on the deck when Jennie was inside Tracy asked about our cyber sex. I knew this had to be one of the girls who shares Jennie’s machines. I let slip that Jennie has several sex machines we employ for our cyber sessions and she volunteered that Jennie has showed them to her. I then let slip that my biggest fantasy is to run the machines for someone else like I run them for Jennie. She looked shocked “Jennie would let you do that” I said “I don’t know it is just a fantasy.” I told her she could ask Jennie “she knows it’s a wet dream of mine.” Tracy got all flushed and her nipples were betraying her arousal. Jennie picked up on it the moment she came out. She came around the table and bent down and gave my hard cock a squeeze under the table. “What have you two been talking about? I’m sorry I missed it.”

I said “Tracy was telling me you showed her your secret toy stash. And I told her my fantasy.” Tracy said “you wouldn’t let him do that, would you.” Jennie smiled and said “He does very well for me, but I'm not about to share my toys.” I knew I was treading on thin ice, but I said “what harm would there be if someone used the saddle vibe as long as they used a condom”, “or had their own attachment” Tracy added.

Jennie looked right as Tracy and said “you told him?” I said “not yet but thanks for confirming. That had to be the hottest things ever. Who ran the controls?” Tracy piped right in “I did the first time, but after that we took turns” Jennie looked very sternly at Tracy “I thought we agreed to keep it a secret” Tracy looked rather sheepishly and her feet and said, “You know I’m an exhibitionist and a voyeur, It just has to be anonymous or someone I really trust. Don’t you think it would be fun?” “Yes absolutely” I said. After a long silence Jennie said “OK but absolutely no sex, and if you two ever do anything without me there I’ll cut off his balls and feed them to the dog.” My Willie cowered at the thought.

Let's put the kids down for a nap and retire to the boudoir. Jennie laughed and said “dibbs on the rocker.” For two hours there were more orgasms than we could count. When the kids started crying to get up and be fed. I cleaned things up and went to take a nap. It was the best afternoon ever. No one touched anyone else. It was just sexy fun.



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