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It Took Us 42 Years To Masturbate

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I was 14 years old and Ann was 17. She was my sister's friend and our neighbor's only daughter. The one thing I loved about Ann was the fact that she never treated me like a little kid. She always treated me as though I was her age, therefore I considered Ann to be my friend also. The other thing I loved about Ann was her ass, her gorgeous ass. I had learned about masturbation earlier and I was doing it every chance I got, every day and sometimes more than once a day. Every time I jacked off my thought were about Ann's beautiful ass. Ann was the center of all my masturbation fantasies. It was the early 1950's and we lived in a very rural area so I did not have much contact with other girls.

One day Ann and I were sitting on her front porch in the swing. We had ridden horses the day before and she asked me if I was sore. I told her I was not. She made some comment about being sore and said when her horse jumped over a log; it hurt her between her legs. Dumb me didn't realize that a girl could hurt between her legs. I knew I had balls and sometimes while riding I would get my balls caught in a bind between me and the horse and that hurt like hell. I told her I didn't think a girl could hurt herself like that but she assured me they could. She said, 'You know I have a lot down there just like you do.' I told her I knew that, which I really didn't because I had never seen a pussy. I could only imagine what it might look like because all I had seen was a drawing in a book that my mother had given my sister. Ann told me that while what I had was on the outside, most of hers was on the inside. Just talking about things like that with Ann caused my dick to twitch. To my surprise she asked me if I ever played with myself. I turned 20 shades of red but I told her that I did. She then said, 'Do you know that girls play with themselves also?' I didn't know that and I told Ann.

She told me that she had watched her boyfriend jack off so she knew how boys did it. She said girls do it differently. She said she liked to stick one or two fingers inside her and then she said there is this little button that she rubs. She told me it was called a clit. By that point my dick was hard as a rock. She told me that she had done it for her boyfriend so he could watch her. I begged her to do it and let me watch but she would not. I rushed home that day and jacked off until my dick was sore.

Fast forward 42 years. Ann had married her boyfriend raised three girls. Her husband passed away about a year ago. I later married and have also raised a family. I am still married. I ran into Ann and she invited me to stop by her house later that morning and have a cup of coffee with her. We were sitting at her table drinking coffee and talking about old times when she asked if I remembered the day we were sitting in her swing talking about masturbation. I told her I remembered it like it was yesterday. I told her how badly I wanted to watch her do it that day and she said she wished she had showed me.

She looked at me and stood up and walked over and hugged my neck. I was shocked when she said, 'I didn't do it that day but it's not too late. Would you like to watch me now? I will do it for you if we can do it together.' I told her, 'Let's get started.'

We went into her den and Ann pulled her clothes off as did I. Let me tell you, her ass is still beautiful. We both got totally naked and sat in chairs opposite each other. I played with my dick as Ann fingered her pussy. I told her how much I used to jack off while thinking about her. I told her that she was my hottest dream. Ann may be 59 years old but she still has a great body. She has always had small tits but with an ass like she had she doesn't need tits to turn a man on. I am proud to say that I developed quite nicely and have an eight inch dick when hard. When Ann first saw it she said, 'Wow. I see now while your wife always has a big smile on her face.' She told me her late husband was not that big.

About an hour Ann and I both came. After we did she came over and sat on my lap and kissed me and said, 'Thanks. That's the first sex I have had since my husband passed away and I needed that.'

I plan to drop by Ann's house again to see if she would like to do a repeat.



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